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Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

The DFC was established on June 3rd, 1918, the birthday of King George V, and is awarded to Officers and Warrant officers for "an act or acts of valour and courage or devotion to duty performed whilst flying in active operations against the enemy". A straight silver bar is a further enhancement of the DFC, awarded for additional acts under the same terms as the cross.

The award has the shape of a silver cross and was designed by Edward Carter Preston. On the obverse aeroplane propellers are superimposed upon the vertical arms of the cross. Within a central winged roundel, encircled by a wreath of laurels and surmounted by a Imperial Crown, appear the letters RAF. In the central circle on the reverse the Royal Cyphers, GV, GVI, EIIR, appear above the date 1918. The year of issue is engraved on the lower arm of the award. The DFC is issued unnamed.
The ribbon is 1.25 inches wide, and consists of alternating violet and white stripes, each 0.125 inches wide, leaning at 45 degrees from the vertical. Until 1919, the stripes were horizontal.

During the Second World War a total of 20,354 DFCs were awarded, with approximately 1,550 first bars and 42 second bars. Honorary awards were made on 964 occasions to aircrew from other non-commonwealth countries.
A total of 4,018 first DFC's were awarded to RCAF personnel, plus 213 first bars and 6 second bars and also 358 to FAF/RAA/RNZAF persons in RCAF, plus 23 first bars. Also there were 247 DFC's awarded to Canadians in the RAF, plus 34 first bars.
New Zealand RNZAF personnel received 1,032 DFC Crosses, eighty four first bars and four second bars, one Cross was awarded to a member of the Royal New Zealand Navy.
A total of 44 Dutch airmen received the DFC.

