Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Iron Cross 2nd Class was still highly regarded. In later war years however it was rewarded with much more ease. Still most recipients would wear the award with the same amount of proud ness. The Iron Cross 2nd Class was the first grade within the Iron Cross that was to be obtained for an individual act of bravery.

The official criteria were the individual and single act of bravery in the face of the enemy or actions that were above and beyond the normal call of duty. The approximately three million awarded crosses were obtained by German Military, Axis military and civilian uniformed organisations.

The cross measures 44 mm in diameter and hangs from a ribbon in the colours black white and red. The wide red band in the middle is being flanked by two equal white bands that both again are being flanked by a black band. During the whole war the production was retained with a high quality. On the front side one can find a Swastika and the year 1939, while the obverse contains the year 1813 on the lower arm.

Almost all World War Two crosses were made out of three parts, the Iron core and a silver rim on the front and backside. The two silver rims were welded together, holding the iron core. The core was produced from iron and was blackened. This core made the Iron Cross to be magnetized. Some examples are not magnetized because they were produced with brass or cupper. This version was especially welcome with members of the Kriegmarine. This core lasted longer in the exposure of salty sea water. The rim was supposed to be made from silver, but more common was the use of “German Silver”, a less expensive alloy of cupper, zinc and nickel. At the top a ring was welded to hold the loop for the ribbon. On the loop one can often find the manufacturers name although it is not uncommon that no name is placed. Therefore the absence of the manufacturers name is not a criterion to classify the cross as original or not.

The Iron Cross could be received in two different ways. The most exclusive way was in a leather box. More common was the bleu coloured envelop with in gothic letters the words “Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse”. The presentation was accompanied with a standard document. The receiving was also to be written down in the recipients “Soldbuch”or “Wehrpass”. The document normally didn’t contain the reason for obtaining the Cross, although in some occasions it was written down on the backside of the document.

It was not usual to wear the decoration it self. In stead a ribbon was worn on the left breast of hanging from the second button hole of the tunic in the way of the former Prussian Army.

In 1957 a special version of the cross was produced. On this the Swastika was replaced with an oak leaf. The way military actions of the Second World War could be honoured without the use of the forbidden Nazi-symbols. Most veterans however choose to wear the decoration as a ribbon only. Most 1957 versions are of a lesser quality than wartime examples.

Springer, Heinrich Adolf Leopold* November 3rd, 1914
† October 27th, 2007

Borchers, Adolf* February 10th, 1913
† February 9th, 1996

