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Croix de Guerre (1939-1945)

This decoration was instituted on April 8th 1915 to commemmorate individual mentions in despatches and can be awarded to all French military personnel, regardless of rank and also to officers and men of Allied Forces for an individual feat of arms mentioned in a despatch. The despatch had to originate from an officer commanding an Army, an Army Corps, a Division, a Brigade or the C.O. of a Regiment or a corresponding unit of Naval Forces. Mention in Army Despatch merits a small bronze laurel branch, Army Corps Despatch a silver gilt star, Divisional a silver star, Regimental or similar Unit Despatch a bronze star; all these emblems to be worn on the ribbon of the Cross. For every mention the appropiate emblem will be awarded; if one person has been awarded five palms, he will wear a silver palm instead.
The ribbon of the Croix de Guerre 1939-1945 differs from the original; it is coloured bright red with four vertical bands of green in the centre.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Anderson, Clarence Emil "Bud"13-01-1922 more 
Alcock, John "Jack"00-00-191800-00-1997 
Arnold, Robert D. 12-01-1944 
Agazarian, Jack Charles Stanmore27-08-191529-03-1945 
Alexander, Jr. Charles B.   
Addoms, Jeremy   
Anders, Wladyslaw Albert11-08-189212-05-1970more 
Akar, Philippe Henri14-01-1919  
Allard, Jean Victor12-06-191323-04-1996more 
Antonowicz Andrault de Buy, Graf ,Mikolaj15-01-191503-04-2000more 
Affleck, John Robert Clark   
Adair, Allan Henry Shafto03-11-189704-08-1988more 
Ayral, Jean Robert30-12-192112-08-1944 
Allard, Jean-Baptiste25-04-190400-00-1984 
Anderson, Norman Russell29-04-189331-07-1948 
Arends, Hendricus Petrus20-12-191205-12-1994more 
Antelme, Joseph Antoine France12-03-190012-09-1944 
Accart, Jean-Mary Julien07-04-191219-08-1992 
Aalberg, André05-06-191315-10-1943 
Abalan, Michel Henri Charles Marie05-06-192016-02-2000more 
Abeille, Valentin08-08-190702-06-1944 
Aboulker, José05-03-1920  
Abraham, Robert Colbert23-11-192127-11-2004 
Adair, Fulton Muir   
Adams, Andrew Alexander05-06-192108-11-1993more 
Adeline, Henri Marie Charles08-05-189801-05-1971 
Agenet, Alain Marie Léon02-07-192228-09-1977 
Albert, Marcel25-11-191723-08-2010more 
Alden, John Ernest05-02-191400-10-1974 
Alexandre, Blaise Emmanuel Henri12-03-192023-03-2005 
Alibert de Falconnet, Roland28-02-191717-05-1944 
Allegret, Emile Joseph Auguste24-04-190722-11-1990 
Allen, Terry de la Mesa "Terrible Terry"01-04-188812-09-1969more 
Allen, Thomas00-00-191500-00-1979 
Alliston, Alexander John   
Alloues, Roger28-06-192029-01-1997 
Amiel, Henri François17-05-190727-01-1976more 
Amilakvari, Dimitri12-11-190624-11-1942 
Amiot, René15-01-191401-11-1985 
Amyot d'Inville, Hubert Marie Edouard01-08-190910-06-1944 
Anderson, John Alan 23-03-1965 
Anderson, Leroy H.   
Andlauer, Louis Jacques Victor06-11-191901-12-1999 
André, Gustave Jean Joseph21-11-190829-08-1944 
André, Roger Henri Fernand13-12-191428-02-1999 
Andrews, Eric William   
Andrieux, Jacques Marie Anne15-08-191721-01-2005 
Anglade, Pierre21-11-192103-07-1946 
Ankoné, Antonius Hermanus   
Anquetil, Bernard Jules Eugène20-12-191624-10-1941 
Antoniotti, Roméo Adamo06-01-191423-04-1990 
Appert, Raymond Paul Etienne Marie10-10-190417-04-1973 
Arainty, Pierre17-08-190709-05-1982 
Armand, Louis François17-01-190530-08-1971 
Arnaud, Michel André27-11-191501-08-1990 
Arnault, Paul Jean Louis21-08-191109-11-1988more 
Arrighi, Pierre Robert   
Arzel, François, Marie25-02-192120-11-1944 
Astier De La Vigerie, d', Emmanuel06-01-190012-06-1969 
Astier De La Vigerie, d', Henri   
Astier De Villatte, Jean   
Aubertin, Pierre Gaston22-03-191507-03-1949 
Auboyneau, Philippe Marie Joseph09-11-189922-02-1961 
Avinin, Antoine Louis26-01-190229-10-1962 
Aymé, Fernand10-05-192228-01-1945 


Fourragere Croix de GuerreLanyard with the War Cross
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