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1939-1945 Star

This star was awarded for operational service from September 3rd 1939 (the day of the outbreak of WW 2) to August 15th 1945 (the day hostilities against Japan in the Pacific ceased). A bar was authorized for fighter crews engaged in the Battle of Britain from July 10th to October 31st 1940.
The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI VI in the centre surrounded by the inscription: "The 1939-1945 Star" and surmounted by a crown. The reverse is blank. Recipients are eligible for the other campaign stars of Burma, Italy, the France and Germany Star and the Pacific Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide with three stripes of equal width coloured dark blue, scarlet and light blue which represent the three armed services.

This decoration could be awarded with the "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" clasp. The clasp was awarded to all those that had flown on at least one operational sortie with an accredited Battle of Britain squadron between July 10th - October 31st 1940.

In 2012 it was noted that a new clasp would be produced for affiction on the 39-45 Star, called the "BOMBER COMMAND" clasp. The clasp can be received from 2013 onward by any person who, during the Second World War, has flown as aircrew for at least one operational sortie with a Bomber Command operational unit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Bader, Douglas Robert Stewart21-02-191005-09-1982more 
Bagley, Robert Herbert   
Bagley, Victor Lawrence00-00-192013-03-1941 
Bajyar, Shri Prabhu   
Bakalarski, Franciszek "Frank"29-01-191910-01-2013more 
Baker, Thomas Dawson00-00-1901  
Baldwin, Ernest George   
Balls, Eric07-03-192007-08-1992 
Bamberger, Cyril Stanley "Bam"04-05-191903-02-2008more 
Banks, Joseph John13-03-191828-10-1992 
Bannister, Bernard Mairris 18-01-1980 
Bannister, George   
Bannock, Russell01-11-1919 more 
Banwell, Keith Deamer "Tex"08-10-191825-07-1999more 
Barber, Colin Muir "Tiny"27-06-189705-05-1964more 
Barker, William01-12-190810-12-1973 
Barnes, Edgar James01-02-1921  
Barnett, John Patrick23-11-190813-11-1992more 
Barr, Andrew William "Nicky"10-12-191512-06-2006 
Barron, Kenneth  more 
Barry, Claud Barrington17-01-189127-12-1951more 
Barthropp, Patrick Peter Colum09-11-192016-04-2008more 
Bartosik, Czeslaw Jozef "Joe"20-07-191714-01-2008more 
Bartoszewski, Adolf15-01-190712-12-1990more 
Bartram, William George00-06-190500-12-1963 
Barwell, Eric Gordon06-08-191312-12-2007 
Bary, Ronald Edward09-06-191512-04-1945more 
Baseden, Yvonne Jeanne de Vibraye22-01-192228-10-2017more 
Bashir, Ahmed   
Baskeyfield, John Daniel18-11-192220-09-1944more 
Bateman, Edwin   
Bates, Edwin11-02-192131-03-1944 
Bates, Sidney14-06-192108-08-1944 
Bates, Trevor Harry16-05-192127-04-2008 
Bateson, Robert Norman10-06-191206-03-1986more 
Bateup, Herbert   
Bazley, Sydney Howarth03-11-191302-03-1941 
Beacham, Albert John   
Beale, Alter00-00-1907  
Beale, Thomas James Richard   
Beattie, Stephen Halden "Sam"29-03-190824-04-1975more 
Beazley, Hugh John Sherard18-07-191613-06-2011 
Beck, Anthony Francis Vernon05-04-1919  
Beckwith-Smith, Merton11-07-189011-11-1942more 
Beckwith-Smith, Peter Merton25-06-191914-09-1984 
Beeley, John08-02-191821-11-1941 
Bell, Bertie   
Bell, Gerald "Gerry"00-00-190917-01-1989 
Belle, Frederick John11-07-1919  
Belshaw, Robert20-07-1917  
Bennett, Raymond Stanely   
Bentley, Alfred Mulock 22-07-1999more 
Bereda, Edward  more 
Bergh, van den, Joseph Lodewijk Michel14-11-191909-10-1911more 
Bergman, Vaclav27-08-191503-12-2002more 
Bernays, Max Leopold00-00-1910  
Berridge, Horace Walter William00-00-1912  
Berry, Joseph28-02-192002-10-1944more 
Berry, Ronald "Ras"03-05-191713-08-2000more 
Berry, Theodore Waldemar   
Bestebreurtje, Arie Dirk "Harry"12-04-191621-01-1983more 
Betty, Thomas Victor23-09-191629-05-2001more 
Bevan, Morgan   
Beveridge, Charles07-06-191518-12-1984 
Bhanbhagta, Gurung01-09-192101-03-2008 
Bilton, Arthur25-12-191125-12-1986more 
