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Deutsches Kreuz in Gold

The German Cross (Deutschen Kreuz) is build up out of 5 separate parts and although the name suggests otherwise, it has the shape of a large 8-pointed breast star with in the center a large black swastika which is outlined in silver. The name of this award comes from this 21,5 mm big swastika. This swastika is placed upon a red-bordered silver disk and upon this red border is a golden laurel leaf wreath mounted. The golden wreath measures 39 mm across and is made out of single laurel leaves that are bounded together with a silk lint. At the bottom of the wreath is a square box with the year 1941 impressed into it. This date refers to the year of institution and from underneath this wreath emerge the eight star points. These points are chemically blackened and have the appearance of sunrays. Underneath these points is a 63 mm large silver backing plate placed which has the same shape as the award, only it’s slightly bigger so it forms the outer line of the award. At the reverse are 4 or 6 rivets visible and through the number of rivets you can recognize if the award was made in Germany or Austria. The German Crosses with 4 rivets were made in Germany and the pieces with 6 rivets in Austria. Further is there at the reverse a large width pin with a standard hook construction placed. If the award is marked with the LDO-number of the producer, then it is stamped in either the front or backside of the pin. To prevent damaging the award during combat, there was also a cloth version made. This cloth version has a metal wreath and the backing cloth colour is the same as the tunic colour of the corresponding Army branch. Fieldgrey is for the Army (Heer) and Waffen-SS, bleu-grey for the Air Force, (Luftwaffe) Marine bleu for the Navy (Kriegsmarine) and black for the Armored forces.

The German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz in Gold) was awarded for bravery and outstanding achievements in combat but where the Knight’s Cross wasn’t awarded for. The recipient did however already had to own the Iron Cross 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1 Klasse) or Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1.Klasse with swords. The exact number of times that the German Cross in Gold was bestowed is still unknow at this time.

The OKW barred/stopped by decree the awarding of the Gernan Cross in Gold for "multiple remarkable services in troop leadership" from March 10th, 1945 on.

Bidermann, Gottlob-Herbert* August 28th, 1920
† September 1st, 2010

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Gaa, Karl   
Gaasch, Kurt17-01-1909 more 
Gabcke, Otto20-11-188222-03-1942more 
Gabel, Alois (Grenadier-Regiment 170)   
Gabenstatter, Otto   
Gabler, Erwin   
Gabler, Fritz   
Gabler, Kurt   
Gabler, Ulrich01-10-191324-02-1994 
Gabler, Wilhelm   
Gabriel, Alois   
Gabriel, Erich   
Gabriel, Hans-Joachim   
Gabriel, Herbert08-05-192104-07-1942 
Gabriel, Kurt Rudolf   
Gabriel, Manfred   
Gaden, Johannes   
