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Italy Star

The Italy Star was awarded for operational service in Sicily or Italy, around the Aegean, in Corsica, Greece, Sardinia, Yugoslavia and Elba between June 11th, 1943, the capture of Pantellaria and May 8th, 1945, VE Day. Service on Austrian territory during the last few days of the Second World War also qualified for this star, and not for the France and Germany Star.
RAF aircrew who took part in operations in the Mediterranean theatre, including operations over Europe from Mediterranean bases, also qualified. Royal Navy and Merchant Navy personnel qualified by service at sea in and around the areas mentioned, including operations off the south coast of France.
Personnel serving in Sicily after August 17th, 1943, in Sardinia after September 19th 1943 and in Corsica after October 4th, 1943, did not qualify.
There were no clasps to this medal, and the ribbon consists of five vertical stripes of even width, coloured red, white, green, white and red; representing the colours of the Italian flag.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Macarthur, John Gordon29-06-191608-05-1988more 
MacBeth, James Stewart Fraser 00-00-1963more 
MacDonald, Alastair24-08-190700-00-1994more 
MacLean, George29-11-191616-09-1996more 
Maffey, Percy Frederick George25-07-1919  
Maguire, Albert Michael30-12-1922  
Mahony, John Keefer30-06-191115-12-1990more 
Maj, Julian07-01-190729-08-1982more 
Majewski, Leon  more 
Makamaka, Whini06-01-191700-00-1968 
Malley, James Young 'Zulu Jim'24-07-191805-06-2000more 
Marsh, David Cawood05-12-190721-06-1979 
Marsh, John Anthony 14-11-1984more 
Martin, Frederick Lawrence  more 
Martin, Harold Brownlow Morgan27-02-191803-11-1988more 
Matza (Maza), Israel00-00-192321-08-1981 
Maund, Frederick Walton   
Mayne, Robert Blair "Paddy"11-01-191514-12-1955more 
McCreadie, William30-05-188600-00-1963 
McDonough, Thomas 00-00-1980 
McIntosh, J.A.   
McKee, Andrew10-01-190208-12-1988more 
McKenzie, Kenneth Ross   
McKue, Douglas00-00-1914 more 
McNamara, Thomas Christopher04-01-1918 more 
Meaker, Derek Eustace John01-10-1922  
Mears, Arthur   
Mears, Jack  more 
Miller, Ronald James21-04-191923-01-1977more 
Mitchell, George Allan30-08-191124-01-1944 
Moodie, William Park 06-08-1943 
Morgan, Charles Wallace  more 
Morozewicz, Zygmunt28-04-189802-01-1953more 
Moss, John06-05-192214-10-1946more 
Mountbatten, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas25-06-190027-08-1979more 
Mountbatten, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh, Philip10-06-1921 more 
Mouton, Jacobus Andreas23-07-191728-06-1944 
Munford, Dennis Steven16-09-191227-02-2002more 
Munro, John Leslie "Les"05-04-191904-08-2015more 
Murphy, Edward