Defence Medal 1939-1945

The Defence Medal was awarded for service in the forces in non-operational areas subjected to air attack or closey threatened for at least three years service in Great Britain until 8th May 1945 or one year in territories overseas until 2 September 1945. In the case of mine and bomb disposal units the time qualification was three months and Canadians serving for one year in Newfoundland were eligible and persons serving for six months in Hong Kong were also eligible. Service in West Africa, Palestine and India, other than operational air crew, qualified also for this award. Those awarded the George Cross or the George Medal for civil defence received this award and the Home Guard also qualified for this award.

Owing to the terms of reference it was not unusual to find a person with this award who had never heard a shot fired, but a person with only the Defence Medal, for example, whilst serving in the rescue services in London earned also this award and only the man who wears this award knows why it was earned.

The award has the coinage head of King George VI on the obverse. The reverse shows the Royal Crown resting above a small oak tree and flanked by two heraldic lions. The dates 1939 and 1945 appear in the top left and right respectively on the reverse, whilst beneath are the words THE DEFENCE MEDAL. The Medal is made of a Cupro-Nickel combination. The Canadian versions however, were made of ".800 fine" silver.

The light green ribbon is 1.25 inches wide with a central stripe of orange, which is 0.5 inches wide, and a narrow black stripe in the middle of each green stripe. The orange (flame colour) represents the enemy attacks on the green land of England and the black stripes represents the black-outs.

Adair, Hugh* August 24th, 1923
† October 27th, 2013

Grid List
Hackett, John Winthrop "Shan"* November 5th, 1910
† September 9th, 1997

Haidar, Ali* August 21st, 1913
† July 15th, 1999
Plot: 8 Row: E Grave: 3

Haine, Richard Cummings* October 6th, 1916
† September 30th, 2008

Haines, Bernard Smith* April 15th, 1923
† June 6th, 2003

Hallowes, Odette "Sansom" Marie Celine* April 28th, 1912
† March 13th, 1995

Hampshire, Keith McDermott* September 10th, 1914

Hanus, Josef* September 11th, 1913
† April 21st, 1992

Hardman, James Donald Innes* December 21st, 1899
† March 2nd, 1982

Harley (Cheese), Ronald Victor* August 2nd, 1919
† August 19th, 2010

Harris, Arthur Travers "Bomber"* April 13th, 1892
† April 5th, 1984

Hart, 't, Jaap† March 27th, 2007

Hart, David Lloyd* July 7th, 1917
† March 27th, 2019

Hart, John Henry "Jack"* December 20th, 1917

Haw, Charlton* 1920
† 1993

Hawkins, Leslie William* November 16th, 1919

Haywood, William Thomas* August 23rd, 1911
† October 10th, 1991

Hegman, John Alfred* June 23rd, 1904
† February 15th, 1944
Plot: 2 Row: N Grave: 8

Heimes, Leopold* August 30th, 1916
† June 26th, 2009

Henderson, Gordon* March 7th, 1913
† June 25th, 1943

Hendry, James* December 20th, 1911
† June 13th, 1941
Plot: 31 Row: F Grave: 9

Hennessy, Patrick† December 20th, 1941
Plot: VIII Row: C Grave: 4

Hennessy, Ralph* September 8th, 1918
† June 13th, 2014

Herring, Wilfred Stanley "Kipper"* 1914
† July 4th, 1943
Plot: 118 

Hess, Alexander* May 4th, 1898
† August 10th, 1981

Higgins, Martin Anthony "Pat" / "Paddy"* October 23rd, 1915
† March 19th, 1981

Higgins, Stephen* December 4th, 1890
† January 18th, 1980

Higham, Richard* 1918
† March 1993

Highet, John "Ian"* December 9th, 1924
† December 9th, 1999

Hill, Roderic Maxwell* March 1st, 1894
† October 6th, 1954

Hill, Stanley James Ledger "Speedy"* March 14th, 1911
† March 16th, 2006

Himr, Jaroslav* June 17th, 1917
† September 12th, 1943
Plot: 118 

Hinton, John Daniel* September 17th, 1909
† June 28th, 1997

Hobson, Albert "Danny"* August 15th, 1926
† June 19th, 2001

Holder, Paul Davie* September 2nd, 1911
† April 22nd, 2001

Holl, Štěpán* December 20th, 1919
† November 28th, 1985

Hollinghurst, Leslie Norman* January 2nd, 1895
† June 8th, 1971

Hollis, Stanley Elton* September 21st, 1912
† February 8th, 1972

Hollowday, Vivian* October 13th, 1916
† April 15th, 1977

Holmes, John Cecil* 1921
† March 6th, 1945
Plot: 4 Row: G Grave: 11

Horsfield, Kenneth* September 30th, 1920
† August 18th, 1944
Plot: XI Row: E Grave: 27

Horwood, Alec George* January 6th, 1914
† January 20th, 1944
Grave: 4

Houben, Henri* April 30th, 1920
† April 11th, 2004

Houle, Albert Ulrich "Bert"* March 24th, 1914
† June 1st, 2008

Houlton, John Arthur* September 23rd, 1922
† April 16th, 1996

Howard, Basil* July 6th, 1915
† May 29th, 1945
Plot: 4 Row: K Grave: 22

Howard, John* December 8th, 1912
† May 5th, 1999

Howard-Jones, Geoffrey Markham* September 11th, 1919
† December 16th, 2015

Howe, Arthur Douglas* July 30th, 1916
† 1995

Hoyer-Millar, Francis Kinglake* July 14th, 1919
† July 1993

Hughes, Frank* April 3rd, 1918
† 1979

Hugo, Petrus Hendrik* December 20th, 1917
† June 6th, 1986

Hulme, Alfred Clive* January 24th, 1911
† September 3rd, 1982

Hume, Walter Henry Frederick* June 15th, 1916
† April 16th, 1994

Humphrey, James* October 10th, 1921

Hunt, Edward John Thomas* June 24th, 1896

Hunter, Thomas Peck* October 6th, 1923
† April 2nd, 1945
Plot: III Row: G Grave: 20