Gaderer, Johann  more 
Gadermann,, Ernst25-12-191326-11-1973 
Gadow, Hans-Joachim06-09-189804-08-1978 
Gaebler, Friedrich   
Gaedcke, Heinrich16-01-189521-12-1992 
Gaedcke, Heinz   
Gaede, Gerhard03-09-1912  
Gaede, Heinrich   
Gaede, Helmut   
Gaedke, Jürgen   
Gaedke, Wilhelm   
Gaenshirt, Hans30-07-192322-12-2010more 
Gahl, Heinz   
Gahn, Fritz   
Gahnig, Walter   
Gahno, Willi04-10-191317-02-1944 
Gahrmann, Paul   
Gaidus, Helmut   
Gaier, Eberhard   
Gail, Peter   
Gaiser, Alfred   
Gaiser, Otto05-10-191922-01-1944more 
Gaitars, Rudolfs29-05-190722-03-1945more 
Galbach, Herbert   
Galda, Karl   
Galdins, Nikoljas09-10-190205-10-1945more 
Galette, Alfons   
Galic, Cvitan   
Gall, Freiherr von, Eckart   
Gall, Freiherr von, Waldemar15-03-190627-01-1965 
Gall, Heinz   
Gall, von, Hans-Jürgen   
Galland, Wilhelm-Ferdinand "Wutz"23-10-191417-08-1943more 
Gallas, Kurt   
Gallas, Paul25-01-188518-09-1944more 
Gallermann, Michael   
Galli, Wolfgang   
Gallinat, Wilhelm   
Galubinski, Hans   
Gambal, Heinz   
Gamer, Berthold27-03-191429-10-1966 
Gamlin, Erich   
Gammer, Leopold   
Gammerschlag, Heinrich   
Gamota, Dr., Leo   
Gampe, Karl26-09-1915  
Gampenrieder, Johann   
Gampert, Arthur30-10-1898  
Gampl, Ruprecht   
Gamringer, Johann00-00-191300-00-1982more 
Ganghofer, Josef   
Ganghofer, Jörg   
Gangl, Josef "Sepp"12-09-191005-05-1945 
Ganguin, Karl   
Gans, Ernst   
Ganss, Philipp   
Ganter, Klaus   
Gantzer, Ludwig   
Ganz, Armin   
Ganz, Max   
Gapp, Franz08-07-191908-09-2015more 
Gapp, Johann   
Garbade, Rudolf   
Garbe, Herbert09-09-1918  
Garber, Hermann   
Garbers, Fritz   
Garbers, Heinrich14-03-190918-12-1963 
Garbrecht, Willi   
García Navarro, don, Antonio00-00-189026-08-1985more 
Gardelegen, Willy   
Gardemann, Heinz   
Gareis, Martin06-10-189126-02-1976more 
Gareis, Wilhelm11-04-188818-12-1943 
Garisch, Heinz   
Garlichs, Günter   
Garms, Hans   
Garms, Lars Christian Fritz Eilhard12-03-191800-04-1943 
Garn, von, Arnulf09-02-191730-04-2004 
Garnier-Turawa, Graf von, Detlev24-09-190627-06-1944 
Garscha, Rudolf   
Garschhammer, Heinrich   
Garten, Herbert   
Gartenfeld, Karl-Edmund27-07-189904-01-1955 
Gartmann, Götz   
Gartmayr, Georg30-11-190604-10-1980 
Gartner, Josef   
Gartzen, von, Wirich20-08-190904-12-1993 
Garvs, Richard07-01-1911  
Gaschler, Ernst09-10-191823-10-1944 
Gaschnitz, Ernst   
Gaschütz, Heinz   
Gasde, Hermann   
Gass, Jacob   
Gass, Pius   
Gassner, Georg   
Gast, Erwin00-00-190500-03-1945 
Gastager, Franz   
Gastager, Roman31-07-191810-05-2009more 
Gasteiger, Georg   
Gastell, Horst   
Gasters, Horst   
Gasterstädt, Klaus02-06-1919  
Gasterstädt, Paul   
Gasteyer, Walter   
Gathen, von zur, Helmut   
Gathmann, Wilhelm   
Gathmann, Wilhelm   
Gathmann, Wilhelm29-08-1916  
Gatterer, Franz   
Gatternigg, Dr., Erich   
Gattinger, Kurt   
Gatzemeier, Albert   
Gatzka, Engelbert   
Gauchel, Christian   
Gaudecker, von, Gerlach   
Gaudecker-Zuch, von, Gerlach24-03-190911-03-1970more 
Gaudig, Hellmut   
Gaudlitz, Fritz Adalbert30-06-190302-08-1941 
Gaugele, Hermann   
