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United States (1776 - present, Republic)

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Abel, Brent Maxwell (USN)* May 16th, 1916
† December 26th, 2005

Abele, Mannert Lincoln (USN)* July 11th, 1903
† August 16th, 1942

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Iaia, Joseph, P.   
Iames, Lloyd A.21-04-192117-12-1944 
Ianacone, Albert S.21-06-1924  
Ianacone, Gerard Anthony "Gerry"16-08-1921 more 
Icenhower, Joseph B.   
Iddings, Edward F.   
Iglesias, Edward04-04-192115-07-2012 
Ignaszewski, Philip P.   
Ignatowski, Ralph Anthony "Iggy"08-04-192607-03-1945 
Iiera, Joseph, A.   
Ikemoto, Haruyuki05-03-192513-08-1945 
Iles, Thomas W.   
Imamura, Larry M.12-05-192428-10-1944 
Ind, Allison W.   
Indziniak, Charles S. 00-07-1944 
Infanger, Fredrick J.12-06-192417-07-2002 
Ingalls, Charles Edgar, Jr.   
Inge, Marvin Edward Jr.   
Ingersoll, Stuart Howe   
Inglis, Thomas Browning   
Ingram, Arnold 03-08-1944 
Ingram, Charles 20-04-1945 
Ingram, Devon 06-11-1944 
Ingram, Edward L. 20-04-1944 
Ingram, Frank 13-11-1942 
Ingram, Garnett W. 10-01-1945 
Ingram, George E. 11-01-1945 
Ingram, George W., Jr. 01-08-1944 
Ingram, Gerald H. 24-02-1945 
Ingram, Griff 07-08-1944 
Ingram, Hugh M. 06-06-1944 
Ingram, John C. 05-04-1942 
Ingram, John C., Jr. 15-04-1944 
Ingram, John M. 19-11-1944 
Ingram, John W. 24-05-1944 
Ingram, Lester 02-02-1945 
Ingram, Nelson P., Jr. 15-05-1943 
Ingram, Ottis E. 04-02-1945 
Ingram, Owen 10-12-1944 
Ingram, Paul 12-07-1945 
Ingram, Richard Morrison 22-02-1944 
Ingram, Robert H. 22-09-1944 
Ingram, Robert R. 06-05-1945 
Ingram, Rufus L. 05-03-1944 
Ingram, Thomas S. 09-12-1945 
Ingram, Veo Merle 20-11-1943 
Ingram, Wilbur L. 16-05-1945 
Ingram, William J. 09-03-1943 
Innis, Francis B. Jr.10-12-1923 more 
Inouye, Daniel Ken "Dan"07-09-192417-12-2012more 
Inzer, Eugene G.   
Ioanna, John G.   
Iolonardi, John   
Irby, Willie B.   
Ireland, Albert L.25-02-191816-11-1997more 
Ireland, Edgar G. "Eddie"03-10-1921 more 
Ireland, Leslie R.   
Irick, Claude T.27-09-191809-03-2011 
Irvin, William Davis04-06-190520-06-1993 
Irwin, Charles Belle "Charlie"  more 
Irwin, Henry J.   
Irwin, Raymond E.  more 
Irwin, Thomas R.   
Irzyk, Albin F.02-01-191710-09-2018more 
Isaac, Lavern   
Isaac, Waldmer J.00-00-1913  
Isaacman, Nathaniel   
Isabelle, Armond Joseph (US Army)30-12-191302-03-1981 
Isaman, Roy Maurice   
Isbell, Harold A.   
Isenberg, Jesse M. E.   
Isham, Earl Franklin15-03-191916-05-1959 
Isqsuith, Solomon Silas   
Issitt, Donald Keith   
Ito, Susumu "Sus"27-07-1919  
Ivary, Toivo Henry   
Iversen, Ivan B.   
Iverson, Clifford C.05-01-192124-09-2006 
Iverson, Clifton07-08-1908  
Iverson, Daniel   
Ives Jr., Chauncey B.   
Ivey, Louis H.   
Ivey, Morris, L.   
Ivey, Richard G.11-10-191527-08-2006 
Izbicki, Walter F.   
Izenour, Frank M.