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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
MacAlister, John Kenneth "Plumber"19-06-191414-09-1944 
Macaresco, Itik   
Macarthur, John Gordon29-06-191608-05-1988more 
MacAuley, J.   
MacBeth, James Stewart Fraser 00-00-1963more 
MacDonald, Bryan George Ghislain 00-11-1943 
MacDonald, Douglas Ronald Victor   
MacDonald, Duncan Stuart15-03-191229-02-1996 
MacDonald, John Edward 00-00-1958more 
MacDonald, Robert William10-04-192220-10-1943 
MacDonald, William Mary Laurence11-08-190809-11-1984more 
MacEwan, Malcolm "Technicolor"00-00-189400-08-1985more 
MacFarlane, Duncan Lewis MacKenzie09-04-190731-10-1998 
MacGillivray, William Neil05-06-192007-11-2000 
Maciver, Donald A.13-08-1920  
MacIver, Peter Graeme13-06-190516-10-1989 
Mack, Philip John06-10-189229-04-1943more 
MacKenzie, Angus Alexander09-01-190500-00-1975more 
MacNeece, William Foster21-08-188928-03-1978more 
MacQuoid, Raymond Charles11-04-191801-04-1943 
Maddox, Patrick Reinald "Red"01-11-191300-09-1991 
Magennis, James Joseph27-10-191912-02-1986more 
Maguire, Harold John12-04-191201-02-2001more 
Makower, John Maritz   
Makowski, Stanislaw "Dmitri"10-05-191418-08-1944 
Malcolm, Alastair David 22-09-1943 
Malcolm, Charles John Ogilvie06-10-1903  
Mannell, Fredrick   
Manning, John   
Mansergh, Cecil Aubrey Lawson "Aub"07-10-189831-07-1990 
Mansfield, John Maurice22-12-189304-02-1949more 
Mansfield, Nelson Reuben 14-01-1944 
Mantle, Jack Foreman12-04-191704-07-1940 
March-Phillipps, Gustavus Henry "Gus"00-00-190812-09-1942 
Marcinkus, Romualdas22-07-190729-03-1944more 
Marks, James Hardy00-00-191819-09-1942 
Marment, Arthur Verriour17-07-191717-01-2009 
Marriott, Eric Vincent00-00-190100-00-1993 
Marriott, John Horace23-01-191621-01-2007 
Marsh, John Anthony 14-11-1984more 
Marshall, John William Burton03-01-191609-09-1960 
Marshall, Joseph Finlay   
Martin, Frederick Lawrence  more 
Masefield, Ben 11-07-1943 
Mason-MacFarlane, Frank Noel23-10-188912-08-1953more 
Matthews, Anthony William   
Matthews, Arthur 27-12-1947 
Maund, Arthur Clinton00-00-189113-12-1942more 
Maund, Loben Edward Harold06-09-189218-06-1957 
Mawer, Charles Needham   
Maxwell, Hugh Lockhart   
Maxwell, Victor Edwin 23-02-1944 
Mayer, James Andrew "Sexton"20-04-192014-09-1944 
Mayers, Howard Clive09-01-191020-07-1942more 
Mayes, Walter Robert30-09-189504-05-1961 
Mayne, Robert Blair "Paddy"11-01-191514-12-1955more 
Mc Connachie, Hugh   
McBride, John "Jock"   
McCormack, David William27-11-191710-08-1944 
McCormick, Maxwell William03-05-191505-06-1943 
McCreery, Richard Loudon "Dick"01-02-189818-10-1967more 
McCullough, Matthew 26-03-1942 
McDowall, Andrew   
McEwen, Clifford MacKay "Black Mike"02-07-189706-08-1967more 
McFarlane, Robert12-07-191419-05-2004more 
McFarlane, Victor Thomas 10-01-2011 
McGarr, Clement Aldwyn Neville "Nev"24-11-191706-04-1944 
McGill, George Edward14-04-191831-03-1944 
McGregor, Alan James   
McGregor, Eric George23-01-1901  
McGregor, Gordon Roy26-09-190108-03-1971more 
McGregor, Hector Douglas15-02-191011-04-1973more 
McGregor, Norman   
McIver, Eric Donald "John"00-00-191514-04-1940 
McKee, Andrew10-01-190208-12-1988more 
McKellar, Archibald Ashmore10-04-191201-11-1940more 
McKenzie Muir, Donald  more 
McKeown, Stafford 28-03-1942 
McKinlay, William Fotheringham   
Mclellan, Robert12-12-191800-00-2007 
McMahon, William G. "Bill"21-06-190900-00-1998 
McMullin, Thomas Alexander   
McRae, Finlay   
McWade, Gordon Joseph   
Medhurst, Charles Edward Hastings12-12-189618-10-1954more 
Medlicott, Frank10-11-190209-01-1972 
Megginson, Cyril   
Megill, William Jemmett "Bill"26-06-1907  
Mellis, James   
Melville-Jackson, George Holmes23-11-191907-03-2009more 
Menzies, James Stuart Scott01-06-1919  
Menzies, Stuart Graham30-01-189029-05-1968more 
Mercer, Arthur David   
Mermagen, Herbert Waldemar "Tubby"01-02-191200-01-1998more 
Merritt, Charles Cecil Ingersoll10-11-190812-07-2000more 
Messitis, George   
Micklethwait, St. John Aldrich04-03-190131-07-1977 
Miers, Anthony Cecil Capel11-11-190630-06-1985more 
Milford, Edward James10-12-189410-06-1972 
Milford, Harold John16-08-191406-04-1944 
Miller, D.   
Miller, Frank Robert30-04-190820-10-1997more 
Miller, Hayden Hugh James31-03-191405-07-2009more 
Miller, Ian Leslie Thomas01-05-1924  
Mills, H.   
Mills, Robert Henry27-01-1904  
Miln, John Malcolm   
Milne, Robert   
Milnes, George Ewart 18-01-1943 
Mitchell, Andrew09-12-1907  
Mitchell, Harry Thorne00-00-1920  
Mitchell, Ronald Sidney   
Moncel, Robert William00-00-191710-12-2007 
Monckton, Walter Turner, 1st Viscount of Brenchley17-01-189109-01-1965 
Mondschein, Jerzy Tomasz18-03-190929-03-1944 
Montgomery, Bernard Law "Monty"17-11-188724-03-1976more 
Montgomery, Hugh Ferguson06-05-188010-12-1920more 
Moodie, William Park 06-08-1943 
Mooney, Benjamin   
Moore-Brabazon, John, 1st Baron Brabazon of Tara08-02-188417-05-1964 
Morey, Ernest G.   
Morgan, Charles Wallace  more 
Morgan, Leonard Raymond   
Morgan, Richard Fuller   
Morris, Basil Moorhouse19-12-188805-04-1975 
Morshead, Leslie James18-09-189926-09-1959more 
Mortiboys, Ralph James 22-09-1943 
Morton, Ronald Edward Alfred   
Moss, Alan 29-03-1942 
Mountbatten, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas25-06-190027-08-1979more 
Mouton, Abraham Johannes   
Mowat, Noel Joseph18-09-191407-11-1946 
Mull, Alan 10-03-1943 
Mullen, David Campbell   
Murphy, Henry John29-05-1893 more