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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Raeside, William 22-11-1943 
Ram, Pale   
Rampling, Kenneth Johnson04-07-191222-03-1944 
Ramsay, Alan Hollick12-03-189519-09-1973more 
Ramsbotham, Herwald, 1st Viscount Soulbury06-03-188730-01-1971 
Ramsden, Hesketh Adair14-11-189823-04-1940 
Ramsden, Sylvester07-01-1926  
Rana, Hire   
Ravia, Nemani   
Raw, Sydney Moffat19-08-189804-02-1967 
Rawlings, Henry Bernard21-05-188930-09-1962more 
Rawson, Frederick Bead27-06-1918  
Rawson, Trevor Lumb   
Rawstorne, George Streynsham22-01-189515-07-1962more 
Ray, Richard Anthony   
Raymond, Cyril William North13-02-189920-03-1973 
Rayner, Herbert Sharples16-01-191100-00-1976 
Reay, Horace   
Redman, Harold25-08-189900-00-1986 
Redman, Joseph 00-00-1998 
Reed, John (Pioneer Corps)   
Rees, Lionel Wilmot Brabazon31-07-188428-09-1955more 
Rees, Richard Geraint   
Reid, David Wilson00-00-190600-12-1989more 
Reid, George Thyne Reid 14-09-1943 
Reid, Hugh Murray21-03-190400-00-1964 
Reid, William Wright "Bill"   
Rennie, Richard Edwin   
Renny, Frederick Thomas 30-01-1943 
Rhoades, Rodney08-04-1909  
Richards, Terence Richard 28-04-1944 
Richardson, Harold Walter   
Ridler, Derek Hughes01-09-191600-09-2002 
Ritchie, Neil Methuen28-07-189711-12-1983more 
Ritson, Ernest Vivian "Teddy" 20-09-1944 
Rivett, Samuel William   
Robb, Angus Gordon Waddell05-06-1906  
Roberts, Arthur James Hart00-00-1916  
Roberts, Charles Douglas  more 
Roberts, George Philip Bradley "Pip"05-11-190605-11-1997more 
Roberts, Horace George Victor08-05-188702-02-1945 
Robinson, William 23-07-1943 
Rockingham, John Meredith "Rocky"24-08-191107-07-1987more 
Rodier, Mark Fleming   
Rogers, Francis 03-09-1942 
Rogers, Robert Harry Doherty00-00-192104-06-2000more 
Rolfe, Cecil Brian Neville 08-08-1943 
Rooke, David Bedford14-12-1915  
Roope, Gerard Broadmead13-03-190508-04-1940 
Roper-Curzon, Lord Teynham, Christopher John Henry06-05-189605-05-1972 
Rosam, Edward William George00-00-191131-01-1943 
Rosier, Frederick Ernest13-10-191510-09-1998 
Ross, Arthur Dwight18-03-190727-09-1981 
Ross, Arthur William   
Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, 3rd Baron31-10-191020-03-1990 
Rothschild, Robert Phineas22-12-191400-00-2000 
Roupell, George Rowland Patrick07-04-189204-03-1974more 
Row, Robert Amos30-07-188807-01-1959 
Rowden, Diana Hope "Paulette"31-01-191506-07-1944 
Rowell, Sydney Fairbair "Syd"15-12-189412-04-1975more 
Rowlinson, Charles Joseph00-00-191400-00-1993 
Royal, Peter   
Ruck-Keene, John Henry05-05-190217-10-1967 
Ruck-Keene, Philip07-11-189728-05-1977 
Rushworth, Reginald   
Ryan, Dennis William   
Ryan, Frank23-05-1917  
Ryder, Robert Edward Dudley16-02-190829-06-1986more 
Ryncarz, Wincenty "Maczuga"13-07-190100-00-1944