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1939-1945 Star

This star was awarded for operational service from September 3rd 1939 (the day of the outbreak of WW 2) to August 15th 1945 (the day hostilities against Japan in the Pacific ceased). A bar was authorized for fighter crews engaged in the Battle of Britain from July 10th to October 31st 1940.
The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI VI in the centre surrounded by the inscription: "The 1939-1945 Star" and surmounted by a crown. The reverse is blank. Recipients are eligible for the other campaign stars of Burma, Italy, the France and Germany Star and the Pacific Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide with three stripes of equal width coloured dark blue, scarlet and light blue which represent the three armed services.

This decoration could be awarded with the "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" clasp. The clasp was awarded to all those that had flown on at least one operational sortie with an accredited Battle of Britain squadron between July 10th - October 31st 1940.

In 2012 it was noted that a new clasp would be produced for affiction on the 39-45 Star, called the "BOMBER COMMAND" clasp. The clasp can be received from 2013 onward by any person who, during the Second World War, has flown as aircrew for at least one operational sortie with a Bomber Command operational unit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Cagienard, Robert-Roland00-00-192025-04-1944 
Cain, Robert Henry02-01-190902-05-1974 
Cairns, George Albert12-12-191319-03-1944more 
Callander, Donald Fraser22-04-191805-04-1992more 
Calvert, Wilfred Sylvester   
Cambridge, George F. H., 2nd Marquess of Cambridge11-10-189516-04-1981more 
Cameron, Norman "Jock"00-00-191700-00-1981 
Cameron, Ralph Alverne Cyril25-08-191807-07-2004 
Campbell, John   
Campbell, John Charles "Jock"10-01-189426-02-1942more 
Campbell, John Davies11-11-192130-07-2015more 
Campbell, Robert McNeil29-11-192300-11-1985more 
Campbell, Sydney Peter07-05-190908-11-1942 
Campion, George Alexander23-01-191123-05-1944 
Campion, Michael Patrick08-05-191604-12-1943 
Campling, Eric Frank Knowles01-08-192008-04-1944more 
Cappi, Ernst Thomson   
Carey, Walter Evan21-11-192018-02-2016 
Cargill, William   
Carr, Jack Theobald01-07-190327-07-1984 
Carr-Lewty, Robet Albert06-07-191104-03-1994 
Carroll, Francis Leo   
Carruthers, William14-10-191400-00-2009 
Carter, Bernard Law   
Carter, Robert Alfred Copsey15-09-191010-11-2012 
Carter, Thomas Christopher "Toby"27-12-191728-08-2014more 
Cartmell, James Henry18-09-192224-02-2017more 
Casement, Peter Reginald22-03-192112-12-2016more 
Casson, John 27-05-1944 
Caton, Geoffrey 10-07-1943 
Chalk, William Robert00-00-191300-00-1993 
Chance, Peter Goodwin  more 
Chandler, Alfred Roy08-08-190800-00-1995 
Chandler, Thomas Francis00-00-191905-04-1975more 
Chandler, Thomas Joseph19-06-189119-04-1966 
Charles, Edward   
Charlton, Ronald Edmund00-09-1915 more 
Charlton, Wilson Hodgson09-04-190712-05-1953 
Charrington, Harold Vincent Spencer00-00-188600-00-1965more 
Chase, Frederick John Alliston18-04-191018-04-1910 
Chavasse , Noel Willinc11-04-192000-00-1974more 
Checketts, John Milne20-02-191221-04-2006more 
Chene, Le, Pierre Louis "Grégoire"14-06-190000-00-1979more 
Chennell, Lionel Albert 00-00-1997 
Chérade de Montbron, Xavier de18-08-191621-04-1955more 
Cherry, Frank Arthur28-04-192110-04-1945 
Cheshire, Geoffrey Leonard07-09-191731-07-1992more 
Chojnacki, Wlodzimierz19-11-191402-10-2014more 
Choron, Maurice Philipe Cesar07-11-191110-04-1942more 
Church, Jack Joseph   
Chute, Rowland Fitzmaurice Eidingtoun02-10-1899 more 
