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United States (1776 - present, Republic)

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Abel, Brent Maxwell (USN)* May 16th, 1916
December 26th, 2005

Abele, Mannert Lincoln (USN)* July 11th, 1903
August 16th, 1942

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NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Cabell, John Breckenridge (USN)00-00-192107-04-2011more 
Cabezut, George E.22-01-192221-04-1945 
Cabrel, Herman   
Cabrera, Gregorio Camacho27-10-192513-11-2006 
Caccese, John J. 06-10-1944 
Cadden, Patrick, F.   
Caddy, William Robert08-08-192503-03-1945more 
Cadien, Walter B.   
Cady, Joseph   
Caffey, John Franklin   
Caflisch, Leonard Paul, Jr.27-04-192430-04-2012more 
Cagle, Malcolm W.   
Cahill, John B. 00-00-2004 
Cahill, Robert Buel   
Cahill, William, J.   
Cahoon, Gomez B.   
Cahoon, Pat   
Cail, Elden H.   
Cain, Clement, J.   
Cain, James F.   
Cain, Jesse D.   
Cain, Louis R. Jr. 23-12-1943 
Cain, Paul J.05-04-191513-08-2014 
Calcara, Santoro00-00-192026-03-1944 
Calder, James H.   
Calderon, Laureano M.30-09-190320-02-1944 
Caldwell, David Clark   
Caldwell, Frank C.   
Caldwell, George J.   
Caldwell, Henry Howard   
Caldwell, Paul D.22-12-191815-02-1943 
Caldwell, Rex Smith, Sr.05-09-190101-10-1961more 
Caldwell, Richard Wayland   
Caldwell, Robert H., Jr.   
Caldwell, Turner F., Jr.   
Calhoun, Harvey F.   
Calhoun, William T.   
Call, Thomas W.00-00-192405-10-1944 
Call, William J. "Bill"   
Callaghan, Daniel Judson26-07-189213-11-1942more 
Callahan, James W.   
Callahan, John R.   
Callahan, Joseph P.   
Callahan, Joseph William   
Callahan, Robert    
Callahan, Robert E. "Bob"25-12-192001-04-2010more 
Callanan, David W.   
Callaway, Howard E. 24-11-1944 
Callaway, Ralph L. 01-02-1945 
Callen, James T.   
Calugas, Jose29-12-190718-01-1988more 
Calumpit, Carlos P. 13-09-1943 
Calvert, Wilbert A.06-02-191622-01-1945 
Calvin, Frank C.22-10-192303-02-1989 
Camarda, Joe J.   
Cameron, Alexander   
Cameron, Curtis Leroy   
Cameron, Millard   
Caminiti, Harry W. 19-03-1945 
Camm, Frank Ambler08-01-189516-12-1976more 
Cammack, Osborn "Bud"31-05-192130-06-1976 
Camp, Cecil A.13-05-1914  
Camp, Jean Lewis   
Camp, Seaborn S. 20-10-1944 
Camp,Thomas, H.   
Campagna, Ralph   
Campas, James G. 06-06-1944 
Campbell, Albert   
Campbell, Ardell G.   
Campbell, Clarence George, Jr.   
Campbell, Clayton J.14-03-191717-11-2002 
Campbell, Clifford Morgan   
Campbell, Colin23-11-189526-07-1970more 
Campbell, Dale E.14-06-192220-09-1944 
Campbell, Ernest, J.   
Campbell, Frank McHugh   
Campbell, George Marvin   
Campbell, George W.   
Campbell, Grafton Blair   
Campbell, James A. 06-02-1944 
Campbell, James A., Sr.22-09-192318-10-2003 
Campbell, James D.27-01-192208-10-1944 
Campbell, James E.   
Campbell, John J. (US-121st INF) 18-01-2007 
Campbell, John, Jr. (134th Infantry Regiment)19-09-191329-12-1995more 
Campbell, Kendall C.   
Campbell, Lucius D.   
Campbell, Mason E.   
Campbell, Miller T.   
Campbell, Reece A.    
Campbell, Richard, E.   
Campbell, Robert H.   
Campbell, Robert Keith   
Campbell, Russell "Pop"   
Campbell, Thomas Mitchell   
Campbell, Truman Frederick   
Campbell, Warren, G.   
Campbell, William Archibald27-12-188718-08-1971 
Campbell, William M.   
Campion, Kenneth O.   
Campobello, Samuel   
Campobello, Samuel13-02-192110-10-2001 
Canatsey, Lawrence, D.04-04-191315-07-1944 
Candler, Harry W.   
Cane, John Eugene00-00-191617-07-1942 
Canejo, Lionel A.   
Canfield, Clayton M.   
Canham, Charles Draper William26-01-190121-08-1963 
Cann, Charles E. 30-01-1943 
Cannata, James, A.   
Cannella, Charles24-05-191721-01-1945 
