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Military Cross (MC)

The Military Cross was instituted on December 31st, 1914 as a recognition of distinguished and meritorious service in battle in situations not sufficient to merit the Victoria Cross. The Military Cross can be awarded to commissioned officers of the substantive rank of Captain or below or Warrant Officers. In 1920, the terms were altered to clearly state the award was for gallant and distinguished services in action and that RAF officers could be awarded the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished services on the ground as opposed to flying. On performing a second or subsequent action, the recipient will be awarded a bar to the Military Cross to be worn on the ribbon.

On each arm of the silver-coloured Military Cross is an Imperial Crown and in the centre of the award is the ‘Imperial’ and ‘Royal Cypher’ of the reigning sovereign, GV, GVI or EIIR. The reverse of the award is plain with the year of the award engraved on the lower arm. The white ribbon is 1.375 inches wide with a central vertical purple stripe (0.5 inches wide). The bar is made of silver with a crown in the centre.

During the Second World War, so far as known up till now, a total of 10.776 MC's were awarded to British and Commonwealth military. Among these are 10.271 first awardings, 485 first bars and 20 second bars. It is unknown how many were awarded to foreign military, but until now more then 2.000 are known.
A total of 3,727 Military Crosses have been awarded to Canadians, with 324 first bars and 18 second bars.

Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George "Alex"* December 10th, 1891
† June 16th, 1969

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Badger, John 19-09-1944
Bailey, Joseph Edward 00-00-1994
Bains, Harbans Singh  
Baker, Brian Edmund31-08-189608-10-1979more
Baker, Lindsay Siberton 03-04-1945
Balthazar, Edouard27-12-1899 
Bannerji, Sumil Kumar  
Barbacki, Roman Marian  
Barclay, Francis Peter08-03-190913-10-1992
Barlow, Alfred Edmund "Teddy"11-01-189631-12-1945
Barnard, Jack  
Barnes, Cecil Edward30-01-190722-06-1952
Barr, Andrew William "Nicky"10-12-191512-06-2006
Barrett, Colin Frederick 23-09-1918
Barrington, Croker E.02-09-189716-07-1944
Barrowclough, Harold Eric23-06-189404-03-1972more
Bartlett, William James Osborne  
Barton, Bernard James  
Barton, Geoffrey  
Bartosinski, Marian Leopold13-05-190829-10-1944
Bashir, Ahmed  
Basset, Raymond Claude François02-07-190810-09-1984more
Bassett-Wilson, Paul Francis22-04-192002-04-1945
Batey, Frederick William 29-05-1944
Batiment, Paul, Jean, Léon07-10-192001-11-1944
Beadle, Ian Nigel Neville 28-07-1981
Bean, Harvey George Willmott 14-02-1945
Beckwith-Smith, Merton11-07-189011-11-1942more
Bednarski, Stanislaw Tadeusz00-00-1908 
Begué, Georges Pierre André22-11-191118-12-1993
Belle, Frederick John11-07-1919 
Bennett, Brian 08-08-1943
Benzon, Phil Patrick 12-02-1944
Bergé, Georges03-01-190915-09-1997more
Bernheim, Pierre31-08-188420-08-1944
Berry, Maurice George00-00-191300-00-2002
Best, Norman  
Bevan, Alan James Bedford03-04-192131-01-2003
Beveridge, Arthur Joseph21-03-189325-09-1959
Bichelot, René François09-01-192227-05-2004
Billo, Edward Joseph  
Bintcliffe, Christopher Geoffrey 00-00-2011
Bishop, William Avery (Billy)08-02-189411-09-1956more
Black, Graeme Delamere09-05-191123-10-1942
Blackburne, William Milner Jordan  
Blackwell, Cecil Thomas26-06-1904 
Blackwood, James Eric  
Blair, Chandos25-02-191922-01-2011more
Blake, John Philip17-11-191703-06-1944
Blaker, Frank Gerald08-05-192009-07-1944
Blanchard, André Marie Pierre François23-02-191105-05-1949more
Bledowski, Wladyslaw00-00-192200-00-1994
Bletek, Tadeusz  
Blois, David Walter  
Boal, Alexander Mather13-09-1918 
Bobula, Adam  
Boden, Patrick Anthony Drummond  
Boiteux, Robert René "Nicolas" "Firmin"04-06-190600-05-1992
Bojanowski, Zbigniew  
Bonallack, Basil George  
Bond, Tom  
Boorman, George Henry30-03-1922 
Boos, John Edward  
Boret, John Auguste28-03-189826-04-1964more
Borosh, Henry04-06-1907 
Borrow, George Henry 24-03-1944
Bosvile, Thomas James Bolle19-09-189708-07-1945
Bouchard, Léo  
Bourne, Harold Edward19-12-1909 
Bouvier, Léon28-09-192323-07-2005more
Bower, Cecil Syndercombe17-03-1897 
Bowker, Alfred Johnstone00-00-192200-00-1993
Bowman, Maynard Charles Denison "Buck"  
Boyd, Owen Tudor30-08-189905-08-1944more
Boyle, Archibald Robert "Archie"11-08-188700-00-1949more
Boyle, Clair John16-04-192002-12-1998
Boyle, Richard 24-03-1945
Bradfield, Edward Charles  
Bradfield, William John Dickson23-06-192421-11-2003
Brandwood, Peter James Ward  
Bratland, Sverre02-06-191729-04-2002
Bremner, Cecil Douglas 21-04-1945
Brett, Gerrard  
Briggs, Bernard Walter  
Briggs, Rawdon12-04-189203-09-1969
Briggs, Wardon  
Britt, Maurice Lee "Footsie"29-06-191926-11-1995more
Brodie, Alexander Clare Cunning10-07-191200-00-1995
Brodrick-Pittard, Harold St. John 22-10-1944
Brooks, Anthony Morris04-04-192219-04-2007more
Brooks, Geoffrey Ollivant07-04-190517-12-1989
Brooks, Hubert29-12-192101-02-1984more
Broome, Richard Neville25-05-1909 
Broussine, Georges19-02-191831-10-2001
Brown, Alfred Ernest27-08-188116-02-1962
Brown, Charles Edward  
Brown, Gordon Percy16-09-191306-01-1995
Brown, Henry Faulkner04-12-192010-02-2008
Brown, John Michael00-00-191700-00-1992more
Brownlie, William Steel12-10-1923 
Bruce, Dominic07-06-191512-02-2000
Brundrit, William Fernley00-00-191615-02-1991
Brunings, Johan August28-04-191915-05-1985
Brunt, John Henry Cound06-12-192210-12-1944
Bruntisfield, Victor, 1st Baron of Boroughmuir23-06-189914-01-1993
Bryan, John William  
Bryan, John William 00-00-2002more
Bryson, George  
Bryson, James Graham  
Buchanan, Norman Bruce16-09-191527-06-2008
Buchanan-Jardine, Andrew Rupert John, 4th Baronet02-02-192324-08-2010
Budd, Maurice Arthur Jack12-07-191723-11-1945
Budgen, Gordon Douglas Heane 01-04-1945
Budziszewski, Piotr  
Bull, Richard Henry 30-01-1944
Burkett, William Wood  
Burn, Michael Clive "Micky"11-12-191203-09-2010
Burns, Walther Arthur George00-01-191105-05-1997more
Burton, Peter Wightwick  
Bush, Alan00-00-191400-00-1998
Butler, Adrian Illingworth 20-03-1945
Butler, Mervyn Andrew Haldane01-07-191303-01-1976more