Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Iron Cross 2nd Class was still highly regarded. In later war years however it was rewarded with much more ease. Still most recipients would wear the award with the same amount of proud ness. The Iron Cross 2nd Class was the first grade within the Iron Cross that was to be obtained for an individual act of bravery.

The official criteria were the individual and single act of bravery in the face of the enemy or actions that were above and beyond the normal call of duty. The approximately three million awarded crosses were obtained by German Military, Axis military and civilian uniformed organisations.

The cross measures 44 mm in diameter and hangs from a ribbon in the colours black white and red. The wide red band in the middle is being flanked by two equal white bands that both again are being flanked by a black band. During the whole war the production was retained with a high quality. On the front side one can find a Swastika and the year 1939, while the obverse contains the year 1813 on the lower arm.

Almost all World War Two crosses were made out of three parts, the Iron core and a silver rim on the front and backside. The two silver rims were welded together, holding the iron core. The core was produced from iron and was blackened. This core made the Iron Cross to be magnetized. Some examples are not magnetized because they were produced with brass or cupper. This version was especially welcome with members of the Kriegmarine. This core lasted longer in the exposure of salty sea water. The rim was supposed to be made from silver, but more common was the use of “German Silver”, a less expensive alloy of cupper, zinc and nickel. At the top a ring was welded to hold the loop for the ribbon. On the loop one can often find the manufacturers name although it is not uncommon that no name is placed. Therefore the absence of the manufacturers name is not a criterion to classify the cross as original or not.

The Iron Cross could be received in two different ways. The most exclusive way was in a leather box. More common was the bleu coloured envelop with in gothic letters the words “Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse”. The presentation was accompanied with a standard document. The receiving was also to be written down in the recipients “Soldbuch”or “Wehrpass”. The document normally didn’t contain the reason for obtaining the Cross, although in some occasions it was written down on the backside of the document.

It was not usual to wear the decoration it self. In stead a ribbon was worn on the left breast of hanging from the second button hole of the tunic in the way of the former Prussian Army.

In 1957 a special version of the cross was produced. On this the Swastika was replaced with an oak leaf. The way military actions of the Second World War could be honoured without the use of the forbidden Nazi-symbols. Most veterans however choose to wear the decoration as a ribbon only. Most 1957 versions are of a lesser quality than wartime examples.

