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Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

The DFC was established on June 3rd, 1918, the birthday of King George V, and is awarded to Officers and Warrant officers for "an act or acts of valour and courage or devotion to duty performed whilst flying in active operations against the enemy". A straight silver bar is a further enhancement of the DFC, awarded for additional acts under the same terms as the cross.

The award has the shape of a silver cross and was designed by Edward Carter Preston. On the obverse aeroplane propellers are superimposed upon the vertical arms of the cross. Within a central winged roundel, encircled by a wreath of laurels and surmounted by a Imperial Crown, appear the letters RAF. In the central circle on the reverse the Royal Cyphers, GV, GVI, EIIR, appear above the date 1918. The year of issue is engraved on the lower arm of the award. The DFC is issued unnamed.
The ribbon is 1.25 inches wide, and consists of alternating violet and white stripes, each 0.125 inches wide, leaning at 45 degrees from the vertical. Until 1919, the stripes were horizontal.

During the Second World War a total of 20,354 DFCs were awarded, with approximately 1,550 first bars and 42 second bars. Honorary awards were made on 964 occasions to aircrew from other non-commonwealth countries.
A total of 4,018 first DFC's were awarded to RCAF personnel, plus 213 first bars and 6 second bars and also 358 to FAF/RAA/RNZAF persons in RCAF, plus 23 first bars. Also there were 247 DFC's awarded to Canadians in the RAF, plus 34 first bars.
New Zealand RNZAF personnel received 1,032 DFC Crosses, eighty four first bars and four second bars, one Cross was awarded to a member of the Royal New Zealand Navy.
A total of 44 Dutch airmen received the DFC.