Bing, Leslie Patrick Sandford "Pat"28-07-192009-09-2011more 
Binns, Frank 00-00-1995 
Bird-Wilson, Harold Arthur Cooper20-11-191927-12-2000more 
Birkland, Henry J.16-08-191731-03-1944 
Bisby, Thomas Ernest   
Black, Thomas Wilson 23-09-1944 
Blackburn, Charles Archie D'Arcy00-00-189900-00-1984 
Blackwell, Arthur Frederick10-08-191903-02-2006more 
Blackwood, James Eric   
Blair, Chandos25-02-191922-01-2011more 
Blake, Minden Vaughan "Mindy"13-02-191330-11-1981more 
Blaker, Frank Gerald08-05-192009-07-1944 
Bland, David 00-00-1984 
Blenkinsop, Edward Weyman08-10-192023-01-1945 
Blois, David Walter   
Blow, Kenneth Leslie Owen00-00-192110-12-1943 
Bolton, George16-12-1909 more 
Bond, John Dorfling30-09-1906  
Bone, Frederick Charles31-12-1906  
Boon von Ochssée, Jan Gijsbert25-07-192120-10-1999more 
Boorman, George Henry30-03-1922  
Boothman, John Nelson19-02-190129-12-1957more 
Bosch, Jan Willem Theodore29-06-191502-07-1998more 
Boswell, Arthur Thomas09-04-192014-02-2008 
Botha, Bernhorst Hermanus  more 
Boucher, Lewis Philip13-08-192006-07-2016 
Bouquillard, Henry, Marcel, Albert14-06-190811-03-1941more 
Bowers, Dennis Ronald   
Boxer, Sir, Alan Hunter Cachemaille01-12-191626-04-1998more 
Boyd, Owen Tudor30-08-189905-08-1944more 
Boydell, Thomas Peter   
Boye, Ruby Olive29-07-189114-09-1990 
Boyes, Lesley Wickham29-01-1911  
Boyle, Gilbert Magnuss   
Boylen, James  more 
Brachi, Basil John 29-01-1944 
Bradford, John William03-12-191325-11-1999 
Braham, John Randall Daniel "Bob"06-04-192007-02-1974more 
Brahy, Christian "Sunshine"09-03-192303-01-2011 
Brailsford, George Edward   
Brampton, John   
Branston, Henry Charles05-08-1910  
Brayson, Frederick John00-00-190400-00-1960 
Brickhill, Paul Chester Jerome20-12-191623-04-1991 
Brigden, Robert Oliver04-02-192301-09-1944 
Briggs, Wardon   
Brinsden, Francis Noel27-03-191900-11-1993 
Britton, Albert Henry05-01-1901  
Broad, Edward George18-03-1924  
Broadley, Arthur Benjamin "Ben"00-08-1915  
Brochwicz-Lewinski, Janusz "Gryf"17-09-1920 more 
Brock, Harold Thomas   
Brooke-Smith, Francis Haffey21-09-191803-12-1952 
Brooks, Anthony Morris04-04-192219-04-2007more 
Brooks, Hubert29-12-192101-02-1984more 
Broom, William13-05-1912  
Broughall, Wilmot Hagarty  more 
Brown, Anthony George  more 
Brown, Charles Henry   
Brown, Frederick Harold   
Brown, Frederick William   
Brown, Henry 26-02-2006more 
Brown, John Michael00-00-191700-00-1992more 
Brown, Lester00-00-192100-00-2013 
Brown, Mark Henry "Hilly"09-10-191112-11-1941more 
Brown, Maurice Peter "Sneezy"17-06-191920-01-2011 
Brown, Peter   
Brown, Reginald Albert Sidney  more 
Brown, Ronald George   
Brown, Sidney00-09-1902 more 
Browning, Frederick Arthur Montague "Boy"20-10-189614-03-1965more 
Bruijn, de, Dirk15-09-192626-03-1945 
Bruinier, Jan Berend Hendrik09-10-191321-03-2005 
Brunt, John Henry Cound06-12-192210-12-1944 
Bryan, John William 00-00-2002more 
Bryks, Josef18-03-191611-08-1957more 
Buchanan, George28-11-191200-10-1997 
Buchanan, Herbert James10-03-190215-03-1965more 
Budd, Maurice Arthur Jack12-07-191723-11-1945 
Buddell, John Charles00-11-1920  
Budge, Patrick David 10-12-1904 
Budge, Richard John   
Burbridge, Bransome Arthur05-02-1921 more 
Burda, Frantisek21-01-191523-02-1988more 
Burgham, Allen Russell29-10-192010-11-2011more 
Burke, Cornelius02-09-191625-04-1999more 
Burnand, Lewis George14-05-191314-08-1949more 
Burnett, Charles Stuart03-04-188209-04-1945more 
Burnett, Robert Lindsay "Bob"22-07-188702-07-1959more 
Burnett, Wilfred Jasper00-11-1915 more 
Burns, Arthur "Robbie"18-11-191700-06-2008 
Burns, Kenneth Halstead "Rabbie"  more 
Burra-Robinson, Lance Amigo Percy25-02-1917  
Burrowes, Edwin Fitzherbert George15-11-192217-12-1985 
Burton, Peter Wightwick   
Burton, Richard Henry29-01-192311-07-1993 
Bury, William Gledstanes "Bill"19-05-189828-07-1943more 
Bush, Basil Martin   
Bush, Charles Roy07-02-191830-11-1948 
Buss, Frederick Herbert00-00-1914 more 
Butler, Mervyn Andrew Haldane01-07-191303-01-1976more 
Butters, Frances   
Byrne, Jack  more 
Byrne, John Vincent "Jack"01-04-192110-01-2007