Gauger, Wilhelm   
Gauggel, Paul   
Gauglitz, Gerhard   
Gauglitz, Herbert   
Gauglitz, Josef03-09-191804-02-1988 
Gaul, Erich   
Gaupp-Berghausen, Reichsfreiherr von, Georg12-01-191823-03-1985more 
Gause, Wilhelm   
Gauss, Alfred   
Gauss, Helmut   
Gauß, Jürgen18-03-191804-09-1996 
Gawell, Leo   
Gawenda, Konrad   
Gawlik, Emil   
Gayen, Hartwig   
Gayer, Richard   
Gazen genannt von Gaza, von, Waldemar06-12-191713-01-2014more 
Gaßmann, Peter04-12-191006-09-1965more 
Gaßner, Karl   
Gebauer, Fritz (Grenadier-Regiment 232)   
Gebauer, Hans (Flak-Regiment 61)   
Gebauer, Paul (Grenadier-Regiment 121)   
Gebauer, Robert (Infanterie Regiment 178)   
Gebb, Werner, Heinrich08-06-189612-08-1952more 
Gebele, Bruno   
Gebert, Dr., Alois   
Gebert, Hans   
Gebert, Rudolf   
Gebhard, Albert   
Gebhard, Günther   
Gebhard, Heinrich   
Gebhardt, Erich   
Gebhardt, Georg29-04-190107-07-1975more 
Gebhardt, Helmut   
Gebhardt, Herbert   
Gebhardt, Johannes   
Gebhardt, Karl16-01-1917  
Gebhardt, Rolf09-09-191520-10-2010 
Gebhardt, Tim   
Gebhardt, Werner11-05-191406-12-1942 
Gebsattel, Freiherr von, Franz09-06-188913-10-1945 
Gebühr, Heinrich   
Geck, Willi   
Gedamke, Georg   
Geduhn, Horst   
Gedult von Jungenfeld, Freiherr, Wilhelm-Ernst07-03-189309-02-1966more 
Geerdts, Karl   
Geerdts, Kurt   
Geerk, Jens   
Geerk, Wilhelm   
Geerligs, Karl-Heinz   
Geerling, Wilhelm   
Gefeller, Heinz11-06-1911 more 
Geginat, Kurt   
Gehl, Friedrich30-12-191407-03-1987 
Gehl, Paul27-10-191803-12-1994more 
Gehl, Walter   
Gehlen, Hermann   
Gehlhaar, Siegfried   
Gehrcke, Friedrich (SR 74)   
Gehre, Herbert   
Gehrhardt, Hans-Joachim   
Gehri, Max   
Gehrig, Bernhard   
Gehrig, Franz   
Gehrig, Werner   
Gehrigk, Hubert   
Gehring, Friedrich-Wilhelm   
Gehring, Oskar05-03-191204-10-1943more 
Gehring, Rudolf   
Gehrke, Erich   
Gehrke, Ernst   
Gehrke, Fritz   
Gehrke, Kurt13-01-190324-10-1944 
Gehrke, Walter   
Gehrlein, Eduard   
Gehrling, Rolf   
Gehrmann, Erich   
Gehrmann, Johannes, 'Hannes'19-11-192027-01-1944 
Gehrmann, Kuno13-05-191522-04-1943 
Geick, Alfred 29-02-1968 
Geicke, Werner   
Geidh, Richard   
Geier, Franz Xaver (Art.Rgt. 212)29-08-191419-09-1944 
Geier, Otto   
Geier, Willi   
Geigenberger, Georg (Grenadier-Regiment 62)   
Geiger, Anton   
Geiger, August06-05-192029-09-1943more 
Geiger, Erwin   
Geiger, Eugen   
Geiger, Franz   
Geiger, Hans   
Geiger, Josef   
Geiger, Julius   
Geiger, Max   
Geiger, Paul   
Geiger, Richard   
Geiger, Rudolf19-11-189114-01-1972 
Geil, Werner   
Geis, Erich   
Geis, Peter   
Geisbüsch, Anton   
Geisdorf, Erwin   
Geisel, Bernhard   
Geiseler, Detlev   
Geisen, Josef02-08-192318-08-1944 
Geisendorf, Fritz-Adolf07-12-1909 more 
Geisendorfer, Gilbert26-08-192108-03-2017more 
Geisendorfer, Helmut   
Geisert, Edgar   
Geisler, Erich   
Geisler, Gerhard   
Geisler, Gerhard   
Geisler, Günther   
Geisler, Hans-Ferdinand19-04-189125-06-1966 
Geisler, Heinrich   
Geisler, Herbert (Lw-Kampfgeschwader 77)   
Geisler, Herbert (LW-Kampfgeschwader)26-10-191212-04-1995more 
