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Africa Star

The Africa Star was awarded for service in any operational area in North-Africa between June 10th 1940 (the day of Italy's entry into the war) and May 12th 1943 (the end of hostilities in North-Africa) or the Mediterranean. The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI-VI in the centre surmounted by a crown above the inscription: The Africa Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide and coloured pale buff with a vertical broad scarlet stripe and a narrow stripe of dark blue to the left and one of light blue to the right of the central stripe; the buff representing the desert, the other colors the three armed services.
Bars were awarded to personnel of 8Th Army, 1st Army and for service in North-Africa 1942-1943; the emblems were the digit 8 for 8th Army from October 23rd 1942 to December 5th 1943 and the digit 1 for 1st Army from November 8th to December 31st 1942 or from January 1st to December 5th 1943. A silver rosette was worn by personnel of HQ 18th AG who were not eligible for the first two bars.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Bagley, Robert Herbert   
Bajyar, Shri Prabhu   
Bakalarski, Franciszek "Frank"29-01-191910-01-2013more 
Bamberger, Cyril Stanley "Bam"04-05-191903-02-2008more 
Banwell, Keith Deamer "Tex"08-10-191825-07-1999more 
Barnett, John Patrick23-11-190813-11-1992more 
Barry, Claud Barrington17-01-189127-12-1951more 
Bartosik, Czeslaw Jozef "Joe"20-07-191714-01-2008more 
Bartram, William George00-06-190500-12-1963 
Bary, Ronald Edward09-06-191512-04-1945more 
Bates, Edwin11-02-192131-03-1944 
Bates, Trevor Harry16-05-192127-04-2008 
Beeley, John08-02-191821-11-1941 
Bentley, Alfred Mulock 22-07-1999more 
Bergamin, Alfred02-07-190823-07-1974more 
Berry, Joseph28-02-192002-10-1944more 
Berry, Ronald "Ras"03-05-191713-08-2000more 
Betty, Thomas Victor23-09-191629-05-2001more 
Bevan, Morgan   
Beveridge, Charles07-06-191518-12-1984 
Bilton, Arthur25-12-191125-12-1986more 
Bing, Leslie Patrick Sandford "Pat"28-07-192009-09-2011more 
Blackburn, Charles Archie D'Arcy00-00-189900-00-1984 
Blackwell, Arthur Frederick10-08-191903-02-2006more 
Blois, David Walter   
Bond, John Dorfling30-09-1906  
Boon von Ochssée, Jan Gijsbert25-07-192120-10-1999more 
Boyd, Owen Tudor30-08-189905-08-1944more 
Boylen, James  more 
Branston, Henry Charles05-08-1910  
Brayson, Frederick John00-00-190400-00-1960 
Brickhill, Paul Chester Jerome20-12-191623-04-1991 
Bridge, John05-02-191514-12-2006more 
Brigden, Robert Oliver04-02-192301-09-1944 
Britton, Albert Henry05-01-1901  
Broadley, Arthur Benjamin "Ben"00-08-1915  
Brooke-Smith, Francis Haffey21-09-191803-12-1952 
Broom, William13-05-1912  
Brown, Henry 26-02-2006more 
Brown, John Michael00-00-191700-00-1992more 
Browning, Frederick Arthur Montague "Boy"20-10-189614-03-1965more 
Brunt, John Henry Cound06-12-192210-12-1944 
Bryan, John William 00-00-2002more 
Budge, Richard John   
Burke, Cornelius02-09-191625-04-1999more 
Burn, W.A.   
Burnand, Lewis George14-05-191314-08-1949more 
Burnett, Robert Lindsay "Bob"22-07-188702-07-1959more 
Burton, Richard Henry29-01-192311-07-1993 
Byrne, Jack  more 
Byrne, John Vincent "Jack"01-04-192110-01-2007