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1939-1945 Star

This star was awarded for operational service from September 3rd 1939 (the day of the outbreak of WW 2) to August 15th 1945 (the day hostilities against Japan in the Pacific ceased). A bar was authorized for fighter crews engaged in the Battle of Britain from July 10th to October 31st 1940.
The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI VI in the centre surrounded by the inscription: "The 1939-1945 Star" and surmounted by a crown. The reverse is blank. Recipients are eligible for the other campaign stars of Burma, Italy, the France and Germany Star and the Pacific Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide with three stripes of equal width coloured dark blue, scarlet and light blue which represent the three armed services.

This decoration could be awarded with the "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" clasp. The clasp was awarded to all those that had flown on at least one operational sortie with an accredited Battle of Britain squadron between July 10th - October 31st 1940.

In 2012 it was noted that a new clasp would be produced for affiction on the 39-45 Star, called the "BOMBER COMMAND" clasp. The clasp can be received from 2013 onward by any person who, during the Second World War, has flown as aircrew for at least one operational sortie with a Bomber Command operational unit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Macarthur, John Gordon29-06-191608-05-1988more 
MacBeth, James Stewart Fraser 00-00-1963more 
MacDonald, Alastair24-08-190700-00-1994more 
MacDonald, John Edward 00-00-1958more 
MacDonald, Mark "Lewis"   
MacDonald, Vernon Leo 00-11-1966 
Mace, Peter18-04-192203-02-1996 
MacEwan, Malcolm "Technicolor"00-00-189400-08-1985more 
Machacek, Jiri 08-07-1941more 
Machuk, John Michael17-11-192123-11-1995 
MacKenzie, Angus Alexander09-01-190500-00-1975more 
Mackey, John Bernard16-05-192212-05-1945more 
Mackinlay, Alexander00-12-1879 more 
MacLean, George29-11-191616-09-1996more 
MacLeay, Angus  more 
MacLennan, Donald   
MacLeod, Angus Peter28-01-190729-01-1944 
MacLeod, Harold Morris25-09-192222-07-2008more 
Maczek, Stanislaw Wladyslaw "Baca"31-03-189211-12-1994more 
Maddocks, Derek Galbraith   
Maffey, Percy Frederick George25-07-1919  
Magennis, James Joseph27-10-191912-02-1986more 
Magnusson, Harold Cecil22-04-192214-11-1944 
Maguire, Albert Michael30-12-1922  
Maguire, Harold John12-04-191201-02-2001more 
Mahaddie, Thomas Gilbert "Hamish"00-03-191116-01-1997more 
Maher, William Christopher "Paddy" 24-07-1946more 
Mahony, John Keefer30-06-191115-12-1990more 
Maj, Julian07-01-190729-08-1982more 
Majewski, Leon  more 
Major, Léo23-01-192112-10-2008more 
Makowski, Kazimierz20-01-191800-00-2001 
Malcolm, Hugh Gordon02-05-191704-12-1942 
Maller, Fredrick   
Malley, James Young 'Zulu Jim'24-07-191805-06-2000more 
Maloubier, Robert "Bob"02-02-192320-02-2015more 
Mann, John Rouffignac 28-08-2017 
Mannell, Fredrick   
Mannix, Albert James   
Manser, Leslie Thomas11-05-192231-05-1942 
Manvell, Robert Edward 24-06-1944 
Marcinkus, Romualdas22-07-190729-03-1944more 
Marks, Russell "Spike"08-12-191800-00-2001 
Marnell, Gerard   
Marsden, Robert   
Marsh, Alan Edward05-05-191212-04-2001more 
Marsh, Alick Cambell Castell16-05-191101-11-1981 
Marsh, David Cawood05-12-190721-06-1979 
Marsh, John Anthony 14-11-1984more 
Martin, Frederick Lawrence  more 
Martin, Harold Brownlow Morgan27-02-191803-11-1988more 
Martins, Hedley Geoffrey 15-01-1943 
Mason, Antony Donald "Don"27-06-1927  
Mason, John00-00-191008-10-2005 
Mason, Lewis00-00-191900-00-1992 
Mason, Sydney Thomas   
Matheson, Alexander Mackenzie (Brud)28-05-192015-03-1983 
Matthewman, Charles Humphrey  more 