Aanjesen, Ola Gert* August 30th, 1918

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Bader, Douglas Robert Stewart21-02-191005-09-1982more 
Badger, Ivor James12-09-191230-01-1995 
Badger, John Vincent Clarence00-00-191230-06-1941 
Bailey, Colin Cyril   
Bailey, James Richard Abe23-10-191929-02-2000 
Bailey, John Brian Godfrey 22-06-1943 
Baker, Aubrey Cyril28-04-191900-00-1978 
Baker, Brendan Denham   
Baker, Eric Melville 00-00-1985 
Baker, Gerald Stanley   
Baker, Thomas Herbert   
Baker, William Benjamin "Bill"   
Baldwin, John Robert16-07-191815-03-1952 
Baldwin, William Henry 04-08-1943 
Ball, George Eric 01-02-1946 
Ballauff, Tony18-10-192308-11-1948 
Balmer, David Henry20-04-1919  
Bamberger, Cyril Stanley "Bam"04-05-191903-02-2008more 
Banaszuk, Waclaw20-11-191327-09-2007more 
Bannister, John Philip   
Bannock, Russell01-11-1919 more 
Barber, Maurice Clinton Hinton08-08-1912  
Barberon, Bernard, Jean, Maurice26-08-191628-10-1982more 
Barclay, Richard George Arthur07-12-191917-07-1942 
Barker, John Lindsay12-11-191007-05-2004 
Barnes, Eustace Sweeting   
Barr, Andrew William "Nicky"10-12-191512-06-2006 
Barrett, Charles Rene 13-09-1944 
Barrett, Frederick Oliver "Barry"02-12-191823-10-2007 
Barrett, John   
Barrie, William Nicholson 02-10-1944 
Barthropp, Patrick Peter Colum09-11-192016-04-2008more 
Bartlett, John Stuart 22-08-1941 
Bartley, Antony Charles28-03-191905-01-2001 
Barton, Anthony Richard Henry00-00-191404-04-1943 
Barton, Robert Alexander 'Butch'07-06-191602-09-2010 
Barwell, Eric Gordon06-08-191312-12-2007 
Barwell, Philip Reginald02-07-190701-07-1942 
Bary, Ronald Edward09-06-191512-04-1945more 
Bates, Peter Anthony 07-02-1945 
Bates, Trevor Harry16-05-192127-04-2008 
Bateson, Robert Norman10-06-191206-03-1986more 
Bator, Ignacy Adam13-11-191603-08-1944 
Baxter, Alan Cheyne   
Bayley, George Corbett   
Bazalgette, Ian Willoughby19-10-191804-08-1944 
Bazin, James Michael00-00-191500-00-1985 
Beake, Percival Harold "Howard"00-00-1917  
Beale, Alter00-00-1907  
Beals, William Franklin   
Beamish, Francis Victor27-09-190328-03-1942 
Beamont, Roland Prosper 'Bee'10-08-192019-11-2001more 
Beardsley, Robert Arthur19-01-192017-10-2003 
Beaton, Donald Alexander19-08-192225-01-2005 
Beazley, Hugh John Sherard18-07-191613-06-2011 
Beetham, Michael James17-05-1923  
Beirnes, Jack Rife24-11-191401-06-1945 
Belc, Marian27-06-191427-08-1942more 
Bell, Clifford Henry Parr   
Belshaw, Robert20-07-1917  
Belson, William Albert   
Benham, Douglas Ian "Benny"30-12-1917  
Benjamin, Eric Arthur 20-02-1945 
Benn, Michael Julius Wedgwood05-09-192123-06-1944 
Benner, Keith Johnston26-06-1906  
Bennett, Horace Gordon   
Bennett, James Johnson   
Bennett, Sidney Laurie   
Bennett, William Keith 23-03-1945 
Bennions, George Herman "Ben"15-03-191330-01-2004 
Benson, Albert Hazlehurst25-10-192230-03-2003 
Berg, Rolf Arne27-11-191703-02-1945 
Bergman, Vaclav27-08-191503-12-2002more 
Berridge, Horace Walter William00-00-1912  
Berry, Ernest "Bill"13-11-1918  
Berry, Joseph28-02-192002-10-1944more 
Berry, Ronald "Ras"03-05-191713-08-2000more 
Beurling, George Frederick "Buzz"06-12-192120-05-1948 
Beveridge, Robert Walter 04-08-1944 
Beytagh, Michael Leo Ffrench00-00-191611-08-1952 
Bierenbroodspot, W.00-00-1906  
Bierens de Haan, M.A.   
Bing, Leslie Patrick Sandford "Pat"28-07-192009-09-2011more 
Bird, Frank Ronald18-11-191820-01-1983 
Bird-Wilson, Harold Arthur Cooper20-11-191927-12-2000more 
Birksted, Kaj02-03-191521-01-1996more 
Bisdee, John Derek20-11-191521-10-2000 
Black, Lindsay Stuart12-04-191405-03-1945 
Black, Thomas Wilson 23-09-1944 
Blackburn, James00-00-1916  
Blackshaw, Herbert John 16-04-1943 
Blair, Kenneth Hughes18-02-191831-10-1953 
Blake, Minden Vaughan "Mindy"13-02-191330-11-1981more 
Blakeman. Herbert Stanley00-00-1915  
Blakeslee, Donald James Matthew "Don"11-09-191703-09-2008more 
Blanchard, Edward   
Blatch, John Frank Bernard   
Blatchford, Howard Peter "Cowboy"25-02-191203-05-1943 
