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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Sabin, Eric   
Saifullah, Mohammad11-11-191127-11-1991 
Salisbury-Jones, Arthur Guy00-00-189600-00-1985more 
Salwey, David 06-06-1943 
Sanders, John Evelyn00-00-192130-07-1945 
Sandover, Raymond Ladais28-03-191012-08-1995 
Sankey, Robert Woodall "Bob"08-04-190918-04-1975 
Sargeant, Eric Henry   
Sargent, Walter George 28-03-1942 
Savage, Peter Robert 06-08-1943 
Savage, Valentine16-02-1919  
Sawyer, Ernest Alfred Edward   
Sawyer, Peter Ross  more 
Scarlett-Streatfeild, James Rowland17-02-190910-05-1945 
Scheidhauer, Bernard W.M.18-08-192130-03-1944 
Schreiber, Edmund Charles Acton "Teddy"30-04-189008-10-1978more 
Scott, Bernard   
Scott, John13-07-190610-06-2001 
Scott, T.C.   
Scott-Cockburn, John   
Seagrim, Derek Anthony24-09-190306-04-1943more 
Sewell, Alfred Jack 03-10-1943 
Seymour, Ian Ralph   
Shah, Sher14-02-191720-01-1945 
Sharpe, Sydney Anselm10-11-189300-00-1986 
Shaw, David MacKenzie   
Shepherd, David Charles Leonard 25-12-1944 
Sheppard, Robert Marcelin "Patrice"01-03-192218-09-2002 
Sherlock, D.   
Sherlock, Wilfrid Holden "Bill"20-05-190829-01-1943 
Sherratt, W.W.   
Shields, Eric Eber Murray   
Shone, John James 03-09-1942 
Siddons, Victor Donald24-05-189200-00-1967more 
Silverstein, Jacob00-00-191820-10-1943 
Simms, Charles Edward00-00-1902  
Simms, John Gardner   
Simner, Kenneth Nugent00-00-189827-12-1946 
Simonds, Guy Granville23-04-190315-05-1974more 
Simpson, Denis Jackson   
Simpson, George Walter Gillow06-06-190102-03-1972 
Simpson, Harold Leonard   
Simpson, James William Albert26-10-189321-01-1917 
Simpson, John Alexander   
Simpson, John Herbert Thomas26-03-190726-08-1967 
Sinclair, Laurence Frank23-10-190814-05-2002more 
Singh Bhagat, Premindra14-10-191823-05-1975more 
Singh, Dungar   
Singh, Hoshiar   
Singh, Munsha 29-10-1939 
Skantzikas, Sotirios06-08-192130-03-1944 
Skey, Lawrence Wilton29-10-191108-05-1977 
Skyrme, J. R.00-00-191800-00-2004 
Slade, James   
Slim, William Joseph, 1st Viscount Slim06-08-189114-12-1970more 
Sloan, H.A.   
Smales, Alan Patrick02-05-1919 more 
Small, John "Jack"10-07-191205-10-1997 
Smalley, Christopher John 28-03-1942 
Smallwood, Denis Graham23-08-191826-07-1997more 
Smith, Albert Thomas   
Smith, Charles David Fiennes29-11-192418-10-1944 
Smith, Cyril J. H.   
Smith, Donald Arthur   
Smith, Forgrave Marshall17-03-191300-00-1994 
Smith, George Frederick20-04-1905  
Smith, George William19-01-1922  
Smith, Harold Douglas   
Smith, Ian Douglas08-04-191920-11-2007 
Smith, Irving Stanley21-05-191716-02-2000 
Smith, Jack M.   
Smith, James Ford 23-04-1940 
Smith, James W.   
