Deutsches Kreuz in Gold

The German Cross (Deutschen Kreuz) is build up out of 5 separate parts and although the name suggests otherwise, it has the shape of a large 8-pointed breast star with in the center a large black swastika which is outlined in silver. The name of this award comes from this 21,5 mm big swastika. This swastika is placed upon a red-bordered silver disk and upon this red border is a golden laurel leaf wreath mounted. The golden wreath measures 39 mm across and is made out of single laurel leaves that are bounded together with a silk lint. At the bottom of the wreath is a square box with the year 1941 impressed into it. This date refers to the year of institution and from underneath this wreath emerge the eight star points. These points are chemically blackened and have the appearance of sunrays. Underneath these points is a 63 mm large silver backing plate placed which has the same shape as the award, only it’s slightly bigger so it forms the outer line of the award. At the reverse are 4 or 6 rivets visible and through the number of rivets you can recognize if the award was made in Germany or Austria. The German Crosses with 4 rivets were made in Germany and the pieces with 6 rivets in Austria. Further is there at the reverse a large width pin with a standard hook construction placed. If the award is marked with the LDO-number of the producer, then it is stamped in either the front or backside of the pin. To prevent damaging the award during combat, there was also a cloth version made. This cloth version has a metal wreath and the backing cloth colour is the same as the tunic colour of the corresponding Army branch. Fieldgrey is for the Army (Heer) and Waffen-SS, bleu-grey for the Air Force, (Luftwaffe) Marine bleu for the Navy (Kriegsmarine) and black for the Armored forces.

The German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz in Gold) was awarded for bravery and outstanding achievements in combat but where the Knight’s Cross wasn’t awarded for. The recipient did however already had to own the Iron Cross 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1 Klasse) or Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1.Klasse with swords. The exact number of times that the German Cross in Gold was bestowed is still unknow at this time.

The OKW barred/stopped by decree the awarding of the Gernan Cross in Gold for "multiple remarkable services in troop leadership" from March 10th, 1945 on.

Borchers, Adolf* February 10th, 1913
† February 9th, 1996

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Rohrer, Franz   
Rohrlach, Martin   
Rohrmayer, Johann   
Rohweder, Hellmut17-01-191409-02-2008more 
Roick, Erhard   
Roitinger, Ezzo   
Roka, Franz22-03-191826-10-1943 
Rokahr, Herbert   
Rokohl, Rudolf   
Roland, Adolf   
Roland, Heinz   
Rolf, Reichsfreiherr von, Ottonar   
Rolfes, Joachim   
Roling, Gerhard   
Roll, Ernst   
Roll, Friedrich   
Rolle, Heinz   
Rolle, Josef   
Rolle, Max   
Rollwage, Herbert24-09-191604-01-1980more 
Rolly, Horst   
Roloff, Rolf   
Roloff, Volkmar   
Roltsch, Herbert16-09-1914  
Romahn, Albert   
Romahn, Kurt   
Roman, Freiherr von, Rudolf19-11-189318-02-1970 
Romba, Hans   
Rombach, Wilhelm   
Rominger, Ludwig   
Romm, Oskar18-12-191901-05-1993more 
Rommel, Hans-Georg   
Rommelspacher, Willy   