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Laabs, Herbert (WH-Infanterie-Regiment 478)18-11-190500-07-1944 
Laage, Karl-Ernst09-06-192011-07-2017 
Laak, van, Johannes   
Laatikainen, Taavetti27-07-188615-04-1954more 
Labdouche, André   
Labeda, Albert02-01-192207-11-2009 
Labenski, Helmut30-09-191222-03-1976 
Labonne, Roger00-00-188700-00-1966 
Labourdette, Jean Clément05-09-192300-04-1945 
Labrenz, Erwin   
Lachenmaier, Fritz   
Lachenwitz, Heinz   
Lachner, Adolf08-03-1921  
Lackmann, Horst   
Lacroix, Henry00-00-1892  
Lademann, Erich   
Laebe, Heinz-Oskar05-02-191315-02-1999more 
Laegeler, Hellmuth22-01-190213-07-1972 
Laengenfelder, Hanns08-02-190318-07-1982more 
Laerbusch, Franz05-04-191503-10-1944 
Laexy, Mathias08-10-1920  
Lage, Hans   
Lagies, Gustav   
Lagmöller, Hermann   
Lagoda, Max23-01-192001-04-2016more 
Lagois, Ehrenfried23-05-191515-04-1944 
Lagus, Ernst Ruben12-10-189615-07-1959more 
Lahrsen, Wilhelm   
Laidig, Gerhard   
Laier, Gustav03-12-191526-02-1979 
Laimböck, Felix28-07-192204-03-1943 
Lainer, Josef "Sepp"13-03-192004-09-2002more 
Lambach, Helmut14-01-191829-06-2000 
Lambert, August18-02-191617-04-1945more 
Lambert, Kurt   
Lamby, Hermann30-12-191318-05-1998 
Lammer, Karl21-04-192024-01-1979more 
Lammerding, Heinz27-08-190513-01-1971 
Lammers, Josef   
Lammers, Karl26-10-1919  
Lampart, Karl20-05-190807-11-1998 
Lampart, Leo08-06-191714-04-1943 
Lampe, Günther   
Lampe, Theodor19-10-1913  
Lampmann, Rolf11-08-1918 more 
Lampp, Wolfgang16-09-191623-10-1943 
Lamprecht, Herbert28-03-191321-09-1978more 
Lancier, Hubert20-06-191327-12-1995 
Lancken, von der, Dietrich13-06-191129-12-1942 
Lande, Nils   
Landeck, Gustav02-03-191329-07-1944 
Landerer, Eugen31-01-1914  
Landfermann, Carl-August   
Landgraf, Paul07-01-1920  
Landsmann, Alois07-06-191528-11-1944 
Landwehr, Helmich   
Lang, Emil14-01-190903-09-1944more 
Lang, Franz28-02-190712-11-1988 
Lang, Franz Maximilian16-03-1914  
Lang, Friedrich (LW-Flieger)12-01-191529-12-2003more 
Lang, Georg (Aufklärungsgruppe 12)27-12-191215-03-1960 
Lang, Hermann (SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 5)24-03-192212-03-1975 
Lang, Hermann (Wh-Aufklärungs-Abteilung)23-12-191518-09-1990more 
Lang, Josef 08-02-1944 
Lang, Joseph20-02-191427-07-1943 
Lang, Karl04-04-1912  
Lang, Karl   
Lang, Ludwig24-03-1920  
Lang, Matthäus "Mathias"14-03-192018-04-1945 
Lang, Werner   
Langanka, Richard 00-00-1993 
Langanke, Fritz15-07-191910-07-2012 
Langbehn, Joachim08-11-191025-11-1942 
Langbein, Erich   
Lange, August28-02-1909 more 
Lange, Bruno (Luftwaffe)  more 
Lange, Eberhard   
Lange, Erhard31-07-191329-09-1972 
Lange, Erich07-10-190904-09-1991 
Lange, Erwin19-03-191318-05-1945 
Lange, Gerhard (Panzer-Regiment 35)14-07-191610-04-1996more 
Lange, Gerhard (WH-Art.Rgt. 17 (L))   
Lange, Günther17-04-1923  
Lange, Hans-Günther28-09-191603-04-2014more 
Lange, Heinz  more 
Lange, Heinz (LW-Flieger)02-10-191726-02-2006 
Lange, Karl-Heinz10-02-191825-08-1944 
Lange, Kurt12-08-190300-00-1995 
Lange, Oskar   
Lange, Paul (Panzergrenadier-Regiment 13)24-10-191216-09-1996 
Lange, Peter   
Lange, Werner31-10-1917  
Lange, Werner   
Langemeyer, Carl06-08-190725-07-1982 
Langen, Johann   
Langendorf, Georg28-07-192028-01-1999more 
Langenohl, Werner   
Langenohl, Willy23-04-192002-02-1998 