Cizek, Evzen10-12-190426-11-1942more 
Clark, Samuel Findlay "Fin"17-03-190903-09-1998more 
Clarke, Charles  more 
Clarke, John Robert23-10-192200-09-1994 
Clarke, Wallace Arthur   
Clayton, Gareth Thomas Butler13-11-191405-02-1992more 
Clearwater, Desmond24-03-191903-02-1943 
Cleary, Albert Neil16-06-192220-03-1945 
Cleaver, Richard Frank Wharton09-04-192001-10-1953 
Cleggett, Robert Ernest "Bob"24-08-1911  
Clements, Percy Priestley21-02-191019-10-1998more 
Clermont, Justin Gerard11-11-192107-05-1944 
Cliff, Geoffrey John "Jack"14-08-190714-10-1988more 
Clouston, Arthur Edmund07-04-190801-01-1984more 
Clutsom, Raymond William 00-00-1986 
Cobby, Arthur Henry (Harry)26-08-189411-11-1955more 
Cochrane, Alfred William Gordon10-10-191629-10-1994more 
Cock, John Reynolds03-03-191829-08-1988 
Cockbain, Stephen Legh00-00-191614-01-1945 
Codner, Richard Michael Clinton00-00-192025-03-1952 
Cohen, Vincent Oswald00-00-191200-00-1984 
Colan, Patrick William Coghlan   
Cole, Kenneth John00-00-1919  
Cole, Robert Bruce11-11-191916-01-1956more 
Collins, John Augustine07-01-189903-09-1989more 
Collishaw, Raymond22-11-189328-09-1976 
Colyer, Douglas01-03-189322-02-1978more 
Combe, John Frederick Boyce01-08-189512-07-1967more 
Compton, Edward Caesar 09-08-1943 
Connolly, Stephen John Verdun05-03-191721-07-1966 
Constable-Maxwell, Michael Hugh03-06-191700-08-2000 
Conway, Albert Edward00-00-189100-00-1974 
Conway, Victor George Henry 06-06-1944 
Coomber, William Peter 02-10-1999 
Coop, Thomas William   
Corbin, Harold Arthur14-11-192308-04-2017 
Corby, John00-03-188700-00-1946more 
Cornioley-Witherington, Cecile Pearl24-06-191424-02-2008more 
Cornwall, Frederick Charles01-09-1895 more 
Corser, Richard George00-00-192000-05-1949more 
Cosens, Aubrey21-05-192126-02-1945 
Costello, John Aston05-04-1916  
Cotter, John00-06-1912  
Cotterell, Lester  more 
Cottrell-Hill, Roger Charles00-00-190300-00-1965more 
Courage, Rafe Edward22-06-1902 more 
Couraud, Raymond12-01-192000-00-1977more 
Cowan, William James Henry   
Cox, Derrick   
Cox, Frederick Albert16-08-191400-02-2007 
Cracknell, Douglas Aubrey09-12-190900-00-1979more 
Craggs, Harold Telfer13-08-1919 more 
Craig, John Harper23-05-191401-06-2000 
Cramer, John08-01-1916 more 
Cranefield, Knivett Carton02-05-192217-09-2016 
Crankshaw, John Anthony Norman00-00-1918 more 
Cranswick, Alec Panton07-09-191905-07-1944 
Craston, Reginald Sharpe  more 
Crawford-Compton, William Vernon02-03-191502-01-1988more 
Crawley, Douglas Edward02-09-192000-00-1986more 
Crich, William Ralph "Bill"00-00-191416-07-1947 
Crichton, Leonard Mclean19-03-188623-06-1962 
Croker, Edward James O’Brien21-06-191013-05-1967more 
Crookes, Arthur Norman23-12-192017-04-2012more 
Cross, Albert   
Cross, Kenneth Brian Boyd "Bing"04-10-191118-06-2003more 
Cross, Philip Louis Ulrich01-05-191704-10-2013 
Cruickshank, John Alexander20-05-1920 more 
Cuber, Wladyslaw Antoni "John"12-01-192230-11-1985 
Cukr, Vaclav16-10-191314-10-1989more 
Cullen, Frederick John27-08-190415-02-1976more 
Cummings, John William 07-03-1945 
Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningh, Andrew Browne07-01-188312-06-1963more 
Cunningham, Anthony "Scouse"30-10-1927  
Cunningham, John "Cat's Eyes"27-07-191721-07-2002more 
Currant, Christopher Frederick "Bunny"14-12-191112-03-2006more 
Currie, David Vivian08-07-191224-06-1986more 
Cutler, Arthur Roden24-05-191621-02-2002more 
Cutts, Edward Gersham28-11-190517-06-1944 
Cybruch, Tadeusz00-00-1918 more 
Cypher, Herbert Thomas   
Czernin, Manfred Maria Edmund Ralph Beckett18-01-191809-10-1962more 
Czerny, Jan Tadeusz02-01-190818-02-1991more