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Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

The DFC was established on June 3rd, 1918, the birthday of King George V, and is awarded to Officers and Warrant officers for "an act or acts of valour and courage or devotion to duty performed whilst flying in active operations against the enemy". A straight silver bar is a further enhancement of the DFC, awarded for additional acts under the same terms as the cross.

The award has the shape of a silver cross and was designed by Edward Carter Preston. On the obverse aeroplane propellers are superimposed upon the vertical arms of the cross. Within a central winged roundel, encircled by a wreath of laurels and surmounted by a Imperial Crown, appear the letters RAF. In the central circle on the reverse the Royal Cyphers, GV, GVI, EIIR, appear above the date 1918. The year of issue is engraved on the lower arm of the award. The DFC is issued unnamed.
The ribbon is 1.25 inches wide, and consists of alternating violet and white stripes, each 0.125 inches wide, leaning at 45 degrees from the vertical. Until 1919, the stripes were horizontal.

During the Second World War a total of 20,354 DFCs were awarded, with approximately 1,550 first bars and 42 second bars. Honorary awards were made on 964 occasions to aircrew from other non-commonwealth countries.
A total of 4,018 first DFC's were awarded to RCAF personnel, plus 213 first bars and 6 second bars and also 358 to FAF/RAA/RNZAF persons in RCAF, plus 23 first bars. Also there were 247 DFC's awarded to Canadians in the RAF, plus 34 first bars.
New Zealand RNZAF personnel received 1,032 DFC Crosses, eighty four first bars and four second bars, one Cross was awarded to a member of the Royal New Zealand Navy.
A total of 44 Dutch airmen received the DFC.

Aanjesen, Ola Gert* August 30th, 1918

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Dabbs, Howard Earl 07-12-1942 
Dafforn, Robert Chippindall02-03-191609-09-1943 
Dale, Ivor Gordon Easton   
Dalrymple-White, Henry Arthur   
Dalton-Morgan, Thomas Frederick23-03-191718-09-2004 
Danby, Thomas Ramsey25-01-191800-03-1981 
Daniell, Rex Donald29-10-192013-10-2010 
Darby, Basil Frederick Gooch 08-03-1945 
Darling, Donald Frederick William 30-01-1943 
Darling, Edward Vivian 02-06-1942 
Date, Harry Benson   
David, William Dennis25-07-191825-08-2000 
Davidson, Douglas MacKenzie13-12-191906-01-1946 
Davies, George Samuel Henry00-07-191400-00-1974more 
Davies, Harry   
Davies, Patrick Bernard George   
Davis, Anthony Norman   
Davis, Carl Raymond30-07-191106-09-1940 
Davis, Charles Trevor 26-03-1941 
Davis, Clive Selwyn15-04-191629-10-2009 
Davoud, Paul Yettvart25-11-191119-03-1987more 
Daw, Victor George 23-03-1953 
Dawson, Montagu Ellis Hawkins09-09-191907-01-2003 
Day, John Clifford   
Daymond, Gregory Augustus14-11-1920  
De Labouchere, François Joseph André18-09-191705-09-1942more 
Deacon-Elliott, Robert20-11-191405-06-1997 
Deall, John Howard26-03-192020-05-1999 
Dean, Donald Frederick Edgar Charles23-06-1917 more 
Deanesley, Edward Christopher27-01-191000-00-1998 
Deere, Alan Christopher12-12-191721-09-1995more 
Dej, Czeslaw  more 
Dekker, Jan Willem   
Delap, Miles Villiers08-01-1905  
Demozay, Jean-Francois "Morlaix"21-03-191519-12-1945more 
Dempster, Horace   
Denby, Gordon Alfred27-02-191510-12-1942 
Denholm, George Lovell20-12-190815-06-1997 
Denton, Frank Henderson23-04-1917  
Denton, Frederick Harry00-00-192010-12-2006 
Denton, John Martin   
Denton, Raymond Frank   
Derbyshire, James Norman   
Destonis, Dene   
Deverill, Ernest Alfred00-00-191617-12-1943 
Dewar, John Scatliff10-08-190712-09-1940 
Dexter, Peter Grenfell05-06-191814-07-1941 
Dickinson, John 13-03-1941 
Dill, Raymond00-00-192212-06-2000 
Dodkin, Kenneth Harold William.   
Dodwell, Christopher Bradford   
Dodwell, Terence Edgar 19-07-1944 
Doe, Robert Francis Thomas10-03-192021-02-2010more 
Doherty, Robert Aubrey Alexander "Aubrey"00-12-191823-02-1945 
Dolezal, Frantisek14-09-190904-10-1945more 
Don, Ralph Stidson 22-01-1945 
Donahue, Arthur Gerald "Art"00-00-191311-09-1942 
Donaldson, Arthur Hay09-01-191505-10-1980more 
Donaldson, Oliver Russell   
Doran, Kenneth Christopher00-00-191303-03-1974 
Dorance, Michel J.13-08-191417-01-1986 
Douglas, George   
Douglas, Paul Page23-12-191926-12-2002more 
Douglas, William Anderson00-01-192100-01-1977more 
Douglas, William Sholto23-12-189329-10-1969more 
Dow, James Richard00-00-1919  
Dow, Thomas Roy Asquith00-00-191404-04-1945 
Drake, Billy20-12-191728-08-2011 
Draper, Bryan Vincent00-00-191828-02-1945 
Dredge, Alan Sydney04-02-191818-05-1945 
Dring, Walter 13-01-1945 
Drobinski, Boleslaw Henrik "Gandhi"23-10-191800-00-1994 
Drummond, John Fraser19-10-191610-10-1940 
Du Monceau De Bergendael, Count Yvan Georges A.F.01-12-191509-11-1984more 
Du Vivier, Le Roy, Daniel Albert Raymond Georges13-01-191502-09-1981 
Dudgeon, Antony Greville "Tony"06-02-191605-01-2004 
Duff, Stanley Sutherland09-08-1920 more 
Duffee, George William Henry   
Duigan, Brian Lawless15-11-191400-00-1972more 
Duis, ten, Gerrit Jan03-07-191505-09-1975 
Duke, Neville Frederick11-01-192207-04-2007more 
Duke-Woolley, Raymond Myles Beecham "The Dook"16-10-191610-10-1991more 
Duncan, Andrew16-05-192031-05-1942 
Duncan-Smith, Wilfrid George Gerald28-05-191401-12-1996 
Dundas, Hugh Spencer Lisle "Cocky"22-07-192010-07-1995 
Dundas, John Charles19-08-191528-11-1940 
Dunn, Patrick Hunter31-12-191217-06-2004 
Dunning, Gordon Braham   
Dunning-White, Peter William16-04-191527-12-2008 
Dupee, Oswald Arthur 00-00-1969 
Duryasz, Marian14-12-191121-03-1993 
Dutton, Harry07-07-1912  
Dutton, Roy Gilbert02-03-191714-09-1988