Blazejewski, Jan04-02-190416-12-1941more 
Blenkinsop, Edward Weyman08-10-192023-01-1945 
Blom, Walter Michael 27-07-1940 
Blow, Kenneth Leslie Owen00-00-192110-12-1943 
Boadway, John Murray   
Bocking, Alfred Llewellyn10-10-191524-01-2009 
Bockus, Dave Edgar   
Bodaly, Stanley Herbert25-02-192428-04-2006 
Boddington, Robert Anthony 14-02-1945 
Bodien, Henry Erskine26-10-1916  
Boggis, Peter James Somerville   
Bond, Charles Rankin, Jr.22-04-191518-08-2009more 
Bone, Frederick Charles31-12-1906  
Bong, Richard Ira24-09-192006-08-1945more 
Bongaerts Joseph Marie Phillipe17-03-191527-12-1989 
Bonham, Gordon Loversidge "Snowy" 25-09-1944 
Boot, Peter Victor09-10-191623-06-1984 
Booth, John Stanley09-12-191905-06-1958 
Boothman, John Nelson19-02-190129-12-1957more 
Bordas, de, Henri04-10-192122-10-2011more 
Bosch, Jan Willem Theodore29-06-191502-07-1998more 
Bosman, Andrew Christian17-05-191717-04-1947 
Boswell, Arthur Thomas09-04-192014-02-2008 
Botes, Dirk Jacobus   
Botha, Bernhorst Hermanus  more 
Botha, Johannes Stefanus   
Botha, Louis Cecil   
Boucher, Lewis Philip13-08-192006-07-2016 
Boudier, Michel08-06-192023-06-1963more 
Boulter, John Clifford00-00-191317-02-1941 
Bower, Alan William   
Bowker, Neville "Bowks"00-00-191821-05-2005 
Bowman, James   
Boxer, Sir, Alan Hunter Cachemaille01-12-191626-04-1998more 
Boyd, Adrian Hope "Ginger"01-01-191321-01-1975 
Boyd, Archibald Douglas McNeill20-06-1918  
Boyd, Richard Edwin00-00-1921  
Boylan, Thomas Henry   
Boyle, Brian John Lister "Piggy"24-01-191714-08-1991 
Boyle, Charles Vesey02-07-191503-03-2007 
Bradley, Terence Patrick Armstrong00-00-191710-04-1945 
Bradshaw, Anthony   
Braham, John Randall Daniel "Bob"06-04-192007-02-1974more 
Brain, Cecil James Algernon Grant00-00-1917  
Brameld, Charlie   
Brancker, Henry Paul 27-03-1942 
Brandt, Jack (RAF)17-04-191600-02-1999 
Breckenridge, William Scott   
Brennan, Virgil Paul06-03-192013-06-1943 
Brettell, Edward Gordon19-03-191529-03-1944 
Bretz, Norman Hobson00-00-192300-00-1956 
Bridges, Vivian   
Bridgman, Michael Joseph31-03-1916  
Bristow, Henry Williams   
Broadhurst, Harry28-10-190529-08-1995more 
Broadley, Arthur Benjamin "Ben"00-08-1915  
Broadley, John Alan00-00-192118-02-1944 
Brooker, Richard Edgar Peter00-00-191816-04-1945 
Brooks, Edward John   
Broom, Ivor Gordon02-06-192024-01-2003 
Broom, Thomas John22-01-191418-05-2010 
Brothers, Peter Malam30-09-191718-12-2008 
Brown, Anthony George  more 
Brown, Charles Henry   
Brown, Cyril Edward   
Brown, DePeyster Douw00-12-191503-08-1991 
Brown, Frederick William   
Brown, Jack Clement Robert   
Brown, Mark Henry "Hilly"09-10-191112-11-1941more 
Brown, Peter   
Bryant, John Henry   
Bryant, William Francis   
Brydon, Newton Reid27-03-192129-06-2007 
Bryson, Howard   
Buchan, Robert Murray 25-08-1942 
Buchanan, George28-11-191200-10-1997 
Buchanan, Malcolm Stjernqvist28-12-191221-11-1944 
Buddell, John Charles00-11-1920  
Budden, Harry   
Bull, Bernard Cunningham00-00-191700-00-1971 
Bull, Leslie George "Lester"07-11-191629-03-1944 
Bulloch, Terence Malcolm00-00-1916  
Bunclark, Peter 24-08-1943 
Bungey, Robert Wilton00-00-191510-06-1943 
Bunker, Richard Henry 20-04-1945 
Burbridge, Bransome Arthur05-02-192101-11-2016more 
Burges, George04-06-191626-11-1990 
Burley, Philip Kenneth27-03-192008-07-1944 
Burnand, Lewis George14-05-191314-08-1949more 
Burnett, Frederick Frank Harry   
Burnett, Wilfred Jasper00-11-1915 more 
Burns, Kenneth Halstead "Rabbie"  more 
Burra-Robinson, Lance Amigo Percy25-02-1917  
Burrowes, Edwin Fitzherbert George15-11-192217-12-1985 
Burt, Kenyon Oswald 02-08-1941 
Burton, Frederick Elgar   
Burton, Howard Frizelle00-00-191603-06-1943 
Bush, Basil Martin14-07-191400-07-2002 
Bush, Charles Roy07-02-191830-11-1948 
Buss, Frederick Herbert00-00-1914 more 
Butcher, Leonard Arthur 28-01-1945 
Butler, Edward Robert   
Butler, George Alexander00-00-1919  
Butler, Vernon Stanley 08-03-1942 
Button, John Chester20-04-1920  
Byron, Edward J. 01-05-1945more