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Africa Star

The Africa Star was awarded for service in any operational area in North-Africa between June 10th 1940 (the day of Italy's entry into the war) and May 12th 1943 (the end of hostilities in North-Africa) or the Mediterranean. The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI-VI in the centre surmounted by a crown above the inscription: The Africa Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide and coloured pale buff with a vertical broad scarlet stripe and a narrow stripe of dark blue to the left and one of light blue to the right of the central stripe; the buff representing the desert, the other colors the three armed services.
Bars were awarded to personnel of 8Th Army, 1st Army and for service in North-Africa 1942-1943; the emblems were the digit 8 for 8th Army from October 23rd 1942 to December 5th 1943 and the digit 1 for 1st Army from November 8th to December 31st 1942 or from January 1st to December 5th 1943. A silver rosette was worn by personnel of HQ 18th AG who were not eligible for the first two bars.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Savage, Peter Robert 06-08-1943 
Sawyer, Peter Ross  more 
Scott, Arthur  more 
Sharratt, George Ernest   
Sieczka, Wladislaw  more 
Singh, Naik (I.D.S.M.)   
Smith, George  more 
Smith, Leslie John 00-00-1977more 
Smith-Cunninghame, Robert Gordon   
Solms, Joseph Lodewyk   
Steele, William Lindsay  more 
Stevenson, Malcolm Neil  more 
Stewart, Alexander Anderson   
Stewart, Gordon 22-08-1981more 
Surita, Ivan Bernard St. Regis   
Sutton, Henry Edward  more 
Smuts, Jan Christiaan24-05-187011-09-1950more 
Spencer-Churchill, Winston Leonard30-11-187424-01-1965more 
Siddons, Victor Donald24-05-189200-00-1967more 
Szostak, Stanislaw14-01-189811-02-1961more 
Scurfield, Bryan Gouthwaite07-08-190211-04-1945more 
Seagrim, Derek Anthony24-09-190306-04-1943more 
Shaw-Ball, Alfred Scarlet07-05-1905 more 
Smyth, Kenneth Bowes Inman31-01-190726-10-1944more 
Skarbek, Maria Krystyna "Christine Granville"01-05-190815-06-1952more 
Sinclair, Laurence Frank23-10-190814-05-2002more 
Sklarczyk, Julian15-08-190900-08-1987more 
Smith, George W.15-12-1909  
Stronach, George Preston14-04-191212-12-1999more 
Sweet, Murdoch24-06-191318-11-1998more 
Stevens, Ronald George26-02-191408-06-1944more 
Sketchley, Samuel Edwin24-10-1914  
Stewart, David Cameron Robertson00-00-191500-00-1963more 
Shaw, Edwin E. "Ted"25-01-191517-07-1997 
Swales, Edwin03-07-191523-02-1945more 
Schaaf, Frank Ronald22-07-191518-04-1978more 
Sadowski, Franciszek07-08-1915 more 
Skalski, Stanislaw27-11-191512-11-2004more 
Szkubacz, Ryszard08-01-191612-05-1944more 
Spuy, van der, Louis Botha00-05-191600-03-2001 
Stellin, Dion John16-07-191600-00-1975 
Smythe, Quentin George Murray06-08-191622-10-1997 
Shuttleworth, Clayden19-01-191715-05-1945 
Singh Bhagat, Premindra14-10-191823-05-1975more 
Smales, Alan Patrick02-05-1919 more 
Smith, Colin George Hamilton18-07-191902-05-1941 
Stephens, Maurice Michael20-10-191923-09-2004more 
Saunders, Reginald Walter "Reg"07-08-192002-03-1990more 
Singh, Umrao21-11-192021-11-2005more 
Smith, Kenneth07-12-192010-01-1945 
Savage, Denis Charles00-06-192100-01-1954more 
Stones, Donald William Alfred "Dimsie"19-06-192122-10-2002more 
Sismore, Edward Barnes23-06-192122-03-2012more 
Smith, George William20-06-1922  
Smith, George T.05-04-1925  
Steed, Raymond Victor01-10-192826-04-1943