Geisler, Rudolf29-03-191113-04-1944more 
Geisler, Siegfried29-01-191201-08-2003 
Geismann, Johannes "Hans"20-06-192015-08-1994more 
Geispiel, Hans   
Geiss, Fritz   
Geiss, Heinrich   
Geiss, Werner   
Geissert, Wilhelm   
Geissinger, Robert   
Geissler, Gerhard   
Geisslinger, Walter   
Geist, Wilhelm   
Geitner, Herbert25-01-188822-01-1942 
Geiß, Willi   
Geißhardt, Friedrich "Fritz"22-01-191906-04-1943more 
Geißler, Helmut04-07-190615-12-1943 
Geißler, Otto   
Geißler, Reinhold   
Geißler, William   
Geißner, Wilhelm   
Gekle, Clemens Maria Benno04-03-191505-09-1999more 
Geldern, von, Hellmut   
Gelfert, Horst03-03-191531-01-1945 
Gelhaus, Heinrich   
Gellert, Christian06-03-192122-08-1983 
Gellhorn, Roland16-04-191622-04-1945 
Gelling, Theodor   
Gellrich, Alfred   
Gellrich, Herbert   
Geltinger, Dionys30-09-190728-03-1977 
Gemba, Albrecht   
Gemeinhardt, Alfred   
Gemeinhardt, Rudolf   
Gemmel, Hermann   
Gemmrig, Erhard   
Gemsjäger, Alfred (Aufklärungsgruppe 122)07-01-191502-09-1944more 
Genal, Kurt17-00-191813-04-1943 
Generlich, Karl   
Geng, Volkmar 30-01-1943 
Gengenbach, Eugen   
Genke, Konrad   
Gennerich, Max24-02-191330-07-1990 
Genrich, Oskar18-09-191910-01-1943more 
Genske, Gerhard   
Gentsch, Kurt   
Gentz, Ewald   
Gentzsch, Horst   
Genz, Wilhelm   
Genzel, Karl-Heinz22-12-192016-04-2004 
George, Martin   
Georgi, Friedrich   
Georgi, Gerhard   
Georgi, Werner   
Georgs, Heinz   
Gepperth, Johann   
Gera, Hubert   
Gerbel, Anton07-11-192001-04-1944 
Gerbener, Alfred   
Gerbener, Heinrich02-05-191415-11-2010 
Gerber, Kurt10-01-1913  
Gerber, Roland   
Gerber, Viktor   
Gerbig, Wilhelm   
Gerbl, Heinrich   
Gerbothe, Oskar   
Gerdes, Erich   
Gerdes, Helmut   
Gerdes, Richard   
Gereke, Heinz   
Gerhard, Georg   
Gerhard, Hermann   
Gerhard, Hubert   
Gerhardi, Otfried   
Gerhardinger, Simon   
Gerhards, Alfred   
Gerhards, Walter   
Gerhardt, Hans   
Gerhardt, Paul  more 
Gerhardt, Rolf   
Gerhardt, Rudolf26-03-189610-11-1964 
Gerhardt, Wilhelm   
Gericke, Hans-Joachim   
Gericke, Heinz   
Gericke, Walter23-12-190719-10-1991more 
Gericke, Wilhelm   
Gerike, Kurt15-11-191420-08-2006 
Gerisch, Kurt   
Gerke, Adolf   
Gerke, Bruno   
Gerke, Heinrich   
Gerke, Siegfried30-04-191709-10-1998more 
Gerken, Heinrich   
Gerken, Julius (Pz-Gren-Lehr-Reg. 901)10-08-191926-07-1944 
Gerlach, Adolf15-01-189414-05-1953 
Gerlach, Clemens30-06-1916  
Gerlach, Dietrich   
Gerlach, Gottfried   
Gerlach, Gustav05-03-190512-04-1944 
Gerlach, Heinrich   
Gerlach, Heinrich (8. Zerstörerflottille)31-08-190627-06-1988 
Gerlach, Heinz   
Gerlach, Herbert   
Gerlach, Horst11-08-1900  
Gerlach, Jürgen01-09-191213-10-1983 
Gerlach, Karl09-12-191414-11-1995more 
Gerlach, Karl (WH-Pz.Rgt. 35)05-08-191419-03-1991 
Gerlach, Wilhelm   
Gerle, Hans   
Gerling, Theodor 'Theo' (KG v.b.V.9)16-01-191620-08-2009more 
Gerlitz, Günter   
Gerlitz, Walter   
Gerloch, Bruno11-11-189003-09-1954 
Gerloff, Martin   
Germer, Ernst15-12-191713-10-1990 
Germer, Hans   
Gernandt, Jakob09-07-1911  
Gerner, Franz   
Gernet, von, Axel   
