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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Hackett, John Winthrop "Shan"05-11-191009-09-1997more 
Haine, Richard Cummings06-10-191630-09-2008more 
Haines, Albert   
Hake, Albert Horace "Al"30-06-191631-03-1944 
Hakewill-Smith, Edmund17-03-189615-04-1986more 
Hall, Charles Piers Egerton "Chaz"25-07-191830-03-1944 
Hall, Harold George 12-09-2004 
Hall, John Lewis 21-11-1944 
Hall, Thomas George Stanley   
Halladay, Jack Burton18-10-191800-00-1966 
Hallett, George Henry 28-03-1942 
Hallings-Pott, John Robert12-04-190726-01-1976 
Halpenny, William Walton   
Halse, A.E. 28-11-1943 
Hambrook, Harry   
Hamel, van, Lodewijk A. R. J. "Lodo"06-06-191516-06-1941 
Hamilton, Louis Henry Keppel31-12-189027-06-1957more 
Hamilton, Thomas Homer   
Hamilton-Russell, John (The Hon.)22-04-191119-08-1943 
Handoll, Maurice George 19-02-2004 
Hannaford, Harold William Crimp   
Harborow, Donald Raymond 00-00-1985 
Harcourt, Cecil Halliday Jepson11-04-189219-12-1959 
Harding, William Charles 22-07-1942 
Hardman, James Donald Innes21-12-189902-03-1982more 
Hargreaves, Harold 28-03-1942 
Harmsen, Willem14-06-189323-10-1970 
Harper, Harold Herbert   
Harris, Arthur Travers "Bomber"13-04-189205-04-1984more 
Harris, Gwynne Caleb 25-03-1944 
Harrison-Wallace, Henry Steuart MacNaghten00-07-188324-06-1963more 
Harvey, Arthur Charles 24-03-1942 
Harvey, George Edward William   
Harvey, Robert Bourne 29-08-1942 
Harwood, Henry Harwood19-01-188809-06-1950 
Haselden, John Edward "Jock"10-08-190314-09-1942 
Hasler, Herbert George "Blondie"27-02-191405-05-1987 
Hasler, John Edward Moffat   
Hastie Jones, Christopher   
Hay, Bruce Stafford 15-01-1945 
Hayes, Thomas Norman26-06-191217-07-2010 
Haynes, Henry John10-12-1893  
Hayter, Anthony Henzell "Tony"20-05-192006-04-1944 
Heber-Percy, Cyril Hugh Raymond18-12-190501-08-1989 
Hemingway, John Allman00-07-1919  
Hemsley, Colwyn Streeten   
Henderson, Ian Bernard Henry 28-03-1942 
Henderson, L.A.   
Henderson, Robert   
Henty-Creer, Henty00-00-192022-09-1943 
Herbert, Edwin Otway18-11-190104-04-1984more 
Herring, Wilfred Stanley "Kipper"00-00-191404-07-1943more 
Hewitson, John Loch "Gugu"20-04-1918 more 
Hewitt, John Graham13-10-1902  
Heywood, Thomas George Gordon27-12-188627-08-1943more 
Heyworth, Alexander James05-06-192210-06-2010 
Hezlet, Arthur Richard "Baldy"07-04-191407-11-2007more 
Hickey, Albert Frank 24-03-1942 
Hickey, Alphonse29-04-192030-08-1944 
Hicks, Edward Francis   
Higgins, Alec Wilfred   
Highet, John "Ian"09-12-192409-12-1999more 
Highton, Michael Howard 01-03-1942 
Hill, James Alexander Corrie17-02-190111-05-1940 
Hill, Roderic Maxwell01-03-189406-10-1954more 
Hilliard, John George Nicholson   
Hills, Frederick George 18-10-1940 
Hills, Hollis "Harry"25-03-191531-10-2009 
Hinton, John Daniel17-09-190928-06-1997more 
Hiscock, William Ewart13-01-188615-02-1942 
Hiscox, Gaius Potter  more 
Hobart, Percy Cleghorn Stanley "Hobo"14-06-188519-02-1957more 
Hobson, Clive Donald 29-04-1945 
Hoddinott, Francis Joseph "Frank"31-05-1914  
Hodges, Lewis MacDonald01-03-191804-01-2007more 
Hodgkin, Adrian Eliot   
Hodgson, Frederick Charles  more 
Hogarth, John William 18-01-1943 
Holden, George Walton16-09-191316-09-1943more 
Holden, Kenneth 00-00-1991 
Holden-White, Harold Vere00-00-191700-00-1999more 
Holdsworth, John Arundell   
Hole, Ernest Arthur 14-11-1943 
Holland, William Anthony "Dutch"   
Hollinghurst, Leslie Norman02-01-189508-06-1971more 
Hollingsworth, Fred Richmond   
Hollins, George Thomas   
Hollis, Stanley Elton21-09-191208-02-1972more 
Hollowday, Vivian13-10-191615-04-1977more 
Holman, John Northcott Gordon   
Holmes, Raymond Towers "Ray"20-08-191427-06-2015 
Honert, van den, Ritsaert30-06-192026-10-1995 
Honey, Hedley Arthur 03-11-1944 
Hood, Alexander25-09-188811-09-1980more 
Hood, Gerald25-02-192521-03-1945 
Hope, Frederick John   
Hope, Peter Kenneth 13-10-1940 
Hopkins, Sidney Charles   
Hopkinson, George Frederick "Hoppy"00-00-189609-09-1943 
Hopson, Donald Charles31-08-191526-08-1974more 
Hopwood, Howell Gaston Lloyd "Bill"   
Horne, Sydney12-01-192422-09-2003 
Horrocks, Brian Gwynne "Jorrocks"07-09-189504-01-1985more 
Horton, Patrick Wilmot25-03-192016-11-1940 
Howard, Lewis Charles00-03-188123-12-1915 
Howard, William Robert   
Howe, Sydney   
Howlett, Leslie Frederick 21-06-1943 
Hoyle, Ralph   
Hubbard, Ralph21-12-1913  
Hubble, Desmond Ellis29-01-191011-09-1944 
Hubble, Samuel   
Hull, Richard Amyatt   
Hulme, Colin   
Hume, Walter Henry Frederick15-06-191616-04-1994 
Hume, William James 16-01-1945 
Humphreys, Edgar Spottiswoode "Hunk"05-12-191431-03-1944 
Hunt, Alfred Charles   
Hunt, Thomas   
Hunter, William   
Hutchins, V.J.  more 
Hutchinson, Carden William   
Hutchison, Colin Alexander Gordon03-02-188920-07-1981 
Hutchison, D.F. 29-08-1918 
Hutton, Arthur Roy 17-07-1943