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Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Caljé, Catharinus Johannes Franciscus04-08-1905 more 
Campbell, Duncan   
Campbell, John Davies11-11-192130-07-2015more 
Campion, Michael Patrick08-05-191604-12-1943 
Canning, Oliver   
Carsley, Cecil Frank   
Casparie, Johannes Franciscus Josephus Marie12-08-190008-05-1986more 
Chalmers-Wright, Fergus Camille Yeatman   
Chambers, Ernest   
Charlton, Dorian Richard Wingate Graham30-07-191309-09-2007 
Chavasse , Noel Willinc11-04-192000-00-1974more 
Chelkowski, Antoni23-05-1895  
Chene, Le, Pierre Louis "Grégoire"14-06-190000-00-1979more 
Chidson, Montagu Reaney00-00-189300-00-1957 
Chilcott, Sidney Herbert   
Chilton, Albert Daffurn 17-10-1970 
Chong, Khan Ah 15-08-1947 
Chylewski, Kazimierz   
Cibbs, Eric Leon   
Clancy, John Anthony27-08-191817-03-2008 
Clarke, Harry Sinclair21-05-1902  
Clarry, John Hamilton Cameron   
Clayton, Patrick Andrew16-04-189617-03-1962 
Cliff, Geoffrey John "Jack"14-08-190714-10-1988more 
Cohen, Mordaunt   
Cooke, Dorrien Cresswel   
Cooper-Key, Eric Astley08-12-191705-03-2011 
Cormeau-Biesterfeld, Beatrice Yvonne   
Cornioley-Witherington, Cecile Pearl24-06-191424-02-2008more 
Cotton-Burnett, Roger Albert "Cottin"31-05-190327-12-1972 
Courtney, Godfrey Basil25-10-1914  
Cragg, Stanley Gilbert   
Craig, John Archibald Douglas   
Craig, John Harper23-05-191401-06-2000 
Crane, William David   
Crasborn, Jacobus Reinier Peter12-04-191626-11-1987 
Croft, William John Patrick 19-10-1947 
Cummins, Walter Anthony   
Cypher, Herbert Thomas   
Czarnecki, Marian Norbert06-06-191108-06-1981more 
Czelny, Kazimierz T.J.17-03-192229-01-2001