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Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Iron Cross 2nd Class was still highly regarded. In later war years however it was rewarded with much more ease. Still most recipients would wear the award with the same amount of proud ness. The Iron Cross 2nd Class was the first grade within the Iron Cross that was to be obtained for an individual act of bravery.

The official criteria were the individual and single act of bravery in the face of the enemy or actions that were above and beyond the normal call of duty. The approximately three million awarded crosses were obtained by German Military, Axis military and civilian uniformed organisations.

The cross measures 44 mm in diameter and hangs from a ribbon in the colours black white and red. The wide red band in the middle is being flanked by two equal white bands that both again are being flanked by a black band. During the whole war the production was retained with a high quality. On the front side one can find a Swastika and the year 1939, while the obverse contains the year 1813 on the lower arm.

Almost all World War Two crosses were made out of three parts, the Iron core and a silver rim on the front and backside. The two silver rims were welded together, holding the iron core. The core was produced from iron and was blackened. This core made the Iron Cross to be magnetized. Some examples are not magnetized because they were produced with brass or cupper. This version was especially welcome with members of the Kriegmarine. This core lasted longer in the exposure of salty sea water. The rim was supposed to be made from silver, but more common was the use of “German Silver”, a less expensive alloy of cupper, zinc and nickel. At the top a ring was welded to hold the loop for the ribbon. On the loop one can often find the manufacturers name although it is not uncommon that no name is placed. Therefore the absence of the manufacturers name is not a criterion to classify the cross as original or not.

The Iron Cross could be received in two different ways. The most exclusive way was in a leather box. More common was the bleu coloured envelop with in gothic letters the words “Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse”. The presentation was accompanied with a standard document. The receiving was also to be written down in the recipients “Soldbuch”or “Wehrpass”. The document normally didn’t contain the reason for obtaining the Cross, although in some occasions it was written down on the backside of the document.

It was not usual to wear the decoration it self. In stead a ribbon was worn on the left breast of hanging from the second button hole of the tunic in the way of the former Prussian Army.

In 1957 a special version of the cross was produced. On this the Swastika was replaced with an oak leaf. The way military actions of the Second World War could be honoured without the use of the forbidden Nazi-symbols. Most veterans however choose to wear the decoration as a ribbon only. Most 1957 versions are of a lesser quality than wartime examples.

Springer, Heinrich Adolf Leopold* November 3rd, 1914
† October 27th, 2007

Bidermann, Gottlob-Herbert (Gren.Reg.437)* August 28th, 1920
† September 1st, 2010

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Wabro, Franz01-11-191130-11-1986more 
Wachowiak, Friedrich "Friedel"13-02-192016-07-1944more 
Wachter, Heinrich13-01-1916 more 
Wachter, Johann "Hans"24-11-191219-12-1944more 
Wachter, Josef22-05-1912  
Wack, Heinz Peter00-00-191700-00-1993 
Wack, Hans19-03-190530-06-1944 
Wacker, Adolf Wilhelm26-08-1920  
Wacker, August   
Wacker, Ludwig   
Wacker, Raimund (Panzergrenadier-Regiment 74)05-01-192101-01-1945 
Wackernagel, Eberhard   
Wadenstorfer, Johann "Hans"14-10-191528-10-1944 
Waechter, Otto   
Wagener, Carl23-12-190103-06-1988 
Wagenfeld, Ludwig16-02-191126-02-1993 
Wagner, Adolf (Grenadier-Regiment 82)   
Wagner, Albert17-09-192412-08-1943 
Wagner, Alfred (Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 118)   
Wagner, Alois (WH-Schtz.Rgt. 63)   
Wagner, Edmund (Jagdgeschwader 51)05-12-191413-11-1941more 
Wagner, Emil-Richard (Infanterie-Regiment 62)11-12-191204-09-1944more 
Wagner, Georg ( Infanterie-Regiment 15)   
Wagner, Gerhard (Art.Rgt. 222)15-09-1893  
Wagner, Gerhard A. (Luftwaffe)01-01-1923  
Wagner, Günther (Nachtjagdgeschwader)12-08-1911  
Wagner, Hans (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 52)   
Wagner, Heinz (Panzergrenadier-Regt. 128)  more 
Wagner, Heinz (WH-Gren.Rgt. 417)   
Wagner, Heinz (WH-Inf.Rgt. 429)   
Wagner, Heinz (WH-Pz.Rgt. 35)   
Wagner, Helmut   
Wagner, Helmut (Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1)18-08-191507-06-1944more 
Wagner, Horst (Kampf-Geschwader 55 'Greif')   
Wagner, Hugo (Füsilier-Bataillon 129)   
Wagner, Johann13-01-192125-04-1944 
Wagner, Johann "Hans" (Grenadier-Regiment 698)13-04-191927-04-1987 
Wagner, Josef23-10-191806-09-1984 
Wagner, Josef (WH-Pz.Gren.Rgt. 1)11-11-1919  
Wagner, Jürgen (SS-Pz.Gren.Reg. 9 "Germania")09-09-190127-06-1947more 
Wagner, Karl (SS-Pz.Abt.101)31-05-192008-08-1944 
Wagner, Karl (SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt. "Totenkopf")17-11-1914  
Wagner, Klaus (Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 667)30-10-191724-04-2002 
Wagner, Otto (KM-U-Boot)11-12-191607-09-2007 
Wagner, Otto (WH-Gebirgsjäger)17-12-192208-10-1944 
Wagner, Otto (WH-Jäger-Bataillon 8)19-02-1913  
Wagner, Paul (WH-Inf. Rgt. 48)   
Wagner, Peter   
Wagner, Richard   
Wagner, Rolf   
Wagner, Rudolf29-10-192111-12-1943 
Wagner, Werner (Pz-Lehr-Div.)24-07-191924-12-1976 
Wagner, Wilhelm08-09-191504-07-1994 
Wagner, Ferdinand12-01-192328-04-1973 
Wagner, Heinz20-11-191916-08-1944 
Wagner, Helmut (WH-Gren.Rgt. 431)30-07-191200-10-1944 
Wahl, Adalbert08-05-1906  
Wahl, Dietmar02-01-191713-08-1943 
Wahl, Kurt20-08-191428-12-1988 
Wahl, Peter04-02-191327-03-1945 
Wahl, Wolfgang15-07-191326-09-1986 
Wahl, Ernst06-03-191803-04-1972 
Wahlbeck, Ragnar31-01-189904-07-1944more 
Wahlbrink, Erich21-01-191409-10-1943 
Wahls, Herbert   
Wahn, Rudolf23-01-192218-03-1943more 
Wahrmann, Michael24-03-191622-09-1943 
Waiblinger, Gerhard   
Waidhofer, Friedrich 00-07-1943 
Walbaum, Claus (Grenadier-Regiment 42)26-09-1917  
Walbröl, Anton15-12-1916  
Wald, Peter28-06-192000-00-1953 
Waldecker, Helmut03-09-191425-04-1966more 
Walden, Bruno14-12-191100-00-1946 
Waldhauser, Johann01-03-191313-05-1942 
Waldheim, Kurt Josef21-12-191814-06-2007 
Waldherr, Hubert18-07-191304-02-1944 
Waldmann, Hans-Peter "Dackel"24-09-192218-03-1945more 
Waldmüller, Hans (SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 25)13-09-191208-09-1944more 
Waldner, Erich   
Waldner, Hermann   
Waldorf, Anton   
Waldorf, Robert   
Waldow, Hermann11-04-191609-06-1944 
Walischewski, Adolf  more 
Walitschek, Hubert Felix24-04-191800-11-1997 
Walker, Albert   
Wall, Werner  more 
Walle, Gustav02-09-191529-09-1970more 
Wallenfang, Hans30-08-192124-09-1943 
Waller, Karl13-12-1914  
Wallesch, Ernst09-11-1915  
Wallhäuser, Karl-Heinz11-03-192209-06-1996 
Wallis, von, Helmut   
Wallowitz, Walther07-10-190420-10-1943 
Walser, Heinrich   
Walter, Anton   
Walter, Dominikus25-10-191314-02-1993 
Walter, Erwin (SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 3)14-03-1914  
Walter, Gerhard (WH-Grenadier)24-04-191430-01-1944 
Walter, Helmut10-05-192113-10-2005more 
Walter, Helmut (WH-Art.Rgt. 131)  more 
Walter, Helmut (WH-Pi.Btl. 14)10-05-192113-10-2005 
Walter, Herbert   
Walter, Kurt27-02-190813-08-1944more 
Walter, Kurt23-10-191126-10-1942 
Walter, Kurt   
Walter, Luitpold24-04-191230-04-1994 
Walter, x   
Walterbach, Bernhard30-10-191826-07-1997more 
Walther, Berthold   
Walther, Erich05-08-190326-12-1948more 
Walther, Gerhard17-06-192018-05-1944more 
Walther, Heinrich   
Walther, Horst   
Walther, Josef   
Walther, Kurt (WH-Art.Rgt. 290)   
Walther, Wilhelm27-01-191025-11-2010more 
Walz, Hans01-12-1912  
Walzenbach, Richard   
Wamsler, Eugen09-03-1920 more 
Wandel, Friedrich-Wilhelm24-07-191526-10-1943 
Wandel, Joachim07-05-191407-10-1942 
Wanderer, Ernst   
Wandersleb, Martin02-11-191828-08-1943 
Wandmaker, Helmut09-11-191619-07-2007more 
Wandrey, Max08-04-191021-02-1945more 
Wangenheim, Freiherr von, Hubert04-11-1904  
Wangenheim, Freiherr von, Konrad20-08-190900-02-1953 
Wangerin, Friedrich-Wilhelm27-01-191513-11-2002more 
Wanhöfer, Günter18-11-191607-08-2015 
Waniek, Gottfried Adolf Johannes26-10-192031-03-1942 
Wanka, Karl01-06-191403-05-1980more 
Wanke, Wilhelm   
Wannenmacher, Ernst-Leopold08-09-1921  
Wannerer, Josef   
Wanninger, Joseph08-02-191219-07-1943 
Wapnitz, Erich23-11-192005-01-1988 
Wappler, Fritz16-09-191609-10-1943more 
Warczak, Wladislaus07-06-1921  
Wardel, Valentin30-03-1916  
Wargin, Josef  more 
Warmenhoven, Pierre00-00-191600-00-1943 
Warnhoff, Karl10-02-190202-09-1943 
Warning, Elmar (LXVII. Armeekorps)10-12-1907  
Warnkross, Wolfgang17-04-1918  
Warrelmann, Hinrich16-04-190409-10-1980 
Warrelmann, Wilhelm15-11-191813-02-1944 
Warschnauer, Horst (Pio.Bat. 'Großdeutschland')28-12-191926-12-1948more 
Warsow, Gerhard   
Wartenberg, Heinrich   
Wartenberg, von, Guido14-08-190416-09-1944 
Waschk, Herbert19-01-191710-11-1943more 
Waschkau, Gustav28-08-191620-08-1944 
Wasmer, x00-00-1913  
Wasmund, Erich02-08-190228-04-1945 
Wassmann, Rudolf07-10-1914  
Wassner, Johann (Hans)03-12-191730-07-1943 
Wastrack, Rudolf25-04-1918  
Waterbeck, Karl01-01-191521-01-1944 
Waterstraat, Kurt07-10-1908  
Watzek, Erich   
Watzinger, Josef01-04-191627-06-1944 
Waue, Georg01-02-190108-05-1945 
Wauschkuhn, Kurt   
Wawrok, Ernst21-04-191304-02-1995 
Wawrzinek, Emil  more 
Weber, Alois30-11-191519-01-2003 
Weber, Alois (WH-Infanterie)26-07-190319-06-1976more 
Weber, Arno25-08-1919  
Weber, Artur   
Weber, Bernhard24-11-1921  
Weber, Dr., Helmut   
Weber, Emil   
Weber, Emmeran   
Weber, Erich (Grenadier-Regiment 118)   
Weber, Erich (Jagd-Panzer-Kompanie 1181)07-01-1913  
Weber, Ernst (Lw-Flak-Regiment)   
Weber, Erwin   
Weber, Franciscus06-08-191800-00-1944 
Weber, Franz   
Weber, Franz (Jäger-Regiment 28)30-11-192128-07-2014 
Weber, Franz (Transportgeschwader 3)  more 
Weber, Georg 29-08-1943 
Weber, Gottfried31-01-189117-08-1958more 
Weber, Gustav11-12-1922  
Weber, Günther24-12-192408-08-1944 
Weber, Hanny   
Weber, Hans24-11-191504-10-1942 
Weber, Hans-Joachim04-06-191406-04-1985 
Weber, Heinrich09-07-1915  
Weber, Heinz   
Weber, Helmut   
Weber, Horst Benno Fridigern08-08-191908-01-2007more 
Weber, Hugo28-02-1913 more 
Weber, Johan (See-Aufklärungsgruppe 125)  more 
Weber, Johann24-03-192126-12-1943 
Weber, Karel12-01-192203-06-2006 
Weber, Karl-Heinz30-01-192207-06-1944 
Weber, Karl-Otto10-10-191414-04-1999 
Weber, Kurt   
Weber, Martin26-06-191614-04-1943 
Weber, Otto   
Weber, Otto (WH-Inf.Rgt. 151)19-08-190114-09-1944 
Weber, Peter   
Weber, Philipp (WH-Unteroffizier)15-07-190809-02-1944 
Weber, Wilhelm   
Weber, Wilhelm19-03-191802-03-1980more 
Weber, Wolfgang (WH-Art.Rgt.)   
Weber, Xaver25-03-191618-02-1943 
Weber, Benno13-06-192008-08-1944 
Weber, Jakob19-01-191423-04-1979 
Weber, Rudolf28-02-191714-02-1945 
Weber, Walter23-12-190819-07-1944 
Weber-Dahlmann, Alois17-09-1919  
Wechsler, Reinhold   
Wechsung, Willi29-12-191322-03-2001more 
Weck, Helmut11-03-1916 more 
Weck, Julius11-04-1913  
Weck, Hans-Joachim22-12-192022-06-2007 
Wecker, Franz21-03-191126-01-1994 
Wecker, Josef22-02-191321-11-1943 
Weckmann, Erwin11-09-1920  
Weckmann, Harry09-12-190611-02-1945 
Weddig, Ernst24-02-191108-03-1943 
Wedel, Graf von, Wedigo24-07-190727-08-1942 
Wedemeyer, Haimar22-09-190613-11-1998 
Weege, Karl-Heinz   
Weert de, Klaas Hermanus19-12-1919  
Wege, Willy   
Wegehaupt, Heinrich   
Wegener, Franz   
Wegener, Gustav   
Wegener, Günther   
Wegener, Herbert   
Wegener, Werner Willy02-01-191426-07-1989 
Weger, Alois08-03-192028-11-1994 
Weger, Werner   
Wegerer, Ferdinand09-08-191708-12-1999more 
Wegner, Fritz27-08-192201-09-2007 
Wegner, Otto   
Wegner, Otto   
Wegner, Otto (KM-Tboot)   
Wegner, Wilhelm (Stug-Abteilung 'Großdeutschland')21-09-191410-03-1989more 
Wegwarth, Erich   
Wehinger, Anton13-01-192115-05-2012 
Wehking, Heinz   
Wehking, Hermann09-09-191403-11-2009more 
Wehking, Otto   
Wehling, Herbert, Klaus11-03-1920 more 
Wehlitz, Lothar10-03-191402-10-1996 
Wehmeyer, Alfred21-04-191901-06-1942more 
Wehner, Georg   
Wehner, Kurt   
Wehner, Paul   
Wehrmann, Gerhard16-03-191424-12-1998more 
Weiand, Franz   
Weichbrodt, Karl-Heinz   
Weichert, Eugen   
Weichler, Heinrich "Heinz"  more 
Weichsel, Ernst17-08-1910  
Weichsel, August07-10-1925  
Weickert, Gerhard   
Weidemann, Friedrich Karl   
Weidenbrück, Wilhelm05-02-191528-04-2011 
Weidenholzer, Franz 16-08-1944 
Weidhofer, Otto26-11-191316-02-1945 
Weidinger, Otto27-05-191411-01-1990more 
Weidlich, Ferdinand   
Weidlich, Paul12-11-191018-02-1993more 
Weidmann, Paul16-12-191502-03-1943 
Weidner, Friedrich02-10-191628-03-1980 
Weidner, Hellmut19-08-1916  
Weidner, Karl   
Weigel, Hermann23-04-191115-12-1993 
Weigel, Peter   
Weigel, Rudolf10-05-191318-04-1945 
Weigl, Anton (Gren.Rgt. 167)18-02-191228-12-1942 
Weihe, Edmund07-10-1916 more 
Weiherer, Michael21-04-191324-03-1944 
Weihrauch, Werner22-08-191622-08-1999 
Weihse, Helmuth   
Weijers, Frans03-08-192100-00-1944 
Weik, Hans06-07-192205-06-2001 
Weil, Karl (Infanterie-Regiment 331)  more 
Weiler, August25-07-191405-11-2007 
Weiler, Bruno27-07-190508-05-1945more 
Weiler, Friedrich   
Weiler, Kurt   
Weilhammer, Karl27-12-191004-09-1943 
Weilinger, Horst (Panzer-Regiment 2)04-06-191718-06-1944more 
Weilkes, Friedrich06-12-1906  
Weimann, Erwin   
Weimer, Kilian Otto12-05-190421-09-1979more 
Weimer, Otto24-11-192005-04-1945 
Weinand, Matthias  more 
Weinberger, Alfred (Grenadier-Regiment 31)00-00-1915  
Weinberger, Alois23-05-192005-07-1942 
Weinbuch, Georg25-05-191524-05-1942 
Weineck, Johannes25-12-191514-12-2005more 
Weinelt, Rudolf16-04-191702-07-1996 
Weiner, Georg   
Weinfurtner, Michael 25-06-1942 
Weingartner, Josef03-08-191207-01-1943 
Weingartner, Martin22-10-192017-08-1944more 
Weinitschke, Dietrich "Dieter"20-11-192008-12-2007 
Weinland, Heinz28-09-1921  
Weinmann, Willi   
Weinreich, Hans   
Weinreich, Fritz28-01-192201-02-1945 
Weinrich, Friedrich   
Weinrich, Georg08-05-1920 more 
Weinzheimer, Otto   
Weinzierl, Franz 24-11-1942 
Weippert, Gustav07-09-191320-02-1993 
Weirich, Oskar (Panzerjäger-Kompanie 1169)01-07-1911  
Weirich, Reinhold29-02-1912  
Weirich, Rudolf01-07-1908  
Weis, Arthur   
Weis, Hermann18-12-1918  
Weischer, Karl26-04-191124-12-1942 
Weise, Erich   
Weise, Karl-Heinz   
Weise, Walter   
Weisel, Erwin07-04-191701-03-2013 
Weisenbach, Ernst14-10-191909-10-1943more 
Weisenfeld, Karlheinz Wilhelm26-07-192426-12-1944 
Weiser, Gerhard (Jäger-Regiment 83)08-04-1914 more 
Weiser, Hans05-09-192021-12-2000more 
Weiser, Hermann22-11-191821-03-1970 
Weisflog, Heinrich   
Weiskopf, Wilhelm   
Weisleder, Hans-Georg31-12-191813-09-2008 
Weiss, Franz19-04-190302-09-1975 
Weiss, Franz   
Weiss, Günther03-10-1918  
Weiss, Josef24-07-192115-12-1943 
Weiss, Paul   
Weiss, Rudolf  more 
Weiss, Werner   
Weisse, Kurt11-10-1909  
Weisse, Wilhelm   
Weisse, Bruno21-12-191428-11-1972 
Weisselberg, Rudolf   
Weissenberger, Theodor 'Theo' (JG 5 'Eismeer')21-12-191410-06-1950more 
Weissenborn, Hans-Jürgen26-04-1917  
Weisser, Hans-Hermann05-02-1920 more 
Weisser, Helmut   
Weissflog, Hans-Joachim24-02-192311-08-1995more 
Weissflog, Paul (Grenadier-Regiment 31)16-04-1915  
Weissmann, August Karl Heinz "Heinz"15-02-191904-08-1943more 
Weit, Karl   
Weitenhagen, Otto   
Weiter, Josef05-04-191530-07-1944 
Weitz, Helmut   
Weitzel, Adalbert19-02-191123-08-1944 
Weiß, Adolf (LW-pilot)15-02-191713-02-1996more 
Weiß, Adolf (WH-Infanterie)03-04-1906 more 
Weiß, Alfred13-06-191407-02-1945 
Weiß, Christian08-08-191525-08-1981 
Weiß, Friedrich27-09-191912-10-1992more 
Weiß, Georg25-11-191813-08-1963 
Weiß, Hans28-08-191102-10-1978more 
Weiß, Herbert02-01-191422-09-1999 
Weiß, Otto Albert Bernhard25-09-190719-08-1955 
Weiß, Paul (Grenadier-Regiment 481)19-06-191325-04-1945 
Weiß, Richard10-09-191402-05-1945more 
Weiß, Robert21-04-192029-12-1944 
Weißbrodt, Eberhard 25-08-1990more 
Weißflog, Erich29-11-191910-01-1999 
Weißmann, Eginhard28-04-192306-02-1998 
Weißmantel, Gottfried   
Weißmüller, Ludwig31-03-191518-08-1943 
Wekenmann, Martin29-10-191417-02-1972 
Welck, Freiherr von, Kurt Klemens Georg-Magnus04-03-1911  
Welge, Raimund   
Welken, Heinrich28-10-191910-04-1975 
Welle, Franz   
Weller, Franz05-12-190114-08-1994more 
Weller, Paul   
Weller, Wolfgang   
Wellmann, Ernst14-01-190417-07-1970more 
Wellmann, Wolf09-06-192424-07-1944 
Wellnitz, Wilhelm22-10-1915  
Welsch, Willi21-12-191026-07-1944 
Welskop, Heinrich08-08-191607-05-1981 
Welter, Kurt25-02-191607-03-1949more 
Welzel, Karl-Heinrich28-08-191606-02-2002 
Wenck, Walther18-09-190001-05-1982more 
Wendel, Walter05-11-192011-11-1944 
Wendelken, Harry19-04-191500-00-1945more 
Wendenburg, Gerhard18-09-189610-12-1961 
Wendisch, Erich   
Wendland, Artur   
Wendland, Jürgen   
Wendland, Wilhelm   
Wendland, Heinrich 'Heinz'18-08-191718-06-1944more 
Wendlandt, Siegfried07-08-191419-04-2004 
Wendling, Gustav (Kampfgeschwader 1)   
Wendling, Otto16-10-192102-05-2011more 
Wendlinger, Johann28-09-192217-12-1943 
Wendorff, Helmut Max Ernst21-10-192014-08-1944 
Wendrinsky, Gustav24-01-192313-02-1945 
Wendroth, Johannes   
Wendt, Manfred04-01-192106-11-1996 
Wendt, Olaf (Artillerie-Regiment 114)15-01-1917  
Wendt, Wilhelm11-10-191119-02-1984 
Wendt, Wolf26-02-192005-10-1944 
Wendt, Karl07-08-191717-09-1944 
Wengeler, Walter   
Wenger, Leopold19-11-192110-04-1945 
Wenig, Gottfried12-01-191913-01-1943 
Weniger, Karl24-05-189901-10-1941more 
Weniger, Otto Erich   
Wenke, Klaus24-03-191601-11-1944 
Wenning, Wolfgang27-11-192227-04-1944 
Wenninger, Hans   
Wensauer, Matthias29-10-190501-05-1969 
Wense, von der, Hasso13-05-1919  
Wensing, Hermann19-08-191419-08-1941 
Wentzell, Fritz29-04-189901-04-1948 
Wenz, Alfred Emil01-12-191919-09-1944more 
Wenzel, Günther   
Wenzel, Helmut03-10-191324-01-2003 
Wenzel, Karl Ambrosius Sylvester31-12-192201-01-1945more 
Wenzelburger, Georg 'Schorsch' (Gren.Reg.1098)22-12-191018-01-2000more 
Wenzlau, Wilhelm02-07-191304-08-1942 
Wepner, Eitel-Friedrich   
Werfft, Dr. chem., Peter08-10-190423-07-1970 
Wermter, Rudolf18-10-191301-09-1944 
Wernecke, Friedrich-August   
Werner, Erich (LW-Kampfgeschwader 55)20-12-1914 more 
Werner, Ernst (Infanterie-Regiment 516)19-01-191223-09-1944more 
Werner, Ernst-August25-01-191604-02-1945 
Werner, Fritz03-01-1915 more 
Werner, Gerhard21-05-191608-09-1944more 
Werner, Harro   
Werner, Heinz02-12-191709-09-1978more 
Werner, Heinz   
Werner, Heinz (Lw-Hermann Göring)   
Werner, Johann  more 
Werner, Rolf   
Werner, Walter11-07-191725-06-1997 
Werner, Wilhelm (Lw-Hermann Göring)   
Werner, Otto27-01-191418-12-1943 
Wernicke, Heinz17-10-192027-12-1944 
Wernig, Emil28-03-192020-11-1943more 
Wernitz, Ulrich21-01-192123-12-1980 
Wernke, Konrad   
Werr, Heinz   
Werra, Baron von, Franz Xaver13-07-191425-10-1941more 
Werth, Gerhard (WH-Art.Rgt.)   
Werthern, Freiherr von, Hans-Georg10-08-1917 more 
Werthern, Freiherr von, Thilo24-07-191210-01-2004more 
Werthern-Beichlingen, Freiherr und Herr von, Thilo28-12-191407-06-1986 
Werthmann, Werner   
Wesche, Konrad Julius Willi "Willi"08-01-189927-06-1944more 
Wesemann, Fritz   
Wesing, Karl-Heinz02-05-191730-08-1997 
Weskott, Ernst   
Wessel, Erwin   
Wessel, Otto   
Wessel, Richard   
Wessel, Rudolf26-09-191420-12-1985 
Wessel, Werner   
Wessels, Johann-Friedrich28-05-190409-02-1988more 
Westarp, Graf von, Georg-Viktor   
Westberg, Günter07-04-191816-12-1944 
Weste, Ulrich   
Westenberger, Walter (Grenadier-Regiment 255)17-03-191400-07-1944more 
Westerkamp, Otto   
Westermann, Friedrich-Wilhelm27-01-192007-04-1943more 
Westermann, Fritz   
Westermann, Hans-Dieter   
Westermann, Karl   
Westermann, Wilhelm21-06-1914  
Westermeier, Michael06-04-191530-08-1941 
Westernhagen, von, Fritz19-01-1916  
Westerwelle, Wilhelm   
Westhofen, Heinrich01-03-191405-12-1959 
Westhues, Heinrich   
Westner, Josef31-07-191207-09-1942 
Westphal, Alfred   
Westphal, Bernhard25-11-192123-11-1943 
Westphal, Siegfried18-03-190202-07-1982more 
Westphalen zu Fürstenberg, Graf von, Hermenegild10-03-190928-05-1944more 
Westphalen, Otto12-03-192008-01-2008 
Weth, von der, Werner   
Wettengel, Alfred   
Wettengel, Karl29-10-191202-11-1986 
Wetterich, Gottfried   
Wettstein, Friedrich Wilhelm "Willi"09-01-1921  
Wetz, Oskar18-09-191211-10-1943more 
Wetzel, Jakob20-09-1920  
Wetzel, Friedrich07-10-191403-04-1994 
Wetzorke, Günther   
Wever, Walther16-01-192310-04-1945 
Wewers, Heinz Egon (s.Pz.Jg.Abt. 560)01-03-191422-12-1944 
Weyand, Ewald   
Weyde, Eugen (Frontaufklärungstrupp 213)03-11-192115-10-1966