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Croix de Guerre (1939-1945)

This decoration was instituted on April 8th 1915 to commemmorate individual mentions in despatches and can be awarded to all French military personnel, regardless of rank and also to officers and men of Allied Forces for an individual feat of arms mentioned in a despatch. The despatch had to originate from an officer commanding an Army, an Army Corps, a Division, a Brigade or the C.O. of a Regiment or a corresponding unit of Naval Forces. Mention in Army Despatch merits a small bronze laurel branch, Army Corps Despatch a silver gilt star, Divisional a silver star, Regimental or similar Unit Despatch a bronze star; all these emblems to be worn on the ribbon of the Cross. For every mention the appropiate emblem will be awarded; if one person has been awarded five palms, he will wear a silver palm instead.
The ribbon of the Croix de Guerre 1939-1945 differs from the original; it is coloured bright red with four vertical bands of green in the centre.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Cabanier, Georges21-11-190626-10-1976more 
Cabeldu, Frederick Norman00-00-190512-06-1976 
Cadéac d'Arbaud, Jean26-04-191718-11-2003more 
Cailleaud, René20-08-191022-09-2000 
Camaret de, Michel18-01-191524-06-1987more 
Cambas, Lucien21-08-191614-05-1961more 
Camm, Frank08-01-189516-12-1976 
Campbell, John, Jr. (134th Infantry Regiment)19-09-191329-12-1995more 
Cance, Pierre28-06-190710-08-1988 
Capelle, William Abram   
Caple, Dale   
Carr, John Richard09-05-191124-10-1982 
Carr, Sir, Charles Roderick31-08-189115-12-1971more 
Carruthers, William14-10-191400-00-2009 
Cartmell, James Henry18-09-192224-02-2017more 
Castex, Louis00-00-189600-00-1968 
Castle, Frederick Walker14-10-190824-12-1944more 
Catroux, Georges29-01-187721-12-1969more 
Chadburn, Lloyd Vernon "Chad"21-08-191913-06-1944 
Chaigneau, Jacques12-02-192305-10-1944 
Chalupa, Stanislaw Józef14-01-191524-04-2004 
Champeny, Arthur Seymour13-08-189311-04-1979more 
Charlton, Ronald Edmund00-09-1915 more 
Chatwin, Cecil Athos Newcome10-03-189811-05-1974 
Chennault, Claire Lee06-09-189327-07-1958more 
Choron, Maurice Philipe Cesar07-11-191110-04-1942 
Christensen, Wheatley Theordore05-07-1918  
Churchill, Peter Morland14-01-190901-05-1972 
Cizek, Evzen10-12-190426-11-1942more 
Clark, Mark Wayne01-05-189617-04-1984more 
Clement, Erwin "Scotty"01-09-191303-02-2008 
Clement, John   
Clifford, Harold A.20-02-191817-02-2010 
Clostermann, Pierre28-02-192122-03-2006more 
Coates, Charles Herbert08-12-191606-06-1944more 
Cochrane, Alfred William Gordon10-10-191629-10-1994more 
Cohen, Gaston Armand10-10-191804-05-2007 
Cole, Robert George19-03-191518-09-1944more 
Collins, Joseph Lawton "Lightning Joe"01-05-189612-09-1987more 
Complak, Karol Józef  more 
Conde, John Alexander Harcourt "Jack"00-00-191000-00-1964 
Conein, Lucien Emile29-11-191903-06-1998more 
Conner, Garlin Murl02-06-191905-11-1998more 
Connolly, Stephen John Verdun05-03-191721-07-1966 
Coomber, William Peter 02-10-1999 
Coppin, Edward Cyril20-05-191527-09-1944 
Cordeiro de Farias, Osvalod16-08-190117-02-1981 
Corlett, Charles H. "Cowboy Pete"31-07-188913-10-1971more 
Cormeau-Biesterfeld, Beatrice Yvonne   
Coster, Charles H. 05-04-1977 
Coster, Donald   
Cota, Norman Daniel "Dutch"30-05-189304-10-1971more 
Couraud, Raymond12-01-192000-00-1977more 
Cowburn, Benjamin Hodkinson "Benoît"13-03-190917-12-1994 
Cox, John Richard, Jr. (USN)14-04-191319-02-1995 
Crawford-Compton, William Vernon02-03-191502-01-1988more 
Cross, Kenneth Brian Boyd "Bing"04-10-191118-06-2003more 
Cruwys, Gerald Herbert08-10-192120-04-1944 
Cukr, Vaclav16-10-191314-10-1989more 
Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningh, Andrew Browne07-01-188312-06-1963more 
Cunningham, Robert F.30-04-192102-02-2011 
Curtis, Charles Cutler   
Czarnecki, Kamil Bogumil05-08-191202-06-2001more 
Czarnecki, Marian Norbert06-06-191108-06-1981more 


Lanyard with the War Cross
Fourragere Croix de GuerreLanyard with the War Cross
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