Aanjesen, Ola Gert* August 30th, 1918

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
MacDonald, Duncan Stuart15-03-191229-02-1996 
MacDonald, William Mary Laurence11-08-190809-11-1984more 
MacElwain, James Robert00-00-192322-02-1991 
MacEwan, Malcolm "Technicolor"00-00-189400-08-1985more 
MacFadden, Richard Denis Barry 14-02-1942 
MacIntosh, Donald   
MacIntyre, Gordon Leslie00-00-191529-04-1943 
Mack, Michael Charles Xavier00-00-191124-08-1943 
Mackay, Alexander John "Jack"   
Mackenzie, Charles John   
MacKenzie, Kenneth William08-06-191604-06-2009 
Mackichan, Ronald William Alexander   
Mackid, John Goodsir 28-04-1942 
Mackie, Evan Dall "Rosie"31-10-191728-04-1986 
Mackie, Norman Alexander John22-12-192001-01-2003 
Mackrell, Gyles "The Elephant Man"09-10-188820-02-1959 
MacLachlan, Alastair Robert Anderson16-01-192207-09-1943 
MacLachlan, James Archibald Findlay01-04-191931-07-1943 
MacLachlan, Ronald John Neil   
MacLeod, Arthur George   
MacMillan, Robert Watten   
MacNeece, William Foster21-08-188928-03-1978more 
Macrae, William John00-00-191508-03-1940 
Madden, Herbert Joseph 19-08-1941 
Maddocks, Derek Galbraith   
Mahaddie, Thomas Gilbert "Hamish"00-03-191116-01-1997more 
Maher, William Christopher "Paddy" 24-07-1946more 
Mahler, John Noel 17-01-1942 
Majumdar, Karun Krishna "Jumbo"06-09-191317-02-1945 
Malan, Adolph Gysbert "Sailor" 17-09-1963more 
Malinowski, Bronislaw12-02-191201-05-1982more 
Malinski, Jan01-03-191706-02-2006more 
Mallett, Ronald Spencer   
Malley, James Young 'Zulu Jim'24-07-191805-06-2000more 
Maltby, David John Hatfield10-05-192015-09-1943 
Mange, Emile Albert Oliver19-10-191218-02-1988 
Mansfeld, Miroslav Jan14-12-191222-10-1991 
Mansfield, Nelson Reuben 14-01-1944 
Mansfield, Richard Gerald 24-11-1944 
Manvell, Robert Edward 24-06-1944 
Mapp, Ivor Philip00-00-1911  
Marks, James Hardy00-00-191819-09-1942 
Marks, Russell "Spike"08-12-191800-00-2001 
Marples, Roy22-01-192026-04-1944 
Marsh, David Cawood05-12-190721-06-1979 
Marshall, James Eglington "Nigger"00-00-191818-04-1942 
Marshall, Trevor Owen 08-07-1944 
Marston, Norman Allan 25-05-1944 
Martin, Colin Stuart   
Martin, Harold Brownlow Morgan27-02-191803-11-1988more 
Martin, John   
Martin, John Edward Ross   
Martin, John F.   
Martin, William Stanley   
Mason, Ernest Mitchelson "Imshi"29-07-191315-02-1942 
Mason, Henry Maurice   
Mathers, Ronald William   
Mathews, John Owen   
Mathias, John Edward 27-04-1944 
Matthewman, Charles Humphrey  more 
Maxwell, Robert Burton20-01-1924  
Maxwell-Hudson, Thomas   
May, Lewis Farnell13-04-191631-05-1981 
May, Wilfred Reid "Wop"30-03-189621-06-1952more 
Mayers, Howard Clive09-01-191020-07-1942more 
McArthur, James Henry Gordon "Butch"12-02-191300-05-1961 
McBurnie, Donald Hindle06-04-1920  
McCairns, James Atterby "Mac"21-09-191913-06-1948 
McColpin, Carroll Warren   
McConnell, William Winder09-06-191700-00-1998 
McCormack, David William27-11-191710-08-1944 
McCormick, Alexander John00-03-1916  
McCullough, John 03-02-1943 
McDermott, Irving Francis 01-11-1943 
McDonald Bell, James Frank02-11-191808-11-1965 
McDonnell, Patrick Joseph   
McEwen, Clifford MacKay "Black Mike"02-07-189706-08-1967more 
McFadden, Desmond Ronald04-12-1923  
McFalls, James   
McFarlane, Robert12-07-191419-05-2004more 
McFarlane, Robert Alexander   
McGhie, Irwin John 18-08-1943 
McGrath, John Keswick Ulick Blake19-11-191917-06-1981 
McGregor, Gordon Roy26-09-190108-03-1971more 
McGregor, Robert Leith23-08-191714-11-2008 
McIntosh, James Alexander24-02-192013-09-2009 
McIvor, Donald Wilson19-04-192118-08-1998 
McKechnie, John Philip   
McKee, Andrew10-01-190208-12-1988more 
McKellar, Archibald Ashmore10-04-191201-11-1940more 
McKendrick, George Gellateby   
McKenzie Muir, Donald  more 
McKenzie, Daniel Murray22-12-192029-03-1943 
McKinley, Henry Joseph Love   
McKitrick, Roderick Alexander   
McKnight, William Lidstone "Willie"18-11-191812-01-1941 
McLaughlin, Stuart Rossmore   
McLean, John Sterling19-02-1912  
McLennan, Erle James06-02-191815-11-1969 
McLeod, Henry Wallace "Wally"17-12-191527-09-1944more 
McMaster, John   
McMath, Matthew, Jr.07-09-191800-00-1993 
McMills, Charles Robert00-00-1920  
McMullen, Desmond Annesley Peter   
McNab, Ernest Archibald07-03-190610-01-1977 
McNair, Robert Wendell "Buck"15-05-191915-01-1971 
McNair, Robin John21-05-191800-00-1995 
McNamara, Sidney Robert 09-06-1940 
McNamara, Thomas Christopher04-01-1918 more 
McNulty, Gordon Patrick06-01-192027-04-2011 
McPherson, Andrew00-00-191812-05-1940 
McQueen, George Reginald   
McTernaghan, James Leslie Martin 00-00-2006 
Meagher, Patrick Edward08-10-1910  
Meaker, James Reginald Bryan19-01-191927-09-1940 
Meakin, Henry John Walter   
Meares, Stanley Thomas00-00-191615-11-1941 
Meek, Richard Jack00-00-190808-01-1995 
Melville-Jackson, George Holmes23-11-191907-03-2009more 
Mentz, van, Brian00-00-191616-04-1941 
Menzies, John Watherston 06-07-1944 
Mercer, Arthur David   
Merralls, Peter Ernest 01-08-1942 
Merrett, Norman Leslie03-12-192023-12-1944 
Metre, Roy Bentley00-00-1919  
Michalowski, Jan20-08-190921-03-1943 
Miers, Geoffrey Peter   
Miksa, Wlodzimierz27-09-191520-08-1999more 
Millar, Andrew Patrick   
Millen, Samuel James00-00-191416-12-1940 
Miller, Charles Michael18-06-191900-04-1982 
Miller, Hayden Hugh James31-03-191405-07-2009more 
Miller, Wilfred Handel   
Millington, William Henry   
Millist, Kenneth Milton00-00-191907-04-1941 
Mills, Randolph Stuart "Milly20-10-190910-01-1996 
Milne, Murray McLaren   
Milne, Richard Maxwell "Dickie"08-07-1919  
Mitchell, Harry Thorne00-00-1920  
Mitchell, Richard Angelo00-00-191017-03-1945 
Mitchner, John Davidson03-07-191408-12-1964 
Montgomery, James   
Moorcroft, Bernard26-04-1921  
Moore, Alfred William   
Moore, John William14-02-1913 more 
Moores, Albert Harry   
More, James Winter Carmichael00-00-191012-09-1944 
Morison, Charles John Adam00-00-190800-00-1950 
Morris, Edward James16-04-191518-01-1999more 
Morris, John Edward Harold   
Morris, Oswald Norman22-11-191517-03-2014 
Morris, Ronald 20-02-2008 
Mortimer, Donald   
Moseley-Williams, Walter Read "Mose"00-00-191830-08-1945more 
Moss, Edward Henry 31-03-1944 
Moss, John06-05-192214-10-1946more 
Mossip, Harrison Taylor05-12-192007-03-1945 
Mouchotte, René21-08-191427-08-1943more 
Mount, Christopher John "Micky"14-12-191323-07-2002 
Mountford, Oswald "Billy"11-12-192304-02-1945 
Mouton, Jacobus Andreas23-07-191728-06-1944 
Mrazek, Karel29-11-191005-12-1998more 
Muirhead, John Patrick 20-07-1942 
Mulholland, Norman George 16-02-1942 
Mullan, George Patrick   
Mungo-Park, John Colin25-03-191827-06-1941 
Munro, John Leslie "Les"05-04-191904-08-2015more 
Munson, Roy Charles   
Murray, Archibald "Archie"   
Mutton, Jack Beauchamp00-00-1912  
Myers, Cecil Dennison00-00-1921