Romott, Hans   
Rompel, Ernst   
Ronald, Gerth   
Rondorf, Heinrich   
Rongstock, Erwin   
Ronsdorf, Karl   
Ronz, Ernst   
Rooch, Martin   
Roock, Hans-Heini   
Roos, Dr., Heinz   
Roos, Feodor   
Roos, Hermann   
Roos, Hermann   
Roos, Hugo20-03-191405-09-1959 
Roosen, Adolf   
Roosen, Oskar   
Ropers, Ahrend   
Rorich, Karl-Heinz   
Roscher, Heinz   
Roschmann, Gottfried   
Rose, Adolf   
Rose, Alfred   
Rose, Dr., Gerhard   
Rose, Fritz   
Rose, Harald-Christian   
Rose, Heinrich   
Rose, Herbert   
Rose, Max   
Rose, Paul   
Rose, Walter   
Rosellen, Jodokus   
Rosemeyer, Wilhelm   
Rosen, Freiherr von, Richard Wilfred Harry Erich28-06-192226-10-2015 
Rosenauer, Hermann   
Rosenbaum, Ernst   
Rosenberg, Alfred   
Rosenberg-Lipinsky, von, Alfred   
Rosenberg-Lipinsky, von, Horst   
Rosenberg-Lipinsky, von, Lothar   
Rosenberger, Dr., Alfred   
Rosenberger, von, Eberhard   
Rosenbusch, Erich   
Rosenfeld, Wilhelm   
Rosenfelder, Albert08-01-1917 more 
Rosenfelder, Fritz   
Rosengart, Erwin   
Rosenheimer, Johann   
Rosenkaimer, Helmut   
Rosenke, Karl   
Rosenkranz, Helmut   
Rosenkränzer, Fritz   
Rosenow, Martin-Alexander   
Rosenow, Otto06-02-1916 more 
Rosenstiel, von, Walter   
Rosenstock, Hans-Hermann02-06-191823-09-1942 
Rosenthal, Ritter und Edler von, Wilfried   
Rosenthal, Walther   
Rosenvold, Karl   
Roser, Karl   
Roser, Walter   
Rosewich, Kurt21-12-1912  
Rosinke, Gerhard   
Roske, Fritz   
Roske, Fritz   
Roski, Oskar11-12-1917  
Ross, Franz   
Ross, Hans   
Ross, Hermann   
Ross, Werner   
Rossi, Franz   
Rosskopf, Dr., Maximilian   
Rosskopf, Josef   
Rossmann, Eberhard   
Rossmann, Hans   
Rossmann, Richard   
Rossmann, Werner   
Rossol, Wilhelm-Heinrich21-03-190408-04-1943more 
Rost, Hansfrieder17-08-1909  
Rost, Max   
Rost, Walter   
Rosteck, Kurt   
Rostock, Peter   
Roszak, Konrad   
Rotberg, Freiherr von, Wolf-Kurt   
Rotenhan, Freiherr von, Gottfried   
Rotermehl, Hans   
Roters, Joachim   
Rotgeri, Ludwig   
Roth, Adolf04-10-1908  
Roth, August06-06-1917  
Roth, Dominikus   
Roth, Dr., Heinz   
Roth, Ernst-August19-04-189826-09-1975 
Roth, Eugen   
Roth, Fritz   
Roth, Gebhard   
Roth, Günther   
Roth, Hans   
Roth, Hans   
Roth, Hans-Joachim   
Roth, Helmut   
Roth, Karl   
Roth, Max02-03-1897 more 
Roth, Michael   
Roth, Richard   
Roth, Ulrich   
Roth, von, Hans Wilhelm   
Roth, Werner   
Roth, Willy   
Rothe, Axel   
Rothe, Erhard   
Rothe, Friedrich   
Rothe, Gerhard   
Rothe, Gerhard   
Rothe, Paul   
Rothe, Walter   
Rothenburger, Albert   
Rothenbücher, Heinrich   
Rother, Walter   
Rothert, Karl   
Rothert, Kurt   
Rothfuss, Max   
Rothfuss, Wilhelm   
Rothgang, Hans   
Rothkirch und Trach, Graf von, Edwin01-11-188829-07-1980 
Rothkirch und Trach, Graf von, Hans-Siegfried17-07-191211-07-1954 
Rothofer, Franz   
Rotsmann, Freiherr von, Fritz-Joachim   
Rott, Hans   
Rott, Johann   
Rott, Rudolf21-01-191812-02-1945 
Rott, Walter   
Rottensteiner, Oskar   
Rotter, Hans   
Rotter, Hubert   
Rotter, Josef   
Rotthaus, Otto   
Rottsahl, Günther   
Rowedder, Hans-Kurt   
Roß, Theodor   
Roßbach, Karl-Heinz07-05-192015-02-1944 
Roßberg, Rolf   
Roßkothen, Kurt   
Roßmann, Edmund11-01-191804-04-2005 
Roßmann, Josef   
Roßmann, Karl Franz Joseph23-11-191601-04-2002more 
Roßmeier, Josef   
Rubach, Fritz   
Rubarth, Erich   