Langensiepen, Walter   
Langenstrass, Ernst-Friedrich16-01-191422-09-2010 
Langer, Gottfried   
Langer, Günter   
Langer, Karl   
Langer, Karl-Heinz (Jagdgeschwader 3)19-04-191406-05-1955 
Langer, Paul   
Langert, Walter30-10-191317-07-1944 
Langesee, Hans04-04-190809-02-1973 
Langesee, Karl18-09-191004-03-1989more 
Langewand, Johannes   
Langfeldt, Kay28-12-191813-06-1980 
Langguth, Alfred24-10-190813-01-1944 
Langguth, Gerhard 00-00-2008more 
Langheld, Georg03-02-1905  
Langhorst, Bernhard13-12-191308-07-1996 
Langkeit, Willy02-06-190727-10-1969more 
Langkopf, Paul07-07-191506-11-1961 
Langlotz, Ernst   
Langmaier, Matthias30-03-191031-01-1972more 
Langwerth von Simmern, Freiherr, Friedrich   
Lankes, Siegfried18-07-192510-10-1944 
Lannewers, Gottfried  more 
Lannig, Karl08-07-191319-01-1942 
Lanz, Alfred14-09-192110-02-2006 
Larbig, Friedrich  more 
Larbig, Heinz01-07-1914 more 
Larisch, Anton01-05-191327-01-1996 
Larsen, Sverre   
Lascar, Mihail08-11-188924-07-1959more 
Laschet, Ulrich14-12-191913-09-1994 
Laskowski, Erwin27-05-191413-10-1983 
Lass, Hans03-09-1917  
Lass, Hans   
Lasse, Kurt17-02-191808-10-1941 
Lassen, Andreas   
Lassen, Georg Fritz Christian12-05-191518-01-2012more 
Lassig, Heinz   
Lassmann, Fritz   
Laszakovits, Franz24-05-191905-08-1944 
Latka, Rudolf   
Lattka, Engelbert   
Latz, Hartmut   
Lau, Fritz23-09-191101-01-2003 
Lau, Fritz   
Lau, Karlheinz   
Lau, Kurt12-04-191630-04-1993more 
Lau, Wilhelm   
Laubereau, Hugo20-01-190418-11-1997more 
Laubert, Friedrich  more 
Laubmeier, Ludwig30-01-191909-12-2010 
Laubner, Gotthard07-09-1922  
Lauch, Karl18-04-191414-10-1998 
Lauchert, von, Meinrad29-08-190504-12-1987more 
Lauchstädt, Edmund12-04-1924  
Lauenstein, Hans   
Lauermann, Alfred02-05-1915  
Laufenberg, Heinrich   
Lauff, Otto   
Laukat, Richard03-08-190205-07-1944 
Laukner, Paul   
Laumanis, Ernests08-05-190813-12-1968 
Launer, Kurt19-09-190605-02-1990 
Laupenmühlen, Oskar26-02-190623-09-2000 
Laurenz, x   
Lauter, Wilhelm23-05-192014-02-2000 
Lauterbach-Emden, Hans-Jürgen20-05-1919  
Lauterberg, Waldemar   
Lautner, Hans23-03-192120-04-1944 
Lautz, Friedrich16-12-191025-05-2001more 
Laüer, Robert   
Laßka, Gustav18-09-189802-12-1992 
Le Tanneux von Saint Paul, Dietrich00-00-191111-10-2000 
Le Tanneux von Saint Paul, Guy-Bernhard15-12-191602-02-1943 
Le Tanneux von Saint Paul, Harry24-11-191419-08-1942 
Lebek, Franz  more 
Lebek, Richard11-01-1920  
Lebermann, Heinrich   
Lechermann, Michael26-04-192218-07-1944 
Lechl, Franz19-12-191816-02-1970 
Lechner, Friedrich09-02-190410-04-1945more 
Lechner, Nicolaus   
Lechtenbörger, Dipl.Ing., Willi02-02-191427-08-1943 
Ledebur, Freiherr von, Hans-Jürgen27-07-190301-06-1983 
Lederer, Johann20-07-191813-04-1945 
Ledwig, Alfons   
Leesmann, Karl-Heinz03-05-191525-07-1943more 
Lehermann, Franz12-11-191109-09-1943 
Lehmann, Albert  more 
Lehmann, Armin Dieter23-05-192810-10-2008 
Lehmann, Franz (KM-Uboot)30-03-1914  
Lehmann, Hans (KM 'U-997')24-09-191525-11-1981more 
Lehmann, Hans-Joachim   
Lehmann, Kurt   
Lehmann, Paul (Flak-Regiment 24)19-08-191202-06-1982 
Lehmann, Rudolf (Waffen-SS)30-01-191417-09-1983 
Lehmann, Waldemar29-04-191307-06-1997more 
Lehmann, Werner (WH-Panzerjäger)   