Gernt, Theo08-03-192301-01-2004more 
Gerok, Kurt   
Gerrads, Jakob   
Gerres, Harald   
Gerrmann, Otto   
Gersch, Albert   
Gersdorf, Helfried   
Gersdorff, von, Curt-Ulrich17-12-190202-07-1968 
Gersmann, Paul   
Gerstel, Robert   
Gerstenbrand, Erich   
Gersteuer, Günter29-01-191430-05-1995 
Gerstlauer, Josef   
Gerstmayer, Lorenz   
Gerstmeier, Heinz29-04-1917 more 
Gerstner, Rudolf   
Gerstner, Siegfried16-11-1916  
Gerth, Ronald   
Gerth, Werner10-05-192302-11-1944 
Gertler, Rudolf   
Gertz, Gerhard   
Gerull, Fritz   
Geruschke, Karl-Heinz   
Gervers, Wilhelm-August   
Gesch, Bruno   
Gesche, August   
Gesele, Karl15-08-191209-04-1968 
Geske, Hans   
Gesser, Egon   
Gessler, Kurt16-08-1907  
Gessner, Walter   
Gester, Wilhelm   
Geuter, Heinrich   
Geuther, Alois   
Gey, Erwin   
Gey, Joachim11-03-191626-12-1989 
Geyer, Artur   
Geyer, Edmund   
Geyer, Heinrich (WH-Grenadier)12-05-191107-10-1944 
Geyer, Heinz   
Geyer, Horst12-03-191308-11-1996 
Geyer, Rolf10-11-1910  
Geyer, Waldemar   
Geyso, von, Eckhard25-05-189116-07-1982more 
Gföller, Anton   
Gförer, Gustav   
Gheorghiu, Ermil13-02-189614-01-1977 
Gibitz, Josef   
Gick, Georg   
Gider, Otto (Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 141)18-02-1917 more 
Giebel, Heinz   
Giebeler, Ewald   
Giebler, Otto   
Giebner, Erwin   
Gieger, Willy   
Giehl, Johann   
Giehrl, Walter01-04-191623-11-1944 
Giele, Max01-01-1908  
Gienanth, Freiherr von, Walter   
Gierend, Oswald 24-11-1943 
Gierga, Kurt03-03-190925-06-1961 
Gierhardt, Heinrich22-10-191830-06-1996 
Gierke, Otto   
Gierke, von, Eike   
Gierke, Wolfgang   
Gierloff, Viktor   
Giermann, Hans   
Gierok, Paul   
Giersberg, Max   
Giersdorf, Helmuth  more 
Gies, Alfred07-04-191221-05-1993 
Gies, Anton   
Gies, Erwin   
Gies, Ferdinand   
Giesa, Wilhelm   
Giesche, Robert   
Giese, Eberhard   
Giese, Gerhard11-02-1908  
Giese, Heinz   
Giese, Horst13-10-191113-07-1977 
Giese, Karl-Heinz   
Giesebrecht, Rudolf   
Gieseke, Otto24-03-189126-02-1968 
Giesen, Gerhard29-01-189005-02-1945 
Gieser, Ernst   
Gieser, Kurt   
Giesler, Emil   
Giesler, Franz   
Giessen, Max   
Giessler, Helmuth23-08-1899  
Giessler, Willi   
Gigele, Alfred   
Gihr, Gustav   
Gilberg, Franz   
Gilbert, Karl   
Gilbert, Kurt20-12-191300-07-2008more 
Gilbert, Theodor   
Gilbert, Wilhelm10-04-1924  
Gildner, Paul01-02-191424-02-1943 
Gilfert, Georg   
Gilka-Bötzow, Ernst   
Gille, Herbert Otto08-03-189726-12-1966more 
Gillert, Friedrich   
Gilliam, Heinz   
Gilliar, Oskar   
Gillmeister, Willy   
Gillner, Willi   
Gilow, Peter-Eckhardt Arno Hermann13-03-191808-11-1992more 
Gilow, Richard   
Giloy, Paul   
Gilsing, Heinrich   
Gimpel, Blasius02-11-1912  
Gintner, Robert   
Girardet, Friedrich-Karl   
Girgensohn, Wolfgang   
Girkens, Josef   
Girnatis, Ermas   
Girnus, Ernst   
Girsig, Walter (Pz.Rgt. 11)15-09-191204-09-1944 
Gittner, Johannes09-08-189715-05-1974 
Giwer, Hans   
Giza, Hubert   
Glaab, Hermann   
Glaesemer, Wolfgang14-03-189910-04-1999 
Glanz, Henning-Otto   
Glas, Andreas   
Glas, Kurt