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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Tait, James Brian "Willie"09-12-191631-08-2007more 
Talbot, Alexander Harry   
Talbot, Arthur George31-03-189215-10-1960 
Talbot, Dennis Edmund Blaquiere23-09-190800-00-1994more 
Tangen, Bjarne06-06-1922 more 
Taylor, Alistair Lennox 04-12-1941 
Taylor, Allan Leicester 15-10-1942 
Taylor, Lionel Arthur   
Taylor, Norman (No. 77 Squadron)   
Taylor, Vernon William Charles 20-04-2008 
Taylor, William George   
Taylour, Edward Winchester Tollemache01-01-191513-09-1942 
Tedder, Arthur William11-07-189003-07-1967more 
Tennant, Mark27-06-191329-12-1997more 
Thimayya, Kodandera Subayya30-03-190618-12-1965 
Thomas, Clifford William 30-05-1944 
Thomas, Herbert Samuel Griffiths15-04-191224-08-1980 
Thomas, Walter Babington "Sandy"29-06-191822-10-1917more 
Thompson, Norman   
Thompson, Robert   
Thomson, Andrew John  more 
Thomson, Charles Newbigging   
Thomson, Reginald Gresham 18-09-1918 
Thomson, Sydney Wilford14-11-191408-11-2008 
Thorburn, Douglas Glendinning 10-07-1943more 
Thorn, Edward Roland "Ted"15-04-191312-02-1946more 
Thorne, Augustus Francis Andrew Nicol "Bulgy"20-09-188525-09-1970more 
Thornton, John Augustus13-03-1896 more 
Thornycroft, Charles Edward Mytton26-02-192003-07-2009 
Thorpe, Frederick Horace 22-03-1942 
Thorpe, Richard Burkimsher10-02-1906  
Thorton, F.M.   
Thwaites, Edward Lionel 17-11-1943 
Tillie, Arnold Bertram Kingsley   
Tilly, Gerald06-09-1897 more 
Tilly, Gerald30-04-1909 more 
Tinson, S.A.   
Tippett, John   
Tirrell, Thomas Joseph "Jack"00-10-190900-01-1995more 
Tivey, Edwin Peter 26-03-1943 
Toase, Aidan Edward15-07-191809-04-2009 
Tobolski, Pawel Wilhelm21-03-190625-05-1944 
Todd, Harvey Alan18-01-191615-06-1993more 
Tofts, Robert Clayton   
Tollis, Keith Belmore 17-03-1944 
Tomlinson, Albert05-06-191400-02-1985more 
Tompkins, F.G.W.   
Toogood, Ernest Albert Leslie26-07-191210-06-1972 
Toon, Wilfred John   
Tovey, John Cronyn, Lord of Langton Matravers07-03-188512-01-1971more 
Towers, Hector   
Townsend, Peter Wooldridge22-11-191419-06-1995more 
Townsend, Raymond Leonard Beecher24-07-1912  
Tranter, Arnold Ernest00-00-1918 more 
Treloar, Hugh Francis 22-11-1943 
Trevor, Kenneth Rowland Swetenham15-04-191410-02-2003 
Trevor, Thomas Hoult "Travis"10-10-1911  
Trigg, Vivian Morgan31-10-1912  
Triggs, Kenneth Robert   
Trimmer, Charles Donald "Bombo"00-00-1910 more 
Trotobas, Michael Alfred Raymond20-05-191427-11-1943 
Troughton, Patrick George25-03-190228-03-1987 
Truscott, Keith William "Bluey"17-05-191628-03-1943more 
Turle, Charles Edward23-03-188316-03-1966more 
Turnbull, John Hugh Stephenson10-01-191626-06-2004more 
Turnbull, Tom Attwell00-00-190809-12-1992more 
Turner, William Arthur Scales00-01-1890 more 
Turner, William Henry Nigel 26-01-1976 
Turpin, Patrick George27-04-191114-09-1996more 
Turrall, Rupert Guy27-10-1893  
Turton, Thomas   
Tuttle, Geoffrey William02-10-190611-01-1989more 
Tweedie, Hugo Edward Forbes00-00-191000-00-1986