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1939-1945 Star

This star was awarded for operational service from September 3rd 1939 (the day of the outbreak of WW 2) to August 15th 1945 (the day hostilities against Japan in the Pacific ceased). A bar was authorized for fighter crews engaged in the Battle of Britain from July 10th to October 31st 1940.
The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI VI in the centre surrounded by the inscription: "The 1939-1945 Star" and surmounted by a crown. The reverse is blank. Recipients are eligible for the other campaign stars of Burma, Italy, the France and Germany Star and the Pacific Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide with three stripes of equal width coloured dark blue, scarlet and light blue which represent the three armed services.

This decoration could be awarded with the "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" clasp. The clasp was awarded to all those that had flown on at least one operational sortie with an accredited Battle of Britain squadron between July 10th - October 31st 1940.

In 2012 it was noted that a new clasp would be produced for affiction on the 39-45 Star, called the "BOMBER COMMAND" clasp. The clasp can be received from 2013 onward by any person who, during the Second World War, has flown as aircrew for at least one operational sortie with a Bomber Command operational unit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Fajtl, Frantisek20-08-191204-10-2008more 
Falconer, George Fettes   
Falloon, Hugh Philip07-11-191305-05-1945 
Farmer, John Hind12-01-191729-10-2012more 
Farnes, Paul Caswell Powe16-07-191828-01-2020more 
Farquhar, Gilbert Blackett   
Farran, Roy Alexander02-01-192101-06-2006more 
Farthing, Wiliam John23-04-1914  
Faulkner, George Vermilyea15-06-190823-03-1955more 
Faulks, Robert Boyne   
Fearn, Neville  more 
Fechtner, Emil16-09-191629-10-1940more 
Fejfar, Stanislav25-11-191217-05-1942more 
Feldhaus van Ham, Engelbert J.L.J.M.28-09-191615-05-1995 
Fenwick, Ian 07-08-1944more 
Fergusson, David Balfour   
Fermor, Brian Frederick 00-11-1993more 
Fernandez, Leslie Percival00-00-191800-00-2009more 
Fialkowski, Zbigniew Stefan14-11-191018-11-1997more 
Findlay, Walter25-03-192020-07-1944more 
Firth, Charles Leslie21-05-190008-07-1971more 
Firth, John "Jack"17-07-191019-08-2005 
Fish, Leonard  more 
Fisher, Robert Lucius Cary   
Flinterman, Johannes Leonardus "Crazy Flin"02-10-191926-12-1992more 
Flower, Richard Arthur 00-00-1993more 
Fogarty, Francis Joseph16-01-189912-01-1973more 
Foote, John Weir05-05-190402-05-1988 
Forbes, Frederick Alastair   
Forbes, Jacques Jean-Charles "Charly"19-03-192119-05-2010more 
Forbes, Sir, Charles Morton22-11-188028-08-1960more 
Ford, Charles George "Chuck"02-08-192111-02-1995 
Ford, Douglas18-09-191818-12-1943 
Forster, Basil Robert William  more 
Forsyth, Colin Leo Malcolm11-02-191408-05-1944 
Foster, Harry Wickwire02-04-190216-08-1964more 
Foster, William Arthur "Arthur"24-06-1916 more 
Fothergill, Eric Ritchie03-03-1914 more 
Fovargue, Stephen John25-05-191717-01-1999more 
Fowler, Hedley Nevile "Bill"08-06-191626-03-1944 
Fowler, Leslie Gordon00-00-192215-03-1945 
Fox, Gardie William04-09-192007-10-1997more 
Francks, Reginald George Serle   
Frank, Anthony Mutrie02-02-191730-10-2008more 
Frantisek, Josef07-10-191408-10-1940more 
Fraser, Bruce Austin05-02-188812-02-1981more 
Fraser, Ian Edward18-12-192001-09-2008more 
Fraser, Walter Ian00-00-191731-05-1944 
Freeborn, John Connell01-12-191928-08-2010more 
Freeman, Trevor Owen 17-12-1943 
Freyberg, Bernard Cyril21-03-188904-07-1963more 
Fricker, Edward G.   
Frith, Robert William00-00-192328-07-2003 
Frost, Ernest Ralph Clyde22-07-191728-07-1969more 
Frost, John Dutton "Johnny"31-12-191221-05-1993more 
Fulbrook, Albert Bartholomew   
Fuller, George Robert   
Fumerton, Robert Carl "Moose"20-03-191310-07-2006 
Funk, Jacob Klippenstein02-06-1920