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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Galbraith, Norman James 14-02-1945 
Gale, Humfrey Myddelton04-10-189008-04-1971more 
Gale, Richard Nelson "Windy"25-07-189629-07-1982more 
Garde, Dermot Valancy 22-03-1942 
Gardiner, Dennis Harold Palmer25-03-1910  
Gardiner, Michael Gregory  more 
Gardner, William Steven   
Garnett, Edward Douglas00-00-190700-00-1964 
Garrity, Norman   
Garry, Émile Auguste Henri "Phono"02-04-190914-09-1944 
Gatward, Alfred Kitchener "Ken"28-08-191419-11-1998more 
Gavaghan, Charles00-00-191110-05-1945 
Gawith, Geoffrey Francis   
Gaynor, John Henry18-10-191703-03-1944 
Geen, van, Paul Louis Marie, Jonkheer13-02-191222-10-1958 
George VI14-12-189506-02-1952more 
George, Reginald Edward   
George, Rowland David15-01-190509-09-1997 
Geraghty, Michael Joseph16-07-190729-11-2005 
Germain, Sydney   
Gerrett, Thomas Desmond22-12-191319-10-2006more 
Ghadge, Yeshwant16-11-192110-07-1944 
Gibson, Richard Patrick Tallentyre, Baron Gibson05-02-191620-04-2004 
Gibson, Thomas Graeme   
Giffard, George James27-09-188617-11-1964more 
Gilbert, Douglas Kenneth Manwaring 00-02-1999 
Gilbride, William Preston28-04-1911 more 
Gill, David John 22-03-1942 
Gill, Thomas Fergusson 10-09-1943 
Gilroy, George Kemp01-06-1914  
Ginn, Samuel Marsland 03-12-1945 
Gladwin, Sidney William   
Glaser, John Marshall 19-05-1953more 
Gleave, Thomas Percy06-09-1908  
Glew, Robert   
Goddard, Henry Gordon 13-11-1972more 
Godfrey, Arthur Harry Langham26-01-189604-11-1942 
Godfrey, Valentine Stuart "Val"14-08-189825-04-1968 
Goldsmith, Robert Burrell Frederick Kingslake21-06-190700-00-1995more 
Goldsworthy, Leon Verdi "Goldie"19-01-190905-08-1994more 
Good, Herbert   
Goodchild, Paul Hamilton   
Goodwin, Shirley Thomas William06-02-189425-10-1943 
Gorazdowski, Tadeusz03-04-190725-11-1968more 
Gordon, George Duncan   
Gordon, Robert Wilson03-03-1915  
Gore-Booth, Hugh 11-11-1943 
Gosby, Leonard   
Gott, William Henry Ewart "Strafer"13-08-189707-08-1942more 
Gouby, Robert G.29-10-191914-08-1944 
Gough, Charles Frederick Howard16-09-190119-09-1977 
Gough, Christopher Hugh Clare 28-03-1942 
Gould, Thomas William28-12-191406-12-2001more 
Gouws, Johannes S.13-08-191929-03-1944 
Gowers, Arthur Vincent "Gus"18-06-191324-10-1943 
Gracie, Edward John21-09-191115-02-1944 
Graham, Henry Rudolph28-03-191014-02-1987 
Graham, Norman Ingerfield 19-07-1945 
Graham, Quintin Dick04-07-189502-09-1968more 
Grandy, John08-02-191302-01-2004 
Grant, John Duncan28-12-187720-02-1967more 
Grasett, Arthur Edward00-00-188800-00-1971more 
Gray, Oswald Barry Stannus 24-03-1945 
Gray, Robert Hampton "Hammy"02-11-191709-08-1945more 
Green, Charles Llewellyn23-09-191210-06-2001 
Green, Charles Patrick30-03-191410-04-1999 
Green, Clarence Reginald23-04-1918  
Greenhill, Cedric Alan Sykes   
Greenleaf, Edward John 04-09-2010more 
Greenslade, William Roy00-00-191702-10-1942 
Gregory, Allan Stuart   
Gregory-Smith, William Frank Niemann24-01-191004-05-2009 
Greig, James Herd   
Greswell, Jeaffreson Herbert28-07-191619-11-2000 
Gretton, Peter William27-08-191211-11-1992more 
Grier, L.T. "Jock"   
Griffin, George   
Griffiths, John Alan  more 
Griffiths, John Francis 09-05-1945 
Grimshaw, George Eric   
Grimson, George John William00-10-191514-04-1944 
Grindle, John Annesley   
Grisman, William Jack30-08-191406-04-1944 
Grobelny, Wladyslaw21-05-1919 more 
Gubbins, Colin McVean02-07-189601-02-1976more 
Guerin, Charles Paul09-08-191603-05-1941 
Gunn, Alastair Donald Mackintosh "Sandy"27-09-191906-04-1944 
Gunn, Garth Reginald 21-09-1944 
Guthrie, David Robert05-03-192224-02-2003 
Gwinner, Clive15-10-190800-00-1998 
Gwynne, John Edward Herbert 28-03-1942