Rubel, Dr., Siegfried   
Rubel, Heinrich-Karl   
Ruch, Siegfried   
Ruchte, Heinrich   
Ruckdeschel, Ludwig15-03-1907 more 
Ruckenstuhl, Josef   
Rucks, Theo   
Rudat, Erich   
Rudat, Horst03-05-192031-08-1982 
Ruddies, Dieter   
Rude, Erwin 28-12-1964 
Rudel, Hans-Ulrich02-07-191618-12-1982more 
Rudel, Helmut   
Rudelsdorff, Detlev   
Ruder, Josef   
Rudhart, Hermann   
Rudigier, Christian   
Rudloff, Alexander   
Rudloff, Paul   
Rudnick, Erich01-07-191625-11-1988more 
Rudnick, Robert   
Rudno, von, Günther   
Rudolf, August   
Rudolph, Eberhard   
Rudolph, Günther   
Rudolph, Hans   
Rudolph, Hans-Heinz   
Rudolph, Heinz   
Rudolph, Jakob   
Rudolph, Karl-Heinrich   
Rudolph, Kurt   
Rudolph, Paul24-06-1916  
Rudorfer, Johann   
Rudorffer, Erich01-11-191708-04-2016more 
Ruegenberg, Horst   
Rueger, Karl   
Ruemenapp, Friedrich   
Ruete, Dr., Hans   
Rueß, Viktor   
Ruf, Lorenz   
Ruf, Philipp   
Rufer, Karl   
Ruff, Erwin   
Ruff, Siegfried20-02-189503-02-1946more 
Ruffani, Kurt   
Ruffer, Rudolf-Heinz07-01-192016-07-1944 
Ruffin, von, Walter   
Ruggaber, Lorenz   
Ruhe, Johann   
Ruhl, Franz12-12-192224-12-1944 
Ruhl, Franz (WH-Pz.Aufkl.Abt. 23)   
Ruhl, Heinrich31-08-191501-12-2015more 
Ruhland, Johannes   
Ruhleder, Fritz   
Ruhnau, Fritz   
Ruhnau, Georg   
Ruhnow, Erich   
Ruhrmann, Fritz   
Ruisinger, Eugen   
Ruland, Friedrich   
Ruland, Kurt   
Ruland, Theodor02-03-191331-08-1942more 
Rulfs, Johann 21-06-1942 
Rumetsch, Hans   
Rummel, Adolf   
Rummel, Johannes "Hans"29-10-191429-04-1945 
Rummel, Kurt   
Rummel, Siegfried   
Rumohr, Joachim06-08-191011-02-1945 
Rumold, Jakob   
Rump, Rudolf   
Rump, Walter   
Rumpel, Herbert   
Rumpelhardt, Friedrich "Fritz"19-06-192020-01-2011 
Rumpf, Ewald   
Rumpf, Josef   
Rumplmayr, Andreas   
Rumplmayr, Johann "Hans" 21-06-1942 
Rumpold, Günther   
Rumpp, Otto   
Runge, August   
Runge, Christoph   
Runge, Fritz   
Runge, Fritz   
Runge, Fritz   
Runge, Hans   
Runge, Hans-Dieter   
Runge, Karl   
Runge, Otto   
Runge, Otto   
Runge, Walter   
Runiger, Eduard   
Runkel, Henning22-11-1903  
Runnebaum, Ewald   
Ruoff, Erich   
Rupf, Hubert   
Ruploh, Ewald   
Rupp, Bruno01-08-1920  
Rupp, Claudius10-09-1919 more 
Rupp, Ernst13-01-189230-05-1943more 
Rupp, Friedrich16-11-191715-05-1943 
Rupp, Johann   
Rupp, Josef   
Rupp, Otto17-04-1915 more 
Rupp, Rupert   
Ruppe, Wolfgang   
Ruppenthal, Willi   
Ruppersberg, Karl   
Ruppert, Erwin   
Ruppert, Friedrich   
Ruppert, Kurt   
Ruppert, Otto   
Rupperti, Eberhard   
Rupprecht, Horst   
Rupprecht, Leopold   
Rupprecht, Walter   
Rupprechter, Franz23-08-192029-10-1969 
Ruprecht, Friedrich   
Ruprecht, Karl-Heinz   
Rusch, Erich05-05-1912  
Rusch, Max   
Ruscher, Walter   
Ruske, Kurt   
Rust, Gottfried   
Rust, Wolfgang Gottfried Joachim15-09-191915-12-2007more 
Rutezki, Ernst20-07-1913  
Ruth, Erich   
Ruthardt, Heinrich   
Ruthe, Heinz   
Ruthenburg, Karl   
Ruthendorf-Przewoski, von, Günther   
Rutkowski, Alfred  more 
Rutkowski, Fritz   
Rutkowski, Gustav   
Rutter, Vinzenz   
Ruttkowski, Hans   
Ruttkowski, Helmut   
Rutz, Josef   
Rutzen, Werner03-04-1919 more 
Rutzke, Paul   
Ruus, Hando16-05-191731-03-1945 
Ruzicka, Johann   
Ruß, Emil   
Ruß, Gustav   
Ruß, Otto   
Rußland, Horst   
Rübel, Karl16-08-189508-03-1945more 
Rübell, Günther   
Rübesamen, Friedrich-Wilhelm   