Springer, Heinrich Adolf Leopold* November 3rd, 1914
† October 27th, 2007

Borchers, Adolf* February 10th, 1913
† February 9th, 1996

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Packlin, Ernst   
Pade, Gerhard21-06-191220-10-1983 
Paech, Wilhelm   
Paege, Arno05-12-191510-09-2000 
Paegelow, Otto04-12-190411-09-1982 
Paepcke, Heinrich11-12-191017-10-1942 
Paetow, Hans-Joachim15-11-1915  
Paetow, Heinz26-07-191426-09-1996 
Paetsch, Otto03-08-190916-03-1945 
Paffrath, Benno22-12-1912  
Pagel, Georg09-07-192113-08-1993 
Pahnke, Walter22-01-191609-11-1944 
Pajari, Aaro Olavi17-07-1897 more 
Paletta, Harry29-08-192217-11-1944 
Palitza, Georg04-12-1921  
Pambuch, Alois16-06-1920  
Pamletschka, Michael   
Pampel, Heinz   
Panknin, Herbert27-12-191315-03-2001 
Pankow, Werner   
Panné, Eugène20-06-190718-02-1944 
Pannier, Rudolf10-07-189719-08-1978 
Panse, Werner19-12-192123-06-1995more 
Pantenburg, Kurt   
Pantenius, Hans-Jürgen18-05-191402-05-2004 
Pantke, Paul17-12-1919  
Panzinger, Friedrich "Fritz"01-02-190308-08-1959more 
Papas, Fred15-05-192102-12-1984 
Pape, Günther14-07-190721-01-1986 
Pape, Kurt-Albert12-05-191707-07-1943 
Pape, Walter20-11-191427-06-1989 
Papen, von, Hans-Lothar   
Papesch, Josef23-02-191914-02-2005more 
Papin, Horst   
Papp, Soltan18-07-1913  
Papst, Kurt25-06-191810-03-1944 
Parakenings, Horst-Willi02-08-1923  
Parhofer, Ludwig   
Parisius, Heinrich06-07-191011-02-1945 
Parys, Theodor   
Paschke, Rudolf   
Paschke, Werner17-09-192003-01-2009 
Pasdzior, Johannes   
Pasternack, Eberhard25-11-191415-12-1996 
Pasternack, Gerhard   
Pastofski, Rudi18-02-191729-03-1945 
Pastötter, Andreas00-00-192023-01-1944 
Patorra, x   
Patry, Walter15-04-191722-01-1945 
Patuschka, Dr., Horst22-05-191206-03-1943 
Pauker, Hans   
Paukner, Ernst04-09-191915-06-2013 
Paul, Ernst   
Paul, Friedrich-Karl31-01-190901-05-1998 
Paul, Hermann10-11-1921  
Paul, Hugo01-02-191312-03-1993more 
Paul, Karl (4. Zerstörerflottille)19-03-1908  
Paul, Karl (WH-Gren.Rgt. 133)   
Paul, Otto   
Paul, Willi   
Pauls, Friedrich   
Pauls, Rolf26-08-191504-05-2002 
Paulsen, Hans   
Paulsen, Henning   
Paulsen, Karl-August23-01-191517-06-2007 
Paulshen, Ottokar Arnold11-10-191516-12-1941 
Paulus, Walter02-01-191113-01-1987more 
Pawel, Richard   
Payeras Alcina, José 07-04-1943 
Pech, Jakob   
Peche, Roger   
Pechmann, Freiherr von, Hellmut   
Peek, Wilhelm   
Pehrsson, Hans-Gösta10-10-191016-03-1974 
Peichel, Alfred   
Peichl, Adolf08-12-191704-06-1969more 
Peiler, Herbert   
Pein, Friedrich20-10-191514-02-1975 
Peiper, Joachim30-01-191514-07-1976more 
Peitsmeyer, Wolfdietrich16-04-191410-12-1942 
Peißert, Herbert25-06-191904-09-1942 
Pelchen, Walter Karl  more 
Pelikan, Paul   
Pellegrini, Louis   
Pellikan, Josef19-04-1919 more 
Peltz, Dietrich09-06-191410-08-2001more 
Pelzer, Georg18-05-192201-01-1943 
Pelzer, Jakob03-09-191902-09-1942 
Pengel, Günter   
Pentzien, Hans08-07-191403-05-2007 
Pérez Bolumburu, Crescencio   
Perfler, Sebastian09-11-191612-01-1944 
Perinne, François   
Perleberg, Rüdiger09-03-191321-10-1990 
Pernel, Maurice 00-00-1943more 
Perner, Willi   
Perpeet, Hans   