Cannizzaro, Francis R. 11-07-1943 
Cannon, George Ham05-11-191507-12-1941more 
Cannon, Odell E.10-07-192119-04-2004 
Cano, Percy R.   
Canoy, Junior, G.   
Canter, Walter H.   
Canterbury, Richard W.   
Cantley, Thomas William 07-10-2012 
Cantoni, John, Louis   
Cantrel, William August   
Cantrell, Fred H.   
Cantrell, Lewis, F.   
Cantwell, Thomas J.   
Capano, Patsy   
Cape, John Jarvis, Junior00-00-191804-06-1942 
Capehart, Cecil   
Capito, John E.   
Caple, Dale   
Capocefalo, Robert J.00-00-192102-09-1943 
Capozi, Angelo R.01-01-191626-08-2011 
Capozi, Louis Joseph15-01-192006-08-1944 
Capozzi, Joseph, Jr.   
Capozzoli, Nicholas 24-12-1944 
Cappadona, Peter R. 22-02-1945 
Cappoletti, Lawrence   
Capps, Arlin George   
Capps, Willie Clifton   
Caprioni, Caetano, P.   
Capron, Donald E. 06-11-1944 
Capron, Jan   
Capron, Joseph R. 04-01-1946 
Capron, Robert Harlo04-05-192415-01-2010 
Capuzzo, Arthur   
Carberry, William J.   
Card, Eugene Tinsley   
Carder, John, W.   
Cardiello, Cono B. 27-04-1945 
Cardone, Guierino A.   
Cardoza, Oscar Francis15-12-192208-04-1945 
Cardullo, Everett P.   
Cardwell, Ross   
Carew, John J.00-00-189816-07-1980 
Carey, Alvin P.16-08-191623-08-1944 
Carey, Charles F., Jr.23-12-191509-01-1945 
Carey, Daniel W. 26-03-1944 
Carey, James M.   
Carey, John Frank   
Carick, Albert   
Carico, Hugh V. 15-08-1943 
Carinder, George E.   
Carl J. Garlick   
Carl, Marion Eugene01-11-1915  
Carle, Camille C.20-01-192003-01-1944 
Carlen, Kenneth L.   
Carlisi, Salvatore   
Carlisle, Joseph E.28-12-1920 more 
Carlisle, Ross W. 24-02-1945 
Carlon, Kenneth Eugene   
Carlson, Alfred M. 20-01-1943 
Carlson, Edwin H. 28-03-1945 
Carlson, Evans Fordyce   
Carlson, Franklin E. 04-11-1944 
Carlson, Kenneth R.    
Carlson, Niles A. A.   
Carlson, Robert M.    
Carlson, Roland P.   
Carlson, Royal D. 21-09-1944 
Carlson, Sivert J.12-04-192211-04-1945more 
Carlton, Ted Joseph   
Carmichael, Hugh A.   
Carmichael, Joseph R., Jr.   
Carmichael, Robert   
Carnes, Ross S., Jr.   
Carney, James Valentine "Jimmie"14-02-189816-12-1942 
Carney, Robert Bostwick26-03-189525-06-1990 
Caroccia, Nicholas   
Caron, George Robert "Bob"31-10-191903-06-1995 
Carothers, John W. 11-01-1944 
Carp, Albert A.   
Carpender, Arthur Schuyler "Chips"24-10-188410-01-1960more 
Carpenter, Charles E.05-10-192127-05-1944 
Carpenter, Claude A.   
Carpenter, Frank J.   
Carpenter, Marshall R.00-00-191624-08-1944 
Carpenter, William Richard "Pawnee Bill" 12-04-1945 
Carr, George Raines   
Carr, Grady Calvin19-05-1918  
Carr, John H. (Dan) "Sleepy"07-04-192116-02-1945 
Carr, Oliver B. Jr., "O.B."   
Carr, Paul H.   
Carr, Paul Ray09-04-191317-01-1944 
Carr, Reuben A.00-09-191615-05-1943 
Carr, Wilson Raiford 03-08-1997 
Carrier, John S.   
Carriere, Raymond 07-06-1944 
Carroll, Basil   
Carroll, Gale   
Carroll, John J.   
Carroll, Merle Ray16-12-1919  
Carroll, Phillip H.   
Carroll, Wells Worth   
Carroll, William A.10-03-191507-05-1964 
Carruth, James E.   
Carson, Charles, D.    
Carson, D.A.   
Carson, Harley E.   
Carson, Homer S.12-09-192217-12-1944 
Carson, Joseph Malcolm   
Carson, Lewis W.   
Carson, Virgil B.00-00-192402-10-1944 
Carson, William L.   
Carstedt, Keith M.   
Carstensen, William H.   
Carswell, Horace Seaver "Stump" Jr.18-06-191626-10-1944more 
Carter, Allan B.   
Carter, Andrew J., Jr.   
Carter, David Lewis   
Carter, David V.   
Carter, Edward, A. Jr.26-05-191630-01-1963more 
Carter, Grayson B.   
Carter, Henry G.   
Carter, James D.   
Carter, James R.   
Carter, James, S.    
Carter, John Warren   
Carter, Melvin Reed   
Carter, Norman L. 12-09-1944 
Carter. Le Roy B. 02-04-1945 
Carttar, Donald M.00-00-192400-00-1982