Smith, John Frank   
Smith, John Henry   
Smith, Kenneth Brooke Farley 11-04-1943 
Smith, Patrick Yvo Hugh04-08-190030-01-1975 
Smith, Stuart Arthur03-01-192013-01-1989 
Smith, Thomas17-03-1913  
Smith, Thurston Meiggs Wetherall18-03-191624-07-1984 
Smyth, Frederick Arthur00-00-190520-03-1945 
Smyth, Kenneth Bowes Inman31-01-190726-10-1944more 
Snoek, H.   
Snowball, George 28-03-1942 
Snowdon, Thomas William   
Soden, James Arthur 30-09-1947 
Sollenberger, Mc Cord (US Army)   
Somerville, James Fownes17-07-188219-03-1949more 
Souter, William Richard04-04-192006-12-2008 
Southern, Frederick   
Southwood, Horace Gerald   
Speare, Richard Douglas 23-11-1945 
Speers, James Alexander   
Spencer, Egerton Charles   
Spittal, A.P.   
Spivey, Robert Edward "Spiv"25-03-192108-02-1994 
Spragge, John Godfrey20-05-190700-00-1978 
St. Aubyn, Oliver Piers12-07-192024-05-2006 
Stait-Gardner, Harry Bernard Alforth31-07-191011-02-1993 
Stallard, Sydney William   
Stanford-Tuck, Roland Robert01-07-191605-05-1987more 
Stannard, Richard Been21-08-190222-07-1977 
Stanson, James Gerrard   
Stapleton, Dennis George Harver   
Starcevich, Leslie Thomas "Tom"05-09-191817-11-1989 
Staton, William Ernest27-08-189822-07-1983more 
Stayner, Gerrard Frances Hood29-07-190000-09-1980more 
Steele, Arthur06-04-192114-09-1944 
Steele, Maurice   
Steele, William Lindsay  more 
Stegeman, J.G.   
Stellin, Dion John16-07-191600-00-1975 
Stephen, Harbourne MacKay18-04-191622-08-2001 
Stephens, John William 21-04-1952 
Stephens, Richard Carver 28-03-1942 
Sterlin, Mitchell00-00-192219-12-1943 
Stevens Rupert J. 29-03-1944 
Stevens, Harry Albert   
Stevens, Jack Edwin Stawell07-09-189620-05-1969more 
Stevens, Ronald George26-02-191408-06-1944more 
Stevens-Guille, George Frederick09-12-189826-10-1966more 
Stevenson, John Champion 24-11-1998 
Stevenson, John Rowlstone07-10-1908  
Stevenson, Malcolm Neil  more 
Stewart, Charles Cosmo Bruce29-07-191210-07-1988 
Stewart, David Cameron Robertson00-00-191500-00-1963more 
Stewart, Keith Lindsay30-12-189613-11-1972more 
Stewart, Robert C. 31-03-1944 
Stewart, William Paul00-09-1920  
Stirling, Archibald David15-11-191504-11-1990 
Stogdon, Edgar David01-01-191901-02-2008 
Stothers, John Ellis   
Stott, Vernon   
Stower, John Gifford 31-03-1944 
Strachan, John Norton "Jack"05-03-190511-06-1944 
Street, Denys O. 06-04-1944 
Strong, Charles Eli   
Strong, Kenneth William Dobson09-09-190011-01-1982more 
Stuart, John William Brownlow30-05-1917  
Stuart, Kenneth09-09-189103-11-1945more 
Stuart, Ronald   
Sturdee, Sir, Vernon Ashton Hobart16-04-189025-05-1966more 
Sturges, Robert Grice14-07-189112-09-1970 
Stutchbury, John Forbes   
Style, Dofydd Carlyle Willoughby   
Suddaby, William Alan George   
Sullivan, George Lansford   
Sutherland, Roy Buchanan00-00-189728-09-1943 
Sutton, John Digby   
Swain, Cyril Douglas 31-03-1944 
Swanston, Jimmie   
Sweeney, Henry John "Tod"01-06-191904-06-2001more 
Swinnerton, Walter William 03-08-1943 
Syfret, Edward Neville20-06-188910-12-1972more 
Szudzinski, Franciszek