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Military Cross (MC)

The Military Cross was instituted on December 31st, 1914 as a recognition of distinguished and meritorious service in battle in situations not sufficient to merit the Victoria Cross. The Military Cross can be awarded to commissioned officers of the substantive rank of Captain or below or Warrant Officers. In 1920, the terms were altered to clearly state the award was for gallant and distinguished services in action and that RAF officers could be awarded the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished services on the ground as opposed to flying. On performing a second or subsequent action, the recipient will be awarded a bar to the Military Cross to be worn on the ribbon.

On each arm of the silver-coloured Military Cross is an Imperial Crown and in the centre of the award is the ‘Imperial’ and ‘Royal Cypher’ of the reigning sovereign, GV, GVI or EIIR. The reverse of the award is plain with the year of the award engraved on the lower arm. The white ribbon is 1.375 inches wide with a central vertical purple stripe (0.5 inches wide). The bar is made of silver with a crown in the centre.

During the Second World War, so far as known up till now, a total of 10.776 MC's were awarded to British and Commonwealth military. Among these are 10.271 first awardings, 485 first bars and 20 second bars. It is unknown how many were awarded to foreign military, but until now more then 2.000 are known.
A total of 3,727 Military Crosses have been awarded to Canadians, with 324 first bars and 18 second bars.

Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George "Alex"* December 10th, 1891
† June 16th, 1969

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Dallas-Smith, Alexander Charles  
Dammann, André12-12-190103-02-1951more
Darvill, Herbert John  
Davidson, Basil Risbridger  
Davidson, Douglas Malcolm 16-03-1943
Davies, Edmund Frank (Trotsky)03-09-190000-00-1952
Davies, Eric John  
Davies, Gwilym Hugh00-00-1912 
Davies, Henry Lowrie "Taffy"25-01-189806-07-1975more
Dawson, Charles Nevulle Bruce 20-09-1944
Dawson, Harvey Alexander 06-06-1942
Dawson, John Joseph Yelverton00-02-191724-03-1993
Day, Stanley Ambrose  
Deacon, Jack (John)23-10-191703-12-1971
Deane-Drummond, Anthony John23-06-191704-12-2012
Dempsey, Miles Christopher "Lucky"15-12-189605-06-1969more
Dennis, Meade Edward06-08-189331-01-1965
Dennison, Mervyn William 12-01-1992
Dennys, Lancelot Ernest10-05-189014-03-1942more
Dent, Bruce Ingham14-11-192125-03-1944
Derry, Samuel Ironmonger "Sam"10-04-191403-12-1996
Deuchar, Ernest  
Devigny, André25-05-191612-02-1999more
Dewavrin, André "Colonel Passy"09-11-191122-12-1998more
Dewing, Richard Henry "Dick"15-01-189121-09-1981
DeWitt, Jack Richard  
Dickson, George Leishman 28-04-1943
Dijckmeester, Frans Theodoor23-06-191718-02-2003
Dinwoodie, Hubert24-03-189628-08-1968more
Dixon, Richard Harold 16-11-1943
Dobbin, John Nicholas  
Dodds, Robert Norman25-11-189521-11-1978
Donald, Haddon Vivian20-03-191723-04-2018more
Donoghue, Charles Patrick17-11-1914 
Doresa, Peter Constantine  
Dorrell, William Rhys  
Dougan, Hampton Atkinson 20-10-1944
Dougan, John Alpine07-04-192116-10-2006
Douglas, William Sholto, 1st Baron of Kirtleside23-12-189329-10-1969more
Dove, William Walter00-00-189400-00-1976
Dover, Victor00-00-1919 
Down, Alastair Frederick23-07-191400-00-2004
Downes, Gerardo Edward Southwell  
Dowse, John Cecil Alexander11-11-189116-08-1964more
Dowse, Sydney Hastings21-11-191810-04-2008
Drake, John Ellis  
Drelicharz, Wladyslaw16-09-191321-11-1944more
Drew, Henry Dinham14-04-189518-08-1975
Drummond, Peter Roy Maxwell02-06-189427-03-1945more
Drury, Robert Esmond Hill16-09-191000-05-1988more
Duane, John 17-01-2012
Duch, Boleslaw Bronislaw15-11-189609-10-1980more
Duclos, Maurice23-08-190623-02-1981more
Dunlop, Thomas James  
Dunshea, Claude Joseph Patrick28-04-191729-04-2015more
Dure, John Alexander  
Duxbury, John Noel  
Dye, Jack Bertie13-12-191910-06-2013
Dzierzek, Adam  more