Africa Star

The Africa Star was awarded for service in any operational area in North-Africa between June 10th 1940 (the day of Italy's entry into the war) and May 12th 1943 (the end of hostilities in North-Africa) or the Mediterranean. The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI-VI in the centre surmounted by a crown above the inscription: The Africa Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide and coloured pale buff with a vertical broad scarlet stripe and a narrow stripe of dark blue to the left and one of light blue to the right of the central stripe; the buff representing the desert, the other colors the three armed services.
Bars were awarded to personnel of 8Th Army, 1st Army and for service in North-Africa 1942-1943; the emblems were the digit 8 for 8th Army from October 23rd 1942 to December 5th 1943 and the digit 1 for 1st Army from November 8th to December 31st 1942 or from January 1st to December 5th 1943. A silver rosette was worn by personnel of HQ 18th AG who were not eligible for the first two bars.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Davidson, Douglas MacKenzie13-12-191906-01-1946 
Davies, Bert17-05-191014-07-1980 
Davies, George Samuel Henry00-07-191400-00-1974more 
Davis, Benjamin Oliver, Sr.01-07-187726-11-1970more 
Demoulin, Rene Jean Ghislain25-05-192006-04-1944more 
Demozay, Jean-Francois "Morlaix"21-03-191519-12-1945more 
Dempsey, Miles Christopher15-12-189605-06-1969more 
Derrick, Thomas Currie20-03-191423-05-1945more 
Dew, Roy Sidney  more 
Dewhurst, Ronald Hugh10-10-190529-01-1990more 
Dickie, Johnstone   
Dinwoodie, Hubert24-03-189628-08-1968more 
Doctors, Solomon   
Donaghy, Peter Vincent   
Donald, Haddon Vivian20-03-1917 more 
Donaldson, Arthur Hay09-01-191505-10-1980more 
Double, Eric Colin   
Doughty, Neville Anthony Richard05-04-191912-11-2002 
Douglas, William Anderson00-01-192100-01-1977more 
Douglas, William Sholto23-12-189329-10-1969more 
Downes, Peter Bain   
Downton, George Alban17-06-1918  
Drake, Ernest Albert James09-04-191500-00-1996more 
Drummond, Sir, Peter Roy Maxwell02-06-189427-03-1945more 
Drury, Robert Esmond Hill16-09-191000-05-1988more 
Duane, John 17-01-2012 
Duff, George Marmion02-07-1900 more 
Duff, Stanley Sutherland09-08-1920 more 
Duigan, Brian Lawless15-11-191400-00-1972more 
Duke, Neville Frederick11-01-192207-04-2007more 
Dunlop, Ernest Edward "Weary"12-07-190702-07-1993more 
Dunn, Patrick09-06-1913  
Dzialak, Jan  more