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Croix de Guerre (1939-1945)

This decoration was instituted on April 8th 1915 to commemmorate individual mentions in despatches and can be awarded to all French military personnel, regardless of rank and also to officers and men of Allied Forces for an individual feat of arms mentioned in a despatch. The despatch had to originate from an officer commanding an Army, an Army Corps, a Division, a Brigade or the C.O. of a Regiment or a corresponding unit of Naval Forces. Mention in Army Despatch merits a small bronze laurel branch, Army Corps Despatch a silver gilt star, Divisional a silver star, Regimental or similar Unit Despatch a bronze star; all these emblems to be worn on the ribbon of the Cross. For every mention the appropiate emblem will be awarded; if one person has been awarded five palms, he will wear a silver palm instead.
The ribbon of the Croix de Guerre 1939-1945 differs from the original; it is coloured bright red with four vertical bands of green in the centre.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
MacDonald, William Mary Laurence11-08-190809-11-1984more 
MacDougall, Arthur, Sr.   
MacGillivary, Charles Andrew17-01-191724-06-2000more 
Mackay, Herman Dwight20-10-1909  
Macon, Robert Chauncey12-07-189020-10-1980 
Maczek, Stanislaw Wladyslaw "Baca"31-03-189211-12-1994more 
Magill, Samuel Wallace   
Magrin-Vernerey, Raoul Charles "Ralph Monclar"07-02-189203-06-1964more 
Maher, William Christopher "Paddy" 24-07-1946more 
Majewski, Tadeusz Adam Feliks26-08-189920-06-1969more 
Makowski, Stanislaw "Dmitri"10-05-191418-08-1944 
Malan, Adolph Gysbert "Sailor" 17-09-1963more 
Malarkey, Donald G.31-07-192130-09-2017more 
Malinowski, Bronislaw12-02-191201-05-1982more 
Malony, Harry J.24-08-188923-03-1971 
Maloubier, Robert "Bob"02-02-192320-02-2015more 
Mann, Joe Eugene08-07-192218-09-1944more 
Marcet, Paul 06-10-1942 
Maresch, Karol14-08-189817-01-1986more 
Marowski, Jan  more 
Marshall, George Catlett31-12-188016-09-1959more 
Martin, Albert13-02-1911 more 
Martin, John W.12-05-192226-01-2005more 
Martin, Thomas22-04-191817-04-2013 
Mascarenhas de Morais, João Baptista13-11-188307-09-1968 
Mathis, Jacques28-12-191431-08-1944 
Mayer, Albert P.   
Mayer, James Andrew "Sexton"20-04-192014-09-1944 
Mayne, Robert Blair "Paddy"11-01-191514-12-1955more 
McAuliffe, Anthony Clement02-07-189811-08-1975more 
McCairns, James Atterby "Mac"21-09-191913-06-1948 
McCloud, George William  more 
McClune, Harold H.01-06-1894  
McClung, Earl E. "One Lung"27-04-192327-11-2013more 
McClure, Lionel Alfred02-10-191727-01-1997more 
McCracken, Donald G. "Mac"   
McCready, John   
McDiarmid, Harvey Allan20-03-191720-10-2004 
McDougall, Mudoch C.   
McGregor, Gordon Roy26-09-190108-03-1971more 
McMahon, Bernard B.   
McNair, Robert Wendell "Buck"15-05-191915-01-1971 
McNarney, Joseph Taggart28-08-189301-02-1972more 
McNichols, Clarence J.00-00-1919  
McPherson, Donald Mighton 14-09-1973 
McSwain, Earl   
Mellings, Frederick Thomas09-01-1913  
Mendez, Louis Gonzaga, Jr.14-07-191519-09-2001more 
Meyer, John Charles03-04-191902-12-1975more 
Mihailovic, Dragoljub Draza26-04-189317-07-1946more 
Millar, William James   
Milleret, Jean De "Marnac"19-03-190810-01-1980 
Millett, Lewis Lee, Sr. "Red"15-12-192014-11-2009more 
Mills-Roberts, Derek23-11-190801-10-1980 
Miltonberger, Butler Buchanan (US Army)31-08-189723-03-1977more 
Mitterrand, François Maurice Adrien Marie26-10-191608-01-1996 
Mizrahi, David14-09-1920  
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi19-10-192627-07-1980 
Moncel, Robert William00-00-191710-12-2007 
Moncrieff, Ernest Hutchison Glen   
Montgomery, Bernard Law "Monty"17-11-188724-03-1976more 
Morton, Ronald Edward Alfred   
Mouchotte, René21-08-191427-08-1943more 
Moulin, Jean20-06-189908-07-1943more 
Mountbatten, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas25-06-190027-08-1979more 
Mountbatten, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh, Philip10-06-1921 more 
Mowinckel, John W. 07-05-2003 
Mrazek, Karel29-11-191005-12-1998more 
Muck, Warren H. "Skip"31-01-192210-01-1945more 
Muirhead, James Campbell   
Murphy, Audie Leon20-06-192428-05-1971more 
Murray, George Urquhart   


Lanyard with the War Cross
Fourragere Croix de GuerreLanyard with the War Cross
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