Perrey, Ernst   
Perro, Oskars26-09-191802-05-2003 
Persch, Franz23-12-1914  
Persson, Joachim 25-02-1944 
Persy, Walter14-10-1913  
Peschel, Georg30-05-191712-10-2011 
Peschke, Gustav07-05-190910-12-1943 
Pest, Günter28-04-1920  
Pestke, Hans-Gotthard17-06-191430-04-2001more 
Pestoller, Richard   
Pete-Nemeth, Ernst12-10-190814-02-1993 
Peter, August   
Peter, Erich19-09-192025-04-1945 
Peter, Ernst   
Peter, Georg25-05-1914  
Peter, Kurt   
Peter, Rudolf   
Peter-Pirkham, Heinrich18-07-1916  
Peterburs, Hans09-10-191211-01-1944more 
Peterhoff, Franz   
Petermann, Erich14-02-191418-09-1942 
Petermann, Horst   
Petermann, Josef   
Petermann, Viktor26-05-191619-05-2001more 
Peters, Claus   
Peters, Friedrich-Karl22-08-192204-05-1945 
Peters, Hans-Eberhard   
Peters, Heinz (8. Zerstörerflottille)08-11-1905  
Peters, Heinz (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 32)17-11-1914  
Peters, Josef Richard20-02-192011-12-2004 
Peters, Karl-Heinz   
Peters, Kurd (WL-Aufklärungsgruppe 22)07-08-191424-07-1957 
Peters, Kurt (Kampfgeschwader 3)13-12-190821-12-1941 
Peters, Otto14-09-1908  
Peters, Reinhard13-01-192214-04-1992 
Peters, Robert   
Peters, Werner   
Peters, Wilhelm   
Petersdorff, von, Manfred02-06-190422-05-1986 
Petersen, Boy-Friedrich30-11-192120-11-1943 
Petersen, Edgar26-04-190410-06-1986 
Petersen, Fritz29-11-190901-09-1946 
Petersen, Heinrich (7. Ubootsflottille)03-11-190206-06-1963 
Petersen, Heinrich (Infanterie-Regiment 184)23-09-191107-08-1943 
Petersen, Heinrich (SS-Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 1)31-03-190409-05-1945 
Petersen, Herbert12-06-191901-01-1944more 
Petersen, Karl28-10-192025-09-1992 
Petersen, Karl (WH-Gren.Rgt. 154)08-02-1911  
Petersen, Karl-August26-05-191223-11-1980 
Petersen, Klaus13-01-1917  
Petersen, Kurt20-09-1916  
Petersen, Otto02-09-191213-03-1980 
Petersen, Rudolf15-05-190502-01-1983more 
Petersen, Theodor14-01-191425-03-1999 
Petersen, Werner02-01-1908 more 
Petsch, Horst-Joachim28-05-1917  
Petter, Dietrich   
Petter, Hubert   
Petter, Joachim   
Pettke, Karl-Heinz09-10-1924  
Petzold, Ernst06-08-191420-04-1999 
Petzold, Joachim26-02-191323-07-1991more 
Peuker, Friedrich-Wilhelm   
Peyk, Walter   
Pfaff, Otto15-10-191319-04-1945more 
Pfaff, Wilhelm   
Pfaffinger, Dr., Paul03-01-191512-04-1982 
Pfannenschmidt, Heinz04-12-191806-03-1994 
Pfannkuche, Karl28-09-190915-12-1981 
Pfannschmidt, Franz   
Pfattischer, Josef24-02-192030-01-2012more 
Pfeffer, Hermann   
Pfeffer, Ignaz10-06-191426-12-1943 
Pfeffer, Julius   
Pfeifer, Hermann   
Pfeifer, Willi (WH-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 12)22-02-192425-01-1962 
Pfeiffer, Dieter (11. Panzer-Division)28-02-192300-07-2010 
Pfeiffer, Franz (WH-Gebirgsjäger)23-10-190720-11-1994more 
Pfeiffer, Heinrich (Panzergrenadier-Regiment)12-11-1920  
Pfeiffer, Helmut   
Pfeiffer, Johannes08-12-191626-12-1994 
Pfeiffer, Manfred   
Pfeiffer, Martin   
Pfeiffer, Xaver   
Pfenning, Gerhard   
Pfeufer, Josef08-01-1921  
Pfeuffer, Arno14-01-190810-11-1992 
Pfisterer, Georg03-06-1917  
Pfisterhammer, Ludwig 05-12-1942 
