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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Jackson, Arthur Robert   
Jackson, Burton Henry Peter00-11-191926-10-2006more 
Jackson, Frederick Harry   
Jackson, John Francis "Old John"23-02-190828-04-1942more 
Jaffe, Theodore 09-06-1944 
Jakubowski, Roman28-11-190910-10-2000 
James, Bertram Arthur17-04-191518-01-2008 
James, John Wilmore Hume 04-05-1944 
James, Robert Brian   
Jameson, Patrick Geraint10-11-191201-10-1996more 
Janson, John Oswald Stanley  more 
Jardine, William Henry28-08-190510-05-1990more 
Jarman, Geoffrey Twyford20-02-190600-00-1983 
Jay, Dudley Trevor00-00-192124-10-1940 
Jayal, Vidya Dhar   
Jefferis, Millis Rowland09-01-189905-09-1963 
Jeffrey, Noel  more 
Jellicoe, Christopher Theodore20-06-1903  
Jellicoe, George Patrick John Rushworth04-04-191822-02-2007more 
Jenks, Robert Fergus12-07-190925-02-1982 
Jennings, Richard Borthwick11-02-190316-08-2001 
Jepson, Percy Peter James "Pete" 02-05-1945 
Jeremiah, Donald 11-01-1944 
Jeschke, Hans Felix20-10-1906  
Johnson, Richard Hamblet Blake20-08-191817-03-1994 
Johnston, Francis Patrick Chislett10-03-1917 more 
Johnston, Jay Syver30-05-192220-10-1943 
Johnstone, Alexander Vallance Riddell "Sandy"02-06-191613-12-2000 
Johnstone, Walter   
Johnstone, Walter Arthur   
Jones, Albert Hague 28-03-1942 
Jones, Basil Thomas Joseph16-08-190417-05-1945 
Jones, David Rhys Geraint00-00-192228-06-1944 
Jones, Earl Frederick 26-02-1945 
Jones, Edward Gordon31-08-191420-02-2007 
Jones, Johnnie   
Jonge van Ellemeet, de, Jonkheer Willem Cornelis M17-05-191415-12-2009more 
Jordan, William Sydney20-11-190900-00-1983more 
Juniper, William Anthony07-12-1909