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Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Ramage, Lawson Paterson "Red"19-01-192015-04-1990more 
Ramey, Howard Knox14-10-189626-03-1943more 
Rasmussen, Richard Kai29-02-191619-11-1944 
Raysbrook, Robert D.   
Rayson, John R.   
Reid, Ernest Leroy13-04-192018-09-2015more 
Reilly, James Malcom01-08-1922 more 
Rentz, George Snavely25-07-188201-03-1942more 
Reynolds, Harry Dare, Jr., "Big Harry"26-03-191905-06-1964 
Reynolds, McCoy23-09-191625-11-1941 
Rice, Robert Henry17-09-190320-05-1994 
Richardson Jr., Robert Charlwood27-10-188202-03-1954more 
Rickerson, Roy Kirby19-11-1918  
Ricketts, Milton Ernest05-08-191308-05-1942 
Riefkohl, Frederick Louis "Fritz"27-02-188900-09-1669more 
Rindskopf, Maurice Herbert "Mike"27-09-191727-07-2011more 
Ripley, Acel Wayne   
Roan, Charles Howard16-08-192318-09-1944 
Robbins, Berton Aldrich, Jr.27-08-190804-12-1983more 
Rockey, Keller Emrick27-09-188806-06-1970more 
Rockwell, George Lincoln09-03-191825-08-1967more 
Roderick, Arthur David  more 
Rodriguez, Cleto Luna26-04-192307-12-1990 
Romberger, William Melvin (US Navy)16-05-191616-04-2001more 
Rooks, Albert Harold29-12-189101-03-1942more 
Roosevelt, James "Jimmy"23-12-190713-08-1991more 
Ross, Donald Kirby08-12-191027-05-1992more 
Rothschild, Maier J.00-00-191301-12-1972more 
Rouh, Carlton Robert "Cobber"11-05-191908-12-1977 
Ruhl, Donald Jack02-07-192321-02-1945 
Russell, William L. "King of the Purple Hearts"26-07-1914 more 
Ryan, Michael Patrick30-01-191609-01-2005more