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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Lacon, Reginald William Beecroft   
Lacroix, Kenneth Vivian   
Lakin, Richard Barklie "Lucky Lakin"08-10-191401-03-2011 
Lalbahadur, Thapa01-02-190620-10-1968more 
Lamason, Phillip John15-09-191819-05-2012more 
Lamont, James 20-10-1943 
Lang, W.   
Langford, Patrick Wilson "Pat"04-11-191931-03-1944 
Lapraik, John Neilson "Ian"13-09-191515-03-1985more 
Lathbury, Gerald William "Legs"14-07-190616-05-1978more 
Laurie, William08-11-190908-10-1996more 
Laver, J.C.   
Law, Charles Anthoney "Tony"15-10-191615-10-1996 
Lawrence, Kenneth Aubyn Hassel00-00-1917  
Lawrence, Thompson Brook "Tommy"00-04-1879 more 
Lawson, George Maxwell24-02-189400-00-1965 
Lawson, John   
Lawson, John Kelburne27-11-188619-12-1941more 
Lay, Horatio Nelson23-01-190300-00-1988 
Le Patourel, Herbert Wallace20-06-191604-09-1979more 
Leach, Francis   
Lean, John Trevor16-07-1903  
Leaney, William Edward Frank   
Leathart, James Anthony05-01-191518-11-1998 
Lebeau, Cyril   
Lee, Christopher Frank Carandini27-05-192207-06-2015more 
Lee, Harold Herbert15-02-1915  
Lee, John Stephen Grosvenor 08-02-1944 
Lee, Richard Hugh Anthony "Dickie"00-00-191718-08-1940 
Lee-Barber, John16-04-190500-00-1995more 
Lees, Ronald Beresford27-04-191018-05-1991more 
Leggatt, William Watt23-12-189427-11-1968 
Leigh, Thomas Barker "Tom"11-02-191931-03-1944 
Leigh-Mallory, Trafford11-07-189214-11-1944more 
Leland, Francis John 12-04-1945 
Lett, Stephen McLeod00-00-190800-00-1992more 
Lewis, Harold Victor09-09-188700-00-1945 
Lewis, Haydon Roy 23-03-1942 
Lewis, Kenneth   
Lewis, Raymond Grant "Dick" 05-02-1941 
Lewis, Richard George   
Lewis, Wilfred John "Mike"24-03-1918  
Leydon, J.J.   
Lichodziejewski, Ludwik25-05-190427-04-1974 
Liddell, Clive Gerard "Jock"01-05-188309-09-1956more 
Lilley, Ernest Thomas   
Lindley, Kenneth Norman   
Linnell, Francis John "Jack"16-03-189203-11-1944more 
Lipscombe, Ernest George13-05-1914  
Lister, Norman   
Little, James Hayward  more 
Lloyd, John Edward13-04-189424-12-1965more 
Lloyd, William Eric 14-07-1943 
Lockhart, Leslie Keith "Rob"00-00-189700-00-1966more 
Loder-Symonds, Rovert Guy01-03-191311-11-1945more 
Lofthouse, Tom23-04-191616-08-1986 
Loftus, Joseph William Edward   
Lomax, Cyril Ernest Napier00-00-189300-00-1973more 
Long, Donald George00-00-191831-01-1943 
Long, James Leslie Robert "Les Cookie"21-02-191512-04-1944 
Lonon, Frederick Arthur George   
Lonsdale, Rupert Philip05-05-1905  
Looze, Willem Adriaan de "Bul"26-02-191622-06-2000 
Lorima, Josefa   
Lorne, Thomas27-06-192124-08-1990 
Love, Raymond Charles   
Loveday, Douglas Harold00-00-192304-08-1943 
Lyall, Graham Thomson08-03-189228-11-1941more 
Lyons, Michael Arthur Hugh