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Military Cross (MC)

The Military Cross was instituted on December 31st, 1914 as a recognition of distinguished and meritorious service in battle in situations not sufficient to merit the Victoria Cross. The Military Cross can be awarded to commissioned officers of the substantive rank of Captain or below or Warrant Officers. In 1920, the terms were altered to clearly state the award was for gallant and distinguished services in action and that RAF officers could be awarded the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished services on the ground as opposed to flying. On performing a second or subsequent action, the recipient will be awarded a bar to the Military Cross to be worn on the ribbon.

On each arm of the silver-coloured Military Cross is an Imperial Crown and in the centre of the award is the ‘Imperial’ and ‘Royal Cypher’ of the reigning sovereign, GV, GVI or EIIR. The reverse of the award is plain with the year of the award engraved on the lower arm. The white ribbon is 1.375 inches wide with a central vertical purple stripe (0.5 inches wide). The bar is made of silver with a crown in the centre.

During the Second World War, so far as known up till now, a total of 10.776 MC's were awarded to British and Commonwealth military. Among these are 10.271 first awardings, 485 first bars and 20 second bars. It is unknown how many were awarded to foreign military, but until now more then 2.000 are known.
A total of 3,727 Military Crosses have been awarded to Canadians, with 324 first bars and 18 second bars.

Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George "Alex"* December 10th, 1891
† June 16th, 1969

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Macarthur, John Gordon29-06-191608-05-1988more
MacBeth, James Stewart Fraser 00-00-1963more
MacDonald, Alastair24-08-190700-00-1994more
MacDonald, George Oxley  
MacDonald, John Edward 00-00-1958more
MacDonald, Vernon Leo 00-11-1966
Macduff-Duncan, Colin Edmund  
Macer, Thomas Harold05-03-191500-12-1995
MacGillivray, Ian Angus  
MacKelden, Alec Frank09-08-192221-10-2008
Mackenzie, Wilfred Fitzgerald26-03-191115-06-1985
Mackinnon, Mervyn Alexander 29-09-1944
MacLachlan, Malcolm Francis "Tony"  
MacLean, Victor Alexander 01-11-1940
MacLeod, Earle Grady08-12-192125-01-1981
MacLeod, Robert Bruce Darell  
Macmillan, Gordon Holmes Alexander "Babe"06-01-189721-01-1986more
MacNab, Donald George "Kiwi"15-07-191227-05-1996
Macready, Gordon Nevil, 2nd Baronet05-04-189117-10-1956more
MacWilliam, Maurice Edgar MacGregor07-02-192030-12-1996
Maddox, Patrick Reinald "Red"01-11-191300-09-1991
Magrin-Vernerey, Raoul Charles "Ralph Monclar"07-02-189203-06-1964more
Maguire, Albert Michael30-12-1922 
Makower, John Maritz  
Malin, Henri09-05-191216-03-2003more
Maller, Fredrick  
Mann, John Pelham  
Mann, Michael Woodham27-05-191709-02-2012
Manus, Maximo Guillermo "Max"09-12-191420-09-1996more
Marais, Charles Andrew19-06-191416-05-1989
Marcinkiewicz, Adam 07-02-1994
Margesson, Henry David R., 1st Viscount Margesson26-07-189024-12-1965
Marment, Arthur Verriour17-07-191717-01-2009
Marriott, John Horace23-01-191621-01-2007
Marshall-Cornwall, James Handyside27-05-188700-00-1985more
Marson, Paul11-07-190630-11-1987more
Martin, Cyril Arthur Joseph23-07-189727-11-1973
Martin, Geoffrey Vardon 00-00-1976
Maskell, Herbert  
Mason-MacFarlane, Frank Noel23-10-188912-08-1953more
Masterson, Bertram John 22-12-1943
Matheson, Alexander Mackenzie (Brud)28-05-192015-03-1983
Matthews, Lionel Colin15-08-191202-03-1944
Matthews, William Harold Victor  
Maund, Frederick Walton  
Mavin, Cecil Herbert  
Maxwell, Ian Robert10-06-192305-11-1991more
May, Edward Philip 05-04-1945
Maylié, Roger13-11-192026-04-1967more
McCreary, Robert  
McCutcheon, Mervyn John 26-02-1995
McDermott, Dennis Edward  
McEwen, Clifford MacKay "Black Mike"02-07-189706-08-1967more
McGowan, Daniel 08-07-1981
McGrath, James Francis  
McGregor, Robert Leith23-08-191714-11-2008
McKenzie, Charles Francis Gerald  
McKenzie, Kenneth Ross  
McKinlay, William Fotheringham  
McLeish, Edward A.  more
McNamara, John Francis 08-12-1943
McNeil Cooke, Vincent02-08-191210-07-1943
McNeil, Gordon Leo French  
McSweyn, Allan Frank31-07-191824-04-1994
Meadows, Percival Herbert (Percey)  more
Mears, Jack  more
Medhurst, Charles Edward Hastings12-12-189618-10-1954more
Melvin, James  
Mentel, Emil Stefan26-10-191627-02-2019
Menzies, Stewart Graham30-01-189029-05-1968more
Menzies, Stuart Graham30-01-189029-05-1968more
Merison, Charles Walter 06-06-1942
Mezan, Paul-Hémir11-08-191218-06-1944more
Mihailovic, Dragoljub Draza26-04-189317-07-1946more
Mikulski, Mieczyslaw  
Milbanke, Ralph Mark, 12th Baronet11-04-190724-11-1949
Miller, Andrew Wyllie Russell12-12-189323-09-1945
Miller, Joseph Esmond  
Mills-Roberts, Derek23-11-190801-10-1980
Misztak, Kazimierz00-07-1920 
Mitchell, Angus Ian00-08-1921 more
Mitchell, D.J.  
Mitchell, George Duncan "Duff"  
Mitchell, John  
Mitchell, John Angus MacBeth  
Mittelstaedt, Kazimierz06-01-190509-07-1990
Mockler-Ferryman, Eric Edward27-06-189619-11-1978
Moisan, Walter  
Moller, Arthur Appleby  
Mompezat, Roger Georges03-04-189921-03-1958more
Monckton, Walter Turner, 1st Viscount of Brenchley17-01-189109-01-1965
Montagu-Douglas-Scott, John Henry  
Montgomery, Andrew Mitchell  
Montgomery, Robert Kerr03-11-192020-10-2016
Moore-Brabazon, John, 1st Baron Brabazon of Tara08-02-188417-05-1964
Moorhouse, Samuel Cecil Trevor Wardell09-06-1908 
Morel, René06-12-190808-05-1974more
Morel-Deville, François15-05-191026-09-1968more
Morrison, Charles Esmond17-06-189301-05-1966more
Morrison, William Shepherd, 1st Viscount Dunrossil10-08-189303-02-1961more
Morton, Desmond John Falkiner13-11-189131-07-1971more
Mosley, Michael Henry28-03-191202-11-1942
Moss, Ivan William Stanley "Bill"15-06-192109-08-1965
Mould, Blair Stirling19-09-189707-05-1961
Muhammad, Taj  
Muir, William Edward Heath 27-11-1946
Mulholland, Leonard George "Louk"20-09-1920 
Mulsant, Pierre Louis13-03-191405-10-1944
Murfin, Horace Norman  
Murphy, Joseph Aloysius 18-10-1940
Murray, Alexander William John "Jock" 00-09-1981
Murray, Francis Anthony Stoddard  
Murray, Harold John "Harry"13-11-189822-10-1968more
Murray, Terence Desmond00-00-189117-07-1961
Myers, William "Bill"