Lehmann-Willenbrock, Heinrich Christian Wilhelm11-12-191118-04-1986more 
Lehmberg, Werner   
Lehmkämper, Wilhelm   
Lehneke, Walter26-07-1902 more 
Lehner, Martin 19-03-1944more 
Lehner, Wilhelm07-11-191419-07-2012 
Lehnert, Helmut   
Lehnert, Willy09-03-191610-07-1975 
Lehnhoff, Erich16-09-1909  
Lehrig, Herbert02-12-191514-07-1991more 
Lehrkinder, Alois11-04-191611-01-1990 
Lehsten, von, Detlef14-08-1917  
Lehweß-Litzmann, Walter05-06-190716-09-1986 
Leich, Hermann   
Leicht, Helmut02-11-191626-06-1944 
Leidenberger, Leonhard   
Leidreiter, Hans-Martin14-09-192006-04-2007more 
Leie, Erich10-09-191607-03-1945 
Leifeld, Anton   
Leigh, Hermann26-11-191129-01-1945 
Leigib, Wilhelm 00-00-2017 
Leikam, Friedrich17-01-1913  
Leinemann, Heinrich12-05-1915 more 
Leiner, Georg   
Leinfelder, Matthias00-00-191613-02-1942more 
Leingärtner, Ludwig22-12-191911-04-1944 
Leinhos, Ludwig Hans11-07-191521-08-1942 
Leipzig, von, Hellmut18-07-192124-10-2016 
Leipzig, von, Konrad   
Leis, Josef23-11-191401-11-1944 
Leistner, Armin02-05-190404-12-1981 
Leistner, Walter   
Leithe, Ludwig19-06-1920  
Leitl, Alfred14-01-191516-03-1998more 
Leitner, Josef  more 
Leitner, Otto   
Leitner, Rudolf22-01-191516-10-1942 
Lekschat, Arthur  more 
Leliveldt, Friedrich   
Lemanski, Bernhard   
Lembke, Armin10-03-191313-02-1991 
Lembke, Heino   
Lembke, Heinrich   
Lembke, Siegfried   
Lembke, Wilhelm-Max13-04-191504-09-1944 
Lemcke, Gerhard23-01-191319-05-2004more 
Lemgg, Fridolin17-06-192230-03-1944 
Lemke, Fritz16-07-191624-10-1944 
Lemke, Siegfried07-04-192118-12-1995 
Lemke, Wilhelm27-09-192004-12-1943 
Lemm, Heinz-Georg "Hein Lemm"01-06-191917-11-1994more 
Lemme, Hartmut   
Lemp, Fritz-Julius19-02-191309-05-1941 
Lemp, Hermann20-07-191409-11-1943 
Lenberger, Otto10-03-1915  
Lender, Philipp10-03-191322-04-1945more 
Lenk, Alois23-11-191329-09-1941 
Lenknereit, Richard   
Lent, Helmuth13-06-191807-10-1944more 
Lenz, Emil   
Lenzen, Heinrich   
Leonhardt, Max   
Leopold, Fritz03-05-191905-11-1943 
Leopoldsberger, Josef11-03-191515-09-1942 
Lepkowski, Erich17-09-191931-05-1975more 
Leppla, Richard09-06-191404-08-1988 
Leps, Siegfried   
Lerch, Kurt20-10-1912  
Leroy, Jacques10-09-192405-08-1996 
Leschert, Heinrich22-05-191410-08-1942more 
Leske, Martin17-08-191707-01-1981 
Lessner, Hans   
Lestmann, Karl Kurt Max Wilhelm20-07-191526-02-1943 
Lethaus, Waldemar12-07-191528-12-1944 
Lettmann, Anton11-01-192029-06-1983more 
Letzenberger, Simon15-12-191128-04-1942 
Leuchtemann, Erich   
Leukefeld, Karl-Otto01-05-191324-05-2008 
Leupert, Otto06-02-191526-08-1944 
Leuschner, Alois10-05-191623-10-1971 
Leuschner, Kurt11-08-190609-08-1970 
Leuteritz, Walter   
Leutloff, Günther14-03-191731-05-1945 
Levetzow, von, Axel16-07-191114-07-1944 
Lewandowski, Walter   
Lewicki, Franz   
Lex, Alfred  more 
Lex, Hans21-01-191611-08-1994more 
Lex, x   
Ley, Fritz   
Ley, Günther   
Ley, Jakob   
Leyck, Siegfried04-08-191507-07-1943 
Leyendecker, Wilhelm  more 
Leyherr, Maximilian18-08-1908  
Leymann, Wilhelm28-06-1918 more 
Lich, Heinz   
Lichte, Karl-Heinz23-08-192024-01-2005more 
Lichtenberg, Friedrich   
Lichtenberg, Philipp09-09-190814-12-1993more 
Lickfett, Gotfried21-01-1915  
Liczewski, Helmut   
Lie, Jonas31-12-189911-05-1945 
Liebe, Adolf   
Liebe, Heinrich Otto Moritz29-01-190827-07-1997more 
Liebenwein, Josef19-12-191623-03-1945 
Liebermann, von, Hans-Detlef   
Lieberwirth, Herbert   
Liebetrau, Gerhard25-01-192117-06-1994 
Liebetrau, Hans   
Liebholz, Wilhelm   
Liebich, Willibald  more 
Liebing, Helmut07-05-1920  
Liebing, Walter Paul12-08-191218-10-1998more 
Liebisch, Franz05-02-192112-02-1945 
Liebisch, Hans-Günther13-01-191609-06-1989 
Liebl, Andreas16-07-1917  
Liebmann, Emil20-08-191105-01-1973 
Liebmann, Franz   
Liebner, Walter20-09-1919  
Liebsch, Heinz   
Liebscher, Gotthart   
Liebscher, Hans-Achim   
Liecke, Karl08-05-191008-09-1976more 
Liedhegener, Hans   
Liedtke, Friedrich02-08-1909  
Liedtke, Kurt   
Lienau, Detlef19-06-191422-06-1943 
Liensberger, Horst09-05-190927-09-1940 
Lier, Friedrich22-05-191017-08-1974more 
Liers und Wilkau, von, Karl19-06-192111-06-1943 
Liersch, Kurt   
Liese, Kurt-Günther09-10-191507-11-2007 
Liesendahl, Frank23-02-191517-07-1942 
Liethmann, Günter10-07-191811-08-1999 
Liewald, Horst   
Lignitz, Arnold25-03-191330-09-1941more 
Lilienhoff-Zwowitzki, von, Helmut10-09-190530-06-1944more 
Lilienkamp, Ernst   
Limbach, Johann09-12-191206-03-1993more 
Limbersky, Franz07-03-1915  
Limmer, Hans07-10-191401-02-1945 
Limmer, Ludwig00-00-191201-01-1944 
Lindele, Kilian25-05-190725-05-1944 
Lindemann, Dieter31-08-1918 more 
Lindemann, Karl-Wilhelm10-04-192417-11-2014 
Lindemann, Viktor23-11-191609-09-1942 
Lindemann, Willy20-05-191801-06-1941 
Lindenau, Daniel Maximilian Otto Usdau27-08-191429-08-1984 
Lindenberg, Friedrich "Fritz"12-07-191431-05-1995more 
Lindenhahn, Kurt 00-00-2008 
Lindenmaier, Otto   
Lindenmayr, Josef   
Lindequist, von, Olof   
Linder, Hermann05-11-191408-07-1943 
Linderkamp, Heinrich26-09-191302-03-1945more 
Lindhorst, Werner (Grenadier-Regiment 89)19-04-191714-06-1948 
Lindinger, Eduard17-01-191501-09-2004 
Lindinger, Wolfgang   
Lindmayr, Alois19-09-190117-07-1965 
Lindner, Albert   
Lindner, Alfred26-10-191105-11-1992 
Lindner, Anton12-04-191717-02-1994more 
Lindner, Herbert (Panzergrenadier-Regiment 60)29-07-191213-08-1995 
Lindner, Kurt23-09-191105-05-2005 
Lindner, Kurt   
Lindner, Martin29-04-191402-12-1944 
Lindner, Otto04-10-190701-07-1944 
Lindner, Ottomar   
Lindstad, Bjorn   
Lindvig, Olaf Trygve09-09-191702-02-2007more 
Linemann, Hans07-09-1905  
Linge, Friedrich28-03-191708-02-1999more 
Lingk, Hasso   
Lingner, Hans (Infanterie-Regiment 65)17-01-190930-08-1941 
Linhardt, Adam   
Linhart, Friedrich30-11-1913  
Link, Friedrich09-10-1916  
Linke, Gottfried07-04-1918  
Linke, Lothar23-10-190914-05-1943 
Linke, Richard03-04-190931-12-1995 
Linke, Walter (Grenadier-Regiment 272)   
Linke, Walter (Schlachtgeschwader 2)27-03-192029-06-1985 
Linkenbach, Paul10-01-1914 more 
Linker, Alfred15-09-191925-06-1948 
Linnemann, Otto11-12-191814-10-2011 
Linnmann, Gerhard   
Linsmayer, Walter   
Linz, Rudi14-02-191717-02-1945 
Lion, Karl-Hermann04-11-191002-05-1994 
Lipfert, Helmut06-08-191610-08-1990more 
Liphart, Johannes "Hans"28-12-1901 more 
Lippe-Weißenfeld, Prinz zur, Egmont14-07-191812-03-1944more 
Lippelt, Rudolf07-01-1915  
Lippert, Friedrich   
Lippert, Lucien25-08-191313-02-1944 
Lippert, Wolfgang14-09-191103-12-1941 
Lippmann, August24-10-1918  
Lippok, Peter   
Lischka, Adolf   
Lisken, Arnold   
Liss, Erhard14-10-192109-02-2002 
List, Hans12-12-191924-01-1998 
Lith, Willi30-09-1923 more 
Litjens, Stephan13-10-191325-02-2002 
Litteck, Wilhelm06-12-1917  
Litterscheid, Friedrich-Franz12-06-191122-12-1988 
Litterst, Richard   
Littmann, Walter20-11-191304-11-1982 
Lobe, Kârlis26-03-189509-07-1985more 
Lobmeyer, Jacob12-10-191817-04-1989 
Loboda, Willy   
Lochbihler, Hermann  more 
Lochmüller, Heinz23-07-191515-06-1944 
Lochoki, Josef   
Loderhose, August-Georg, Dr.31-07-190831-08-1982more 
Loebel, Walter23-06-190206-09-1941 
Loebenstein von Aigenhorst, Freiherr, Gottfried27-09-191722-04-1943 
Loeber, Johannes   
Loeffler, Rudolf30-09-191721-07-1943 
Loehr, Albert   
Loer, Wilhelm14-04-191225-08-1944 
Loerke, Konrad26-01-1909  
Lohaus, Bernhard   
Lohde, Hellmut  more 
Lohmann, Hanns-Heinrich24-04-191125-05-1995more 
Lohmann, Hans-Herbert17-04-1919  
Lohmann, Heinrich   
Lohmann, Walter   
Lohrey, Christian03-08-192720-03-1996 
Lohrum, Ludwig26-08-1922  
Lohse, Johannes30-07-1915  
Lohwasser, Walter31-05-191317-08-1964 
Lohß, Martin18-04-191911-05-2007 
Loi, Hugo18-02-1919 more 
Loibl, Josef08-04-191320-10-1941 
Loibl, Karl21-06-192315-10-1944 
Loibl, Lambert29-07-192206-04-1980 
Lombard, Gustav10-04-189418-09-1992 
Looks, Hartwig27-06-191708-10-2005 
Loos, Carl   
Loos, Georg24-01-191411-05-1992 
Loos, Gerhard21-08-191606-03-1944 
Loos, Walter (Grenadier-Regiment 130)31-03-191701-12-1944 
Loos, Walter (Jagdgeschwader 300)11-04-192327-10-2004more 
Loos, Wilhelm27-12-191128-12-1988more 
Loose, Otto20-05-192027-08-1944 
Loose, Wolfgang16-02-191627-08-2014 
Lopau, Erwin   
López Palazón, José Gabriel   
Lorch, Anton06-06-191022-10-1984 
Lorch, Herbert13-04-191219-08-1942 
Lorenz, Alfred17-05-192020-06-1989more 
Lorenz, Erich31-08-190510-12-1984more 
Lorenz, Franz07-09-191220-04-1945more 
Lorenz, Friedrich09-06-191717-07-1943 
Lorenz, Hans   
Lorenz, Heinrich   
Lorenz, Heinz   
Lorenz, Herbert08-05-191530-03-1994 
Lorenz, Herbert (WH-Gren.Rgt. 185)   
Lorenz, Josef22-02-191530-06-1944 
Lorenz, Karl24-01-190403-10-1964more 
Lorenz, Karl-Heinz03-07-191707-07-1943more 
Lorenzen, Bernhard01-03-190717-07-1983more 
Lorleberg, Werner17-10-189416-04-1945 
Losansky, Ernst   
Loschky, Werner   
Losigkeit, Fritz17-11-191314-01-1994 
Loss, Armin   
Loth, Hans17-02-191815-08-2004 
Lotter, Hans17-11-191721-11-2008 
Lottermoser, Gustav   
Lotz, Georg   
Lotz, Walter30-04-1918  
Lotze, Christian07-09-191411-08-2010 
Lotze, Gerhard21-05-192213-10-1944more 
Louis-Paul, Henri Victor05-02-189822-12-1979 
Loßberg, von, Viktor14-03-190424-05-1983 
Lube, Heinz   
Lubich von Milovan, Berndt07-12-191317-04-2006 
Lucas, Theodor   
Lucas, Werner G.E.27-02-191724-10-1943 
Luchesi, Gustav   
Luck und Witten, von, Hans-Ulrich15-07-191101-08-1997 
Luckmann, Erich28-03-191518-01-1943 
Luckow, Karl-Heinz   
Ludendorff, Hans-Joachim06-07-1908  
Ludwig, Franz   
Ludwig, Heinrich16-03-191523-08-1942more 
Ludwig, Herbert   
Ludwig, Johann   
Ludwig, Konrad   
Ludwig, Manfred   
Luhn, x   
Luhr, Hans25-08-191620-09-1944 
Luick, Karl   
Luig, Friedrich   
Luig, Heinrich07-08-1916  
Luithle, Emil   
Lukesch, Dieter15-07-191828-02-2004more 
Luksch, Ludwig27-03-1915  
Lumma, Bruno   
Lummel, Hans22-10-192226-01-1971