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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Fairbank, John Merryn Atkinson   
Falconar, Henry George Richard   
Fancy, John "The Mole"09-03-191316-09-2008 
Farncomb, Harald Bruce28-02-189912-02-1971more 
Farnes, Paul Caswell Powe16-07-191828-01-2020more 
Farrington, Reginald Walter14-12-1919  
Fasson, Francis Anthony Blair "Tony"17-07-191330-10-1942 
Faulkner, George Vermilyea15-06-190823-03-1955more 
Fauquier, John Emilius19-03-191903-04-1981more 
Fautley, Vera Maude Rose   
Faye, Thomas de17-11-191700-00-1999 
Fearn, Neville  more 
Fenton, Harold Arthur09-02-190900-00-1995 
Fenton-Livingstone, Robert George   
Fenwick, Ian 07-08-1944more 
Ferguson, Robert Forster   
Festing, Francis Wogan28-08-190203-08-1976more 
Fielden, Edward Hedley "Mouse"04-12-190308-11-1976 
Finch-Noyes, George Edward Desmond 13-06-1940 
Findlay, Walter25-03-192020-07-1944more 
Firth, Charles Leslie21-05-190008-07-1971more 
Fisher, Donald Rutherford Dacre00-00-189000-00-1962 
Fisher, Ralph Lindsay18-06-1903  
Fisher, Robert Frank 20-10-1843 
Fisher, Robert Lucius Cary   
Fiske, William Meade Lindsley "Billy"04-06-191117-08-1940 
Fitzgerald, Maurice O'Brien   
Fitzgibbon, Paul Aster22-10-191400-12-1993 
Fletcher, Andrew William27-01-191500-00-1978 
Fletcher, Wyndham John Stapylton05-08-191004-06-2006 
Floody, Clarke Wallace Chant "Wally"28-04-191825-09-1989 
Flower, Richard Arthur 00-00-1993more 
Floyer-Acland, Arthur Nugent07-09-188518-02-1980 
Foard, Ernest Harry00-00-191525-12-2019 
Fogarty, Francis Joseph16-01-189912-01-1973more 
Foley, Francis Edward24-11-188408-05-1958 
Fondse, J.F.   
Foote, Henry Robert Bowreman05-12-190411-11-1993more 
Fopp, Desmond13-03-192008-08-2005 
Forde, Derek Nigel17-10-191716-01-1979 
Forrester, Michael31-08-191700-10-2006more 
Foster, Harry Wickwire02-04-190216-08-1964more 
Foster, William Arthur "Arthur"24-06-1916 more 
Foster, William George12-12-188013-09-1942more 
Foster, William Peter   
Fothergill, Eric Ritchie03-03-1914 more 
Foulkes, Charles03-01-190312-09-1969more 
Foulkes, William Allen   
Fovargue, Stephen John25-05-191717-01-1999more 
Foxley-Norris, Christopher Neil16-03-191728-09-2003 
Frager, Henri Jacques Paul03-03-189712-10-1944 
Francis, Robert Harvey   
Frank, Anthony Mutrie02-02-191730-10-2008more 
Fraser, Douglas Cecil Andrews   
Frazer, Simon Robert Moorsom   
French, Maurice 14-11-1943 
Freyberg, Bernard Cyril21-03-188904-07-1963more 
Frost, Henry Shelmerdine 05-03-1941 
Frost, Walter James   
Fuglesang, Nils Jørgen07-10-191829-03-1944 
Fuller, Horace Williams "Hod" 00-08-1989 
Fulton, G.K. 18-08-1947