Matza (Maza), Israel00-00-192321-08-1981 
Maund, Arthur Clinton00-00-189113-12-1942more 
Maund, Frederick Walton   
Maxwell, Ian Robert10-06-192305-11-1991more 
Mayers, Howard Clive09-01-191020-07-1942more 
Mayhew, Kenneth George (Ken)18-01-191714-05-2021 
Mayne, Robert Blair "Paddy"11-01-191514-12-1955more 
McAlister, Eric Milton07-12-1917  
McCann, James   
McClarnan, Robert   
McCormick, Alexander John00-03-1916  
McCormick, Thomas   
McCreadie, Edward   
McCreadie, James02-08-188927-02-1941 
McCreadie, Peter18-10-190322-10-1942 
McCrystal, James Manax26-09-1920  
McDonagh, Peter27-06-1918  
McDonough, Thomas 00-00-1980 
McFarlane, Robert12-07-191419-05-2004more 
McGarry, John Patrick00-00-192103-07-1943 
McGowan, Philip00-00-192106-05-2001 
McGowan, Rennick 19-06-2012 
McGregor, Alan James   
McGrogan, Frank30-09-192323-07-1967 
McIntosh, J.A.   
McKee, Andrew10-01-190208-12-1988more 
McKellar, Archibald Ashmore10-04-191201-11-1940more 
McKenzie Muir, Donald  more 
McKenzie, Kenneth Ross   
McKue, Douglas00-00-1914 more 
McLeod, Daniel Holland 18-11-1944 
McLeod, Henry Wallace "Wally"17-12-191527-09-1944more 
McMahon, William G. "Bill"21-06-190900-00-1998 
McMaster, John   
McMath, Matthew, Jr.07-09-191800-00-1993 
McNab, Ernest Archibald07-03-190610-01-1977 
McNamara, Thomas Christopher04-01-1918 more 
McPherson, Donald Robert00-00-192303-03-1945 
McQueen, George Reginald   
McTernaghan, James Leslie Martin 00-00-2006 
Meager, William Harry "Bill" "Lofty"16-05-192312-09-1944 
Meaker, Derek Eustace John01-10-1922  
Mears, Arthur   
Mears, Jack  more 
Mellings, Frederick Thomas09-01-1913  
Melville-Jackson, George Holmes23-11-191907-03-2009more 
Menzies, John Watherston 06-07-1944 
Meredith, John Thomas11-01-190525-02-1964more 
Merralls, Peter Ernest 01-08-1942 
Merritt, Charles Cecil Ingersoll10-11-190812-07-2000more 
Michael, Dennis David  more 
Michiels, Albert Charles Antoine02-12-191510-07-1944more 
Middleton, Rawdon Hume "Ron"22-07-191629-11-1942 
Miers, Anthony Cecil Capel11-11-190630-06-1985more 
Millen, Samuel James00-00-191416-12-1940 
Miller, Frank Robert30-04-190820-10-1997more 
Miller, Hayden Hugh James31-03-191405-07-2009more 
Miller, Ronald James21-04-191923-01-1977more 
Mills, Randolph Stuart "Milly20-10-190910-01-1996 
Miszewski, Antoni Paulin "Lubicz"22-06-189105-10-1957more 
Mitchell, Angus Ian00-08-1921 more 
Mitchell, Ernest Raymond 23-11-1943 
Mitchell, George Allan30-08-191124-01-1944 
Mitchell, Kenneth Frederick   
Mitek, Stanislaw  more 
Moodie, William Park 06-08-1943 
Moore, Alfred William   
Moore, Archibald31-05-191713-05-1978 
Moore, John William14-02-1913 more 
Moore, Thomas "Captain Tom"30-04-192002-02-2021 
Morgan, Charles Wallace  more 
Morgan, Frank Reginald   
Morgan, Matthew Lawrence   
Moriarty, David John13-08-192125-04-2010 
Morley, Charles Robert   
Morozewicz, Zygmunt28-04-189802-01-1953more 
Morris, Ronald 20-02-2008 
Morshead, Leslie James18-09-189926-09-1959more 
Moseley-Williams, Walter Read "Mose"00-00-191830-08-1945more 
Moss, John06-05-192214-10-1946more 
Mountbatten, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas25-06-190027-08-1979more 
Mouton, Jacobus Andreas23-07-191728-06-1944 
Movold, Gilbert04-08-190606-05-1945 
Moyse, Joseph  more 
Mrazek, Karel29-11-191005-12-1998more 
Mudge, William Charles00-04-1888 more 
Muirhead, James Campbell   
Mullineaux, James John00-05-1918  
Mullins, Alfred George "Fred"04-03-192215-08-2008 
Mumford, Douglas John08-12-192402-01-1945 
Munford, Dennis Steven16-09-191227-02-2002more 
Munro, John Leslie "Les"05-04-191904-08-2015more 
Munro, Ronald Lyell09-02-191928-02-2002 
Murphy, Edward   
Murphy, Henry John29-05-1893 more 
Murray, Harold John "Harry"13-11-189822-10-1968more 
Myers, Cecil Dennison00-00-1921