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1939-1945 Star

This star was awarded for operational service from September 3rd 1939 (the day of the outbreak of WW 2) to August 15th 1945 (the day hostilities against Japan in the Pacific ceased). A bar was authorized for fighter crews engaged in the Battle of Britain from July 10th to October 31st 1940.
The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI VI in the centre surrounded by the inscription: "The 1939-1945 Star" and surmounted by a crown. The reverse is blank. Recipients are eligible for the other campaign stars of Burma, Italy, the France and Germany Star and the Pacific Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide with three stripes of equal width coloured dark blue, scarlet and light blue which represent the three armed services.

This decoration could be awarded with the "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" clasp. The clasp was awarded to all those that had flown on at least one operational sortie with an accredited Battle of Britain squadron between July 10th - October 31st 1940.

In 2012 it was noted that a new clasp would be produced for affiction on the 39-45 Star, called the "BOMBER COMMAND" clasp. The clasp can be received from 2013 onward by any person who, during the Second World War, has flown as aircrew for at least one operational sortie with a Bomber Command operational unit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Lafont, Henry10-08-192002-12-2011more 
Lakinski, Zygmunt27-01-189224-03-1961more 
Lalbahadur, Thapa01-02-190620-10-1968more 
Lamason, Phillip John (Phil)15-09-191819-05-2012more 
Lamb, Leonard Sydney   
Lambert, Herbert Owen Meredith26-06-191226-00-0000 
Lambert, Ronald Truzwell00-00-190411-12-1984more 
Lammer, Ritter von, Alfred28-11-190904-10-2000more 
Lang, W.   
Langan, Edward   
Langford, Eric Joseph00-00-191300-00-1994 
Lapraik, John Neilson "Ian"13-09-191515-03-1985more 
Lassen, Anders Frederik Emil Victor Schau22-09-192008-04-1945more 
Lathbury, Gerald William "Legs"14-07-190616-05-1978more 
Laurie, William08-11-190908-10-1996more 
Lawes, Ernest Arthur19-03-192411-04-1973 
Lawlor, Kenneth Hayes   
Lawrie, James Chisholm 26-04-1943 
Laycock, John Ernest   
Layne, Walter Henry "Wally"05-12-1916  
Le Bargy, Charles Reginald01-09-189325-10-1980more 
Le Grice, Edward Glenn10-04-191415-05-2006 
Le Patourel, Herbert Wallace20-06-191604-09-1979more 
Le Roux, Jacobus Johannes (Chris)12-04-192029-08-1944more 
Leach, Alan25-03-192105-01-1945 
Leadbeater, Worrall Reginald23-08-191325-08-1992 
Leah, Emanuel   
Learoyd, Roderick Alastair Brook05-02-191324-01-1996more 
Leavesley, Eddie08-10-191900-01-1986 
Leckie, Robert16-04-189031-03-1975more 
LeConte, Edgar Francis08-03-192004-05-1981 
Lee, Arnold James Sydney   
Lee, Christopher Frank Carandini27-05-192207-06-2015more 
Lee-Barber, John16-04-190500-00-1995more 
Lees, Ronald Beresford27-04-191018-05-1991more 
Leeuw, de, Hans04-11-1919  
LeFebvre, Edmond Raoul Herve Yvon03-11-192020-12-2000more 
Legge, Brian Pauncefoote05-05-1920 more 
Leigh-Mallory, Trafford11-07-189214-11-1944more 
Leighton, Robert John Braidwood26-08-192200-00-1996 
Leith-MacGregor, Robert23-08-191714-11-2008more 
Lemberger, Chil Jonkiel   
Lennard, Wilfred Arthur  more 
Lesslie, Albert Henry00-04-188603-01-1945 
Lett, John Joseph07-10-192100-00-1991 
Lett, Stephen McLeod00-00-190800-00-1992more 
Lever, Francis Sydney21-08-1918  
Levett, Jesse   
Lewenhoff, Tadeusz Zbigniew00-00-192000-00-1998more 
Lewin, Charles  more 
Lewis, Edgar   
Lewis, Leslie George01-06-192131-08-2002 
Lewis, William John   
Ligthelm, Willem Adriaan Otto13-11-192222-05-2014more 
Lilley, George Thomas   
Lillis, Theodore20-02-1920  
Lilly, Ronald William06-06-1924  
Linton, John Wallace15-10-190523-03-1943 
Linzel, Jan18-08-191806-02-2009more 
Linzel, Jan07-12-191505-05-2019more 
Lipscombe, Ernest George13-05-1914  
Litchfield, Norman Eric07-04-1914 more 
Little, James Hayward  more 
Lloyd, John Edward13-04-189424-12-1965more 
Lockett, Peter Joseph 06-06-1944 
Lockey, Norman   
Lofthouse, Tom23-04-191616-08-1986 
Lokuciewski, Witold01-02-191717-04-1990more 
Londesbro, John William "Jack"08-07-1907  
Loney, Wesley Glen  more 
Long, Guy Frederick Downes  more 
Long, Ronald Walter00-00-192016-09-1944more 
Longton, Denis   
Looney, James Proddow27-11-191426-03-1998more 
Lord, David Samuel Anthony18-10-191319-09-1944more 
Love, Edwin George "Ted"   
Love, William Kilworthy Murray16-10-191816-02-1944 
Lovegrove, Hubert   
Lovell, Derek 02-03-2019more 
Lovell, Horace Godfrey   
Lovell, Peter Wilson00-07-192100-03-1966 
Loverseed, John Eric04-12-191000-00-1962 
Lunn, John Davis23-05-192124-01-1945 
Lyall, Graham Thomson08-03-189228-11-1941more 
Lynes, Peter John00-00-192207-06-1944 
Lynn-Allen, Esmond Harcourt   
Lyon, Ivan17-08-191516-10-1944 
Lyons, Michael Arthur Hugh