Pfitzer, Max   
Pfitzer, Werner07-08-191321-11-1996 
Pfitzner, Heinz29-04-191512-01-1997 
Pfizenmayer, Paul13-02-191309-03-1984 
Pflanz, Horst   
Pflanz, Rudolf01-07-191431-07-1942more 
Pflaume, Alfred   
Pfliegl, Josef 17-01-1944more 
Pflug, von, Jürgen25-06-1923  
Pflugfelder, Hermann   
Pflumm, Wilhelm   
Pfreudtner, Karl15-04-191203-07-1944 
Pfründer, Wilhelm15-09-191030-07-1942 
Pförtner, Helmut22-04-191328-02-1943 
Philipp, Ernst-Georg Kurt13-10-191216-03-2005 
Philipp, Hans (Jagdgeschwader 54)17-03-191708-10-1943more 
Philipp, Karl   
Philipp, Wilhelm31-01-191610-01-1986 
Philippi, Alfred03-08-190315-06-1994 
Philipps, Karl08-05-192005-05-1982 
Philipsen, Johannes16-12-192116-06-1944 
Phoenix, Harry03-01-191321-12-1999more 
Pich, Helmuth26-06-191418-03-1997 
Pichlbauer, Josef01-06-1921  
Pichler, Johann15-12-191216-02-1995 
Pichler, Josef   
Picht, Alfred10-01-191416-12-1978 
Pick, Gerhard Otto17-11-191011-05-1987 
Pickel, Wilhelm   
Pickl, Alois19-06-1922  
Picot, Albert Alfred 16-04-1943 
Picus, Karl20-11-191604-07-1997 
Piechulla, Alois21-06-192126-01-1990 
Piefer, Friedrich18-01-191417-02-1986 
Piehl, Max   
Piehler, Franz07-10-191307-12-1994 
Piening, Adolf Cornelius16-09-191015-05-1984 
Piepenstock, Rudolf13-01-1909  
Pieper, Claus13-01-191107-02-1975 
Pieper, Heinz (Grenadier-Regiment)20-02-191716-01-1943 
Pieper, Heinz (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 19)25-07-191607-09-1943 
Pieper, Karl02-06-192027-02-1997 
Pieper, Ulrich22-09-1942  
Pieper, Walter   
Pieper, Willi   
Pieper, Willi (Grenadier-Regiment 478)30-10-191213-07-1943 
Piepereit, Günther August26-02-192120-07-1944more 
Piesk, Roland03-03-192002-03-1942 
Pietruska, Kurt   
Pietrzyk, Ewald   
Pietsch, Erich   
Pietsch, Ernst23-00-1916  
Pietsch, Helmut25-12-1915  
Pietsch, Ulrich05-12-191522-08-1944 
Pietsch, Werner21-08-191208-02-1956 
Pietschmann, August22-02-191523-04-2004 
Pietschmann, Karl20-08-191719-03-1944 
Pietzner, Hans-Jochem   
Pietzonka, Erich04-10-190618-12-1989more 
Piffer, Anton-Rudolf "Toni"16-05-191817-06-1944 
Pilarski, Hubert19-10-191305-10-1996 
Pilat, Karl-Emil12-12-190405-07-1944 
Pils, Erich   
Pils, Josef   
Pilz, Alfred   
Pilz, Felix   
Pimentel Zayas, Pedro00-00-189306-06-1963 
Pinckert, Gerhard   
Pingel, Heinrich   
Pingel, Rolf01-10-191304-04-2000 
Pinkepank, Georg Gustav Albert Willi18-12-190724-11-1979more 
Pinkl, Johann   
Pinsker, Wolfgang   
Pintschovius, Johannes "Hans"03-02-190424-01-1945 
Piotrowski, Walter  more 
Pipan, Arthur05-12-191901-08-2009more 
Pipkorn, Dr., Udo13-04-191400-06-1982 
Pipkorn, Rüdiger19-11-190925-04-1945 
Pirch, Wilhelm17-04-191503-10-1976more 
Pirente, Erwin   
Pirich, Hermann   
Pirner, Karl14-11-191313-03-1943 
Piske, Herbert22-11-192104-06-2010 
Pitsch, Walter13-06-192029-07-2005 
Pitschmann, Hans   
Pittelkow, Horst29-10-191324-01-1945more 
Pittschellis, Adolf Hans28-10-191426-01-1945more 
Pitzen, Paul02-02-192025-01-1942 
Pizala, Josef28-05-191114-10-1941 
Placzek, Franz05-11-191417-03-1977 
Placzek, Josef   
Plaisant, Erich Karl29-11-192100-07-1944 
