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Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

The DFC was established on June 3rd, 1918, the birthday of King George V, and is awarded to Officers and Warrant officers for "an act or acts of valour and courage or devotion to duty performed whilst flying in active operations against the enemy". A straight silver bar is a further enhancement of the DFC, awarded for additional acts under the same terms as the cross.

The award has the shape of a silver cross and was designed by Edward Carter Preston. On the obverse aeroplane propellers are superimposed upon the vertical arms of the cross. Within a central winged roundel, encircled by a wreath of laurels and surmounted by a Imperial Crown, appear the letters RAF. In the central circle on the reverse the Royal Cyphers, GV, GVI, EIIR, appear above the date 1918. The year of issue is engraved on the lower arm of the award. The DFC is issued unnamed.
The ribbon is 1.25 inches wide, and consists of alternating violet and white stripes, each 0.125 inches wide, leaning at 45 degrees from the vertical. Until 1919, the stripes were horizontal.

During the Second World War a total of 20,354 DFCs were awarded, with approximately 1,550 first bars and 42 second bars. Honorary awards were made on 964 occasions to aircrew from other non-commonwealth countries.
A total of 4,018 first DFC's were awarded to RCAF personnel, plus 213 first bars and 6 second bars and also 358 to FAF/RAA/RNZAF persons in RCAF, plus 23 first bars. Also there were 247 DFC's awarded to Canadians in the RAF, plus 34 first bars.
New Zealand RNZAF personnel received 1,032 DFC Crosses, eighty four first bars and four second bars, one Cross was awarded to a member of the Royal New Zealand Navy.
A total of 44 Dutch airmen received the DFC.

