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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Wadeson, Roy Aylmer 00-05-1944 
Wainwright, Thomas James "Tom"   
Waite, Albert Henry12-01-191802-06-1999 
Waite, Arthur Geoffrey27-10-191003-03-1945 
Waite, W.J.   
Walenn, Gilbert William "Tim"24-02-191629-03-1944 
Walker, Frederick John03-06-189609-07-1944more 
Walker, Ronald Arthur 09-07-1944 
Wallace, John Henry04-11-1909  
Waller, Hector Macdonald Laws "Hard Over Hec"04-04-190001-03-1942more 
Waller, James06-09-1911 more 
Walsh, William James "Billy"20-01-191707-10-1971more 
Walsham, Arthur Frank17-08-190801-11-2001 
Walton, Bernard William John   
Warburton, Robert William   
Ward, Frank   
Ward, Joshua Alfred   
Ward-Perkins, John Bryan03-02-191228-05-1981 
Ware, Cameron Bethel09-08-191300-00-1999 
Wark, Blair Anderson27-07-189413-06-1941more 
Warre, John Anthony04-12-1912  
Warren, Charles15-11-191819-10-2005 
Warren, Percy Alfred   
Watkin, Cyril Frederick   
Watkinson, Alfred Henry William   
Watson, Anthony  more 
Watson, George 21-02-1945 
Watson, William   
Watts, Clifford30-03-1923  
Watts, Douglas Edward Kitchener23-11-1920  
Wavell, Archibald Percival, 1st Earl Wavell05-05-188324-05-1950more 
Wcislicki, Waclaw   
Webb, Geoffrey Fairbank09-05-189817-07-1970 
Webb, George Clifford 14-04-1945 
Webb, Gordon Geoffrey Henry00-04-192000-02-1991more 
Webb, Richard Henry Lumley25-11-190406-06-1979 
Webber, Frederick   
Weber, Eugene Haydn 02-03-1944 
Webster, Bertram 00-00-1988more 
Wedd, William Basil01-05-189006-11-1966more 
Weir, John Walter   
Wells, Richard John 16-03-1942 
Welsh, Ivan Dudley   
Welsh, William Lawrie10-02-188102-01-1962more 
Wernham, James C. 30-03-1944 
West, Violet Dorothy Annie   
Westbrook, George   
Westlake, George Herbert21-04-191818-01-2006 
Westnutt, Frank Holden   
Wheaton, Arthur   
Wheeler, Allen Henry00-00-190400-00-1984 
Whistler, Lashmer Gordon "Bolo"03-09-189804-07-1963more 
White, Claude Edward   
White, Robert Hamilton   
White, Thomas Emmanuel00-09-192109-09-2000 
Whitehead, David Adie "Torpy"30-09-189623-10-1992more 
Whitley, William Marriner 22-09-1943 
Whitmee, Brian Andrew Condor   
Whitney-Straight, Wellard06-11-191205-04-1979 
Whittam, Lionel Barnett 22-09-1943 
Whitworth, Arthur   
Whitworth, John Nicholas Haworth10-01-191213-11-1974 
Wicks, Bryan John00-00-192012-10-1942 
Wiggins, Sidney   
Wightman, William Taylor Forest "Freddie"03-05-1909  
Wiley, George William 31-03-1944 
Wilkins, Richard Dennis   
Wilkinson, George Alfred "Étienne"31-08-191305-10-1944 
Wilkinson, Reginald Eric 27-11-1944 
Williams, Bernard Arthur05-01-1918  
Williams, Dennis Robert   
Williams, Edmund Douglas 00-00-1998 
Williams, Fredrick Charles   
Williams, George  more 
Williams, John Edwin Ashley "Willy"06-05-191929-03-1944 
Williams, John Eurwyn   
Williams, John Francis 06-04-1944 
Williams, Owen Upcott29-05-191803-07-1945 
Williams, Thomas Garton  more 
Williams, Thomas Ivor   
Williams, Wycliff Stuart28-09-192021-10-1940 
Williams-Thomas, Reginald Silvers   
Williamson, John Albert George   
Willis, Algernon Usborne17-05-188912-04-1976more 
Wilson, Arthur Thomas16-04-192113-12-2001 
Wilson, Bernard Alexander   
Wilson, Donald Fraser27-08-191600-11-1996 
Wilson, Henry Maitland "Jumbo"05-09-188131-12-1964more 
Wilson, Robert Wanless26-07-191911-06-2010 
Winchester, John Chisholm 08-04-1942 
Windeyer, William John Victor28-07-190023-11-1987more 
Windham-Wright, Patrick Joseph Stewart   
Wingate, Orde Charles26-02-190324-03-1944 
Wingfield, Charles Mervyn Hunt 28-05-1944 
Winthrope, William James 28-03-1942 
Wisden, John Patrick14-10-190129-08-1940more 
Wiseman, Donald John25-10-191802-02-2010 
Wolfe, Edward Chatham09-11-191100-04-1994more 
Womersley, Albert Leslie24-09-191103-10-1984 
Wood, Bertram00-00-189725-04-1942more 
Wood, Charles Frederick   
Wood, Clifford Sinclair Farquhar 22-10-1943 
Wood, Edward Frederick L., 1st Earl of Halifax16-04-188123-12-1959more 
Wood, Hector   
Wooldridge, Bertie Charles 18-09-1941 
Wootten, George Frederick01-05-189331-03-1970more 
Worrall, John19-04-191114-01-1988 
Worsley, Richard Stanley 04-05-1917 
Worthy, Harold Victor   
Wortley, Charles23-03-190312-06-1973 
Wright, Jerauld George31-08-1917  
Wright, Kenneth Wynn19-04-191600-00-2001 
Wynter, Henry Douglas06-06-188607-02-1945more