Plaizier, Johannes Hubertus06-08-191800-00-1943 
Plange, Karl  more 
Planitz, Edler von der, Max28-03-190323-10-1990 
Plapper, Albert13-04-192628-01-1945 
Platen, von, Joachim31-05-1921  
Platho, Max   
Plato, von, Anton-Detlev06-06-191012-10-2001 
Platta, Reinhold01-09-190904-02-1945 
Platz, Hubert05-07-191121-05-1988 
Platz, Werner20-04-1907  
Platzer, Friedrich26-10-191416-03-1942 
Plecher, Heinrich   
Plefka, Alfred24-07-1920  
Plein, Josef02-09-190920-03-1945 
Pleiner, Franz24-09-191609-01-1945 
Pleines, Willi   
Pleiss, Gerhard02-04-191517-11-1941 
Plenzat, Kurt17-01-191417-11-1998 
Plesch, Hans26-02-190517-05-1985 
Plesken, August29-12-1914  
Plettenberg, Graf von, Georg11-07-191829-07-1980 
Plettenberg, Graf von, Josef   
Plewka, Karl   
Pleß, Helmut02-11-191825-12-1999more 
Pliefke, Helmut03-03-1913 more 
Plieth, Kurt   
Plinzner, Peter-Paul19-12-191517-10-1941 
Pliska, Fritz20-12-191528-08-1995more 
Plocher, Hermann05-01-190108-12-1980more 
Plotz, Kurt07-07-191603-11-2000 
Plücken, Johann25-05-1911  
Plücker, Wilhelm   
Plümer, Friedrich-Hans24-06-191720-11-1993 
Plöchinger, Heinrich02-10-191725-02-1944 
Plöger, Karl-Heinrich27-04-191405-04-1996 
Plötner, Walter20-12-192018-08-1942 
Plötz, Kurt   
Poch, Herbert   
Podehl, Erich05-11-191126-10-2008 
Podrasa, Reinhold14-03-192131-07-2011 
Podubrin, Fritz   
Poehlmann, Hermann30-03-191503-10-2002 
Poel, Gustav Artur Eduard Johann02-08-191716-01-2009more 
Pofand, Erich   
Pogatschnig, Oskar   
Pogorzelski, Friedrich   
Pohl, Eberhard23-11-190816-04-1997 
Pohl, Erich04-11-1920 more 
Pohl, Ernst07-12-1913  
Pohl, Franz (Grenadier-Regiment 220)15-03-192106-02-2003 
Pohl, Friedrich-Karl   
Pohl, Georg   
Pohl, Gerhard   
Pohl, Helmut   
Pohl, Heribert Egon Franz Josef30-04-191720-08-1942 
Pohl, Max   
Pohl, Ortwin08-04-192002-09-1994more 
Pohl, Siegfried   
Pohl, Wilhelm Franz "Willy"24-11-1918  
Pohla, Kurt   
Pohle, Erich14-03-1895  
Pohlenz, Traugott   
Pohlmann, Alfred10-10-1904  
Pohlmann, Hans   
Pokorny, Robert   
Polewacz, Harry31-03-190912-01-1943more 
Poljakoff, Dina   
Pollack, Helmut   
Pollinger, Karl   
Pollmann, Othmar25-09-191711-09-1991more 
Pollmann, Otto03-03-191528-02-1958more 
Pollner, Georg01-10-191610-10-2004 
Polz, Heinz06-11-191627-05-2007more 
Polzin, Werner   
Pommer, Hellmut06-03-191917-07-1943 
Ponath, Werner   
Pongratz, Johann19-01-191301-08-1997 
Pongratz, Josef26-04-1923  
Popisch, Herbert   
Popp, Hellmut   
Poppe, Hermann01-06-191127-03-1945 
Poppel, Waldemar09-12-1916  
Poppele, Erwin19-03-191023-11-1943 
Poppenburg, Werner20-06-192005-12-1944more 
Poppenhusen, Heinrich   
Poppensieker, Ewald   
Populo, Theodor30-01-191618-05-2010 
Porsch, Frithjof-Elmo19-10-1924  
Port, Johann03-02-191527-03-2006more 
Portugall, Kurt23-09-190926-09-1992 
Poschmann, Josef   
Poske, Hans-Georg Friedrich "Fritz"23-10-190401-10-1984more 
Post, Eduard06-10-191201-02-2005 
Post, Martin26-06-192005-09-2011 
Potel, Klaus04-05-1920  
Poth, Herbert   
Poths, Emil18-01-1908 more 
Potratz, Gerhard   
Potschka, Hermann09-11-191101-05-1945 
Potthoff, Erwin15-01-1909 more 
Potuz, Elisabeth Dr.   