Rübig, Heinz   
Rybka, Hans   
Rübsam, Karl   
Rübsamen, Richard   
Rychlik, Johann23-07-1909  
Rückbrodt, Hans   
Rücker, Hans   
Rücker, Joachim   
Rücker, von, Wilhelm   
Rückert, David   
Rückwardt, Georg  more 
Rüd, Hans   
Rüden, Heinz-Friedrich   
Rüden, von, Heinrich   
Rüdenburg, Max   
Rüdiger, Albert   
Rüdiger, Friedrich   
Rüdiger, Hans-Hermann   
Rüdiger, Rudolf   
Rüdiger, Wolfgang Alfred   
Rüdt von Collenberg, Freiherr, Wolf-Dietrich24-12-1905  
Rüdt, Harald24-12-1915  
Rydzik, Heinrich   
Rüeck, Karl   
Rüffer, Heinz   
Rüffert, Hans02-02-1915 more 
Rüffler, Helmut18-01-191821-09-2001 
Rüger, Dr., Friedrich   
Rüger, Dr.jur., Josef   
Rüger, Otto   
Rüger, Wilhelm   
Rüger, Wilhelm (Kradschützen-Bataillon 25)  more 
Rühl, Erich   
Rühl, Gerhard   
Rühl, Karl   
Rühl, Willi   
Rühle, Albert28-07-1920 more 
Rühling, Heinrich   
Rühling, Max   
Rühmkorf, Friedrich   
Rükgauer, Theo   
Rümelin, Karl   
Rümmele, Josef   
Rümmele, Robert   
Rümpler, Kurt   
Rünz, Engelbert   
Rüschhoff, Josef31-12-191200-00-1962 
Rüssel, Karl   
Rüssmann, Karl   
Rüter, Heinrich   
Rüther, Ernst   
Rütt, Carlheinz   
Rütten, Konrad   
Rüttger, Karl   
Rütz, Werner   
Rützel, Eugen   
Rzepka, Alfred   
Rzepka, Fritz   
Rzepka, Hans   
Rzepka, Siegfried   
Rädel, Gerhard15-03-1918  
Rählmann, Josef   
Rätzel, Kurt14-04-1916  
Rätzer, Werner   
Röbbing, Hans   
Röber, Theo   
Röbert, Hans   
Rödel, Franz   
Rödel, Franz (Lw-Aufklärungsstaffel)   
Rödel, Gustav-Siegfried24-10-191506-02-1995more 
Rödel, Walter   
Rödenbeck, Bringfried   
Röder, Hans   
Röder, Heinz   
Röder, Rudolf   
Rögelein, Friedrich26-06-191025-03-1999more 
Röher, Kurt   
Röhl, Arno   
Röhl, Rudolf   
Röhler, Herbert   
Röhler, Herbert (Flak-Regiment)30-12-189627-06-1963 
Röhm, Ernst   
Röhm, Rudolf   
Röhner, Karl02-07-1919  
Röhr, Curt   
Röhr, Fritz 02-07-1944 
Röhr, Konrad   
Röhr, Manfred   
Röhrich, Kurt   
Röhrich, Wilhelm   
Röhricht, Edgar16-06-189211-02-1967more 
Röhrig, Oskar16-01-191104-08-1985 
Röhrig, Otto   
Röhrig, Wilhelm   
Röhrl, Max28-07-192104-03-2012more 
Röhrs, Christian   
Röhrs, Heinz   
Röhsler, Friedrich   
Röhwer, Hans   
Rökker, Heinz20-10-192002-08-2018 
Römbke, Ernst   
Römer, Albert   
Römer, Alfred   
Römer, Alfred   
Römer, Christian   
Römer, Erich   
Römer, Erwin   
Römer, Friedrich04-06-189521-06-1970 
Römer, Gerhard   
Römer, von, Jobst-Christoph   
Römer, Wilhelm   
Römisch, Georg   
Römke, Bruno   
Rönnau, August-Wilhelm12-05-1919  
Rönnecke, Heinz   
Röper, Hans-Ludwig   
Röper, Heinz   
Röpke, Kurt29-11-189621-07-1966more 
Rösch, Hans   
Rösch, Heinrich   
Rösch, Maximilian   
Rösch, Rudolf22-02-192028-11-1944 
Röschmann, Ernst   
Röse, Heinrich   
Röseke, Erich24-01-192102-05-1994more 
Rösener, Erwin02-02-190200-00-1946 
Röser, Rudolf   
Röser, Wilhelm   
Rösler, Hans   
Rösler, Heinz   
Rösler, Helmut   
Rösler, Paul   
Rösler, Walter   
Rösner, Erich   
Rösner, Gerhard   
Rösner, Helmut   
Rösner, Wilhelm   
Rösseler, Karl   
Rössger, Ruprecht30-08-1915  
Rössler, Paul   
Rötche, Hans04-12-191516-09-2006 
Rötger, Siegfried   
Röther, Joseph07-10-190720-02-1988 
Röthig, Werner   
Röthke, Siegfried   
Röthle, Robert   
Röttgen, Heinz   
Röttger, Hans   
Röttiger, Hans16-04-189615-04-1960 
Röver, Bernhard   
Röwe, Wilhelm   
Rößler, Lothar19-04-1907