Aanjesen, Ola Gert* August 30th, 1918

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Cadman, William Guy19-08-192207-02-1945 
Caine, John Todd02-09-192000-00-1995 
Cairns, George Forster   
Caldwell, Clive Robertson "Killer"28-07-191105-08-1994more 
Calvert, Roy Oldfield31-10-191326-03-2002 
Campbell, Halan Donald Richard Leroy00-00-191814-05-1943 
Campbell, James Alexander   
Campbell, Robert McNeil29-11-192300-11-1985more 
Campling, Eric Frank Knowles01-08-192008-04-1944more 
Campling, Richard David 15-02-1944 
Cappi, Ernst Thomson   
Carbury, Brian John George27-02-191831-07-1961 
Card, Alan John00-00-192300-00-2007 
Carey, Garth Wells Fuller25-04-191614-07-1940 
Carey, Frank Reginald 'Chota'07-05-191206-12-2004 
Carlisle, Anthony Francis17-01-1918  
Carlson, Donald12-10-191217-08-1983 
Carr, Sir, Charles Roderick31-08-189115-12-1971more 
Carroll, Michael John   
Carter, Charles Binden03-09-191925-09-1944 
Carter, Charles Murray08-08-1919  
Carter, Mark Medley 15-05-1940 
Carter, Robert Alfred Copsey15-09-191010-11-2012 
Cartmell, James Henry18-09-192224-02-2017more 
Carton, Geoffrey William   
Carver, Kenneth Maltby00-00-191800-00-1996 
Casson, Lionel Harwood "Buck"06-01-191508-10-2003 
Castagnola, James "Cass"   
Catanach, James28-11-192129-03-1944 
Catlin, James Henry   
Chadburn, Lloyd Vernon "Chad"21-08-191913-06-1944 
Chalk, William Robert00-00-191300-00-1993 
Chamberlain, Richard John 13-10-1941 
Chandler, Alfred Roy08-08-190800-00-1995 
Channer, Peter James   
Chaplin, John Hugh18-06-191116-07-2002 
Charles, Edward Francis John "Jack"06-02-191905-11-1986 
Charlton, Ronald Edmund00-09-1915 more 
Charney, Frederick Richard Howard 12-09-1941 
Charnock, Harry Walpole00-00-190524-05-1974 
Chase, Frederick John Alliston18-04-191018-04-1910 
Checketts, John Milne20-02-191221-04-2006more 
Chennell, Lionel Albert 00-00-1997 
Cheshire, Geoffrey Leonard07-09-191731-07-1992more 
Chesswas, Ronald Mervin   
Chilcott, Roy Anthony 16-02-1944 
Chilton, Alec00-00-1922  
Chipping, Peter James   
Chisholm, Alexander Frederick 23-11-1943 
Chisholm, Roderick Aeneas23-11-191107-12-1994 
Christie, George Patterson "Pat"01-10-191705-07-1942 
Christie, James Oliver29-11-192203-04-1944 
Chrystall, Colin21-11-191621-07-1961 
Churchill, Jack   
Churchill, Walter Myers24-11-190728-08-1942 
Ciano, Charles Vincent25-04-191202-05-1958 
Clarke, Arthur Gordon   
Clarke, Denis William   
Clarke, Thornton Vernon   
Clay, Philip Henry Thornton   
Clayton, Bernard William "Bunny" 00-00-1951 
Clayton, Gareth Thomas Butler13-11-191405-02-1992more 
Clayton, Reginald Francis   
Cleaver, Gordon Neil Spencer "Mouse"27-04-191000-00-1994 
Cleaver, Richard Frank Wharton09-04-192001-10-1953 
Clisby, Leslie Redford 14-05-1940 
Clostermann, Pierre28-02-192122-03-2006more 
Clouston, Arthur Edmund07-04-190801-01-1984more 
Clouston, William Greville15-01-191624-05-1980 
Clowes, Arthur Victor 07-12-1949 
Clyde, William Pancoast "Billy"26-07-191225-03-1985 
Cobley, Peter Charles   
Cochrane, Alfred William Gordon10-10-191629-10-1994more 
Cochrane, Archibald George Alexander 20-10-1943 
Cochrane, Arthur Charles27-04-191931-03-1943 
Cochrane, Homer Powell "Cockers"00-00-1914  
Cock, Colin Edwin Abbott 25-09-1944 
Cock, John Reynolds03-03-191829-08-1988 
Cockbain, Stephen Legh00-00-191614-01-1945 
Coetzee, Johannes Christian 19-04-1945 
Coffey, Jesse Ray16-04-1921  
Coghlan, John Hunter "Slim"07-09-191417-08-1940 
Cohen, Robbert Simon24-07-192211-08-1944 
Coke, The Honorary, David Arthur04-12-191509-12-1941 
Coldham, Peter Abernathy18-02-191900-00-1995 
Cole, Edward Frederick   
Cole, James Gordon   
Cole, John Henry   
Cole, Robert Bruce11-11-191916-01-1956more 
Cole, Victor Lane   
Coles, William Edward26-07-191307-06-1979 
Collard, Peter00-00-191614-07-1940 
Collier, John David Drought10-11-191600-11-2000 
Collyns, Basil Gordon “Buck”24-02-191320-08-1944 
Colyer, Douglas01-03-189322-02-1978more 
Connor, Brian Anthony   
Connor, Clare Arthur Hovendon10-05-191304-11-1940 
Connors, Stanley Dudley Pierce08-04-191218-08-1940 
Constable-Maxwell, Gerald Joseph08-09-189518-12-1959more 
Constable-Maxwell, Michael Hugh03-06-191700-08-2000 
Cook, Robert Geoffrey 04-12-1943 
Cooke, Charles Alfred 28-01-1985 
Coombs, Robert Johnson00-00-191200-12-1957 
Cooper, Herbert Douglas Haig00-00-191700-00-2004 
Cooper, Gordon Beresford13-03-191419-12-2006 
Cooper, Leslie Donald15-04-192005-03-2007 
Corbett, Vaughan Bowerman24-03-191120-02-1945 
Cork, Richard John04-04-191714-04-1944 
Corrigan, John Francis   
Corser, Edward Geoffrey Manson 02-12-1943 
Cory, Wilfred Arthur00-00-1917  
Cosens, Frank William   
Costello, John Aston05-04-1916  
Cotter, John00-06-1912  
Cottingham, Leonard "Leo"07-02-191607-02-1983 
Coulson, Stafford Pulleine06-07-191629-04-2007 
Court, Thomas Roger 09-09-1944 
Cowan, James 12-03-1943 
Cowan, William James Henry   
Cowden, John Duncan Forbes00-00-1921  
Cox, Graham James00-00-1919  
Coyne, James Anthony Ignatius   
Cracknell, Douglas Aubrey09-12-190900-00-1979more 
Cramer, Lawrence George29-09-192027-10-1988 
Cranefield, Knivett Carton02-05-192217-09-2016 
Crankshaw, Kenneth Atherton12-12-192101-04-2009 
Cranswick, Alec Panton07-09-191905-07-1944 
Craven, Arnold John 31-10-1944 
Crawford-Compton, William Vernon02-03-191502-01-1988more 
Crew, Basil Glynn 05-01-1945 
Crew, Edward Dixon24-12-191718-08-2002more 
Crocker, Malcolm 22-06-1944 
Crombie, Harry Rutherford   
Crook, David Moore24-11-191418-12-1944 
Crookes, Arthur Norman23-12-192017-04-2012more 
Crooks, Leslie 18-08-1943 
Cross, Frederick William Tynus18-01-192416-11-1991 
Cross, Ian Kingston Pembroke04-04-191831-03-1944 
Cross, Kenneth Brian Boyd "Bing"04-10-191118-06-2003more 
Cross, Philip Louis Ulrich01-05-191704-10-2013 
Crossley, Michael Nicholson "Red Knight"29-05-191200-09-1987 
Cruickshank, Raymond Alfred27-09-191703-05-1941 
Cruickshanks, Grahame Lawrence02-03-191308-09-1941 
Cukr, Vaclav16-10-191314-10-1989more 
Cullen, Richard Nigel "Ape"05-06-191704-03-1941 
Cunningham, John "Cat's Eyes"27-07-191721-07-2002more 
Cunningham, Wallace "Jock"04-12-191604-10-2011 
Curchin, John20-01-191804-06-1941 
Currant, Christopher Frederick "Bunny"14-12-191112-03-2006more 
Curry, George William   
Curtis, John Alan Bryan   
Czernin, Manfred Maria Edmund Ralph Beckett18-01-191809-10-1962more 
Czetowicz, Kazimierz11-03-191025-01-1983more