Prachowsky, Raimund   
Prado O'Neil, del, Mariano 09-11-1963 
Prager, Fritz17-12-190503-12-1940more 
Prager, Otto03-12-191228-04-1945 
Prahl, Alfred (WH)   
Pralle, Hermann11-12-1908  
Prange, Günther   
Prast, Heinz   
Praudins, Gustavs30-01-189909-10-1965more 
Praxmarer, Ottmar   
Prchal, Johann23-01-191217-10-1943 
Precht, Willi08-05-1914  
Prechtl, Paul 10-03-1943 
Prediger, Franz24-02-1921  
Preinfalk, Alexander06-02-192012-12-1944 
Preis, Othmar06-05-1916  
Preiss, Armin25-11-191330-09-1943 
Preiß, Josef24-06-192219-03-2019 
Prentl, Josef "Sepp"14-10-191616-07-1994 
Pressler, Bruno-Hubertus15-07-1916  
Pretzer, Max14-09-191925-02-1943 
Pretzl, Otto   
Pretzsch, Gerhard29-04-1925  
Preu, Heinrich   
Preuschoff, Ehrhard03-10-1920  
Preuss, Georg24-04-192003-02-1991 
Preussler, Wilhelm 09-04-1944 
Preußner, Heinz05-11-1905  
Preußner, Heinz   
Preß, Heinrich27-03-191330-05-1995more 
Preßler, Gustav13-10-191209-10-1985 
Priebe, Erich   
Prieler, Josef18-03-192229-03-1945more 
Priem, Otto20-03-191209-07-1990more 
Prien, Günther16-01-190807-03-1941more 
Prien, Hans02-09-1920  
Prien, Peter09-06-192228-09-2006more 
Prien, Walter   
Pries, Gerd   
Prieß, Hermann24-05-190122-02-1985more 
Prieß, Josef05-02-191804-01-1945 
Prigge, Kurt   
Prill, Friedrich   
Prill, Günter02-11-191917-12-1982more 
Prill, Heinrich-Eberhard   
Prill, Walter22-07-1914 more 
Priller, Josef "Pips"27-06-191520-05-1961more 
Primke, Ehrenfried01-08-191715-10-1943 
Primozic, Hubert Georg "Hugo"16-02-191418-03-1996 
Prinz, Johannes   
Prinz, Karl-Heinz28-02-191414-08-1944more 
Prinz, Kurt03-04-192007-04-2009more 
Prinzhorn, Hans-Friedrich04-03-1911  
Prittwitz und Gaffron, von, Karl-Heinrich29-01-1904  
Pritzel, Klaus08-04-191322-03-1974 
Priwall, Fritz   
Probst, Heinz19-04-192519-02-2015 
Prochazka, Alois09-05-191508-11-1987 
Prochazka, Freiherr von, Robert06-12-191620-02-2014 
Proehl, Georg12-03-191325-05-2008 
Proetzel, Bodo10-03-191410-09-2008 
Prohaska, Ernst   
Prohaska, Max   
Prokschi, Johann "Hannes"16-09-192215-01-1944 
Prollius, Ernst31-08-191600-09-1943 
Promberger, Franz29-02-192004-01-1945more 
Proplesch, Werner   
Proske, Hans-Joachim11-06-1916  
Prüfer, Herbert   
Prüfer, Willi20-03-1912  
Prümm, Karl12-07-191710-01-1999more 
Prüß, Walter04-12-191113-11-2003more 
Przedwojewski, Felix07-12-192015-06-1986 
Przygodda, Hans   
Przyklenk, Wilhelm   
Pröbstle, Lorenz01-07-191329-08-1942more 
Pröll, Karl16-09-191007-02-1974more 
Pröscholdt, Hans-Joachim05-05-191624-04-1945 
Prösl, Willi   
Pscheidl, Otto   
Puaud, Edgar Joseph Alexandre29-10-188905-03-1945more 
Puchalski, Willi   
Puchstein, Karl16-11-190903-07-1993 
Puchta, Erwin   
Puder, Peter   
Puhl, Robert   
Pulles, Gerrit-Jan07-01-192301-02-1945 
Puls, Lothar   
Pulst, Friedrich August Wilhelm Günther26-03-191805-01-1991more 
Punzmann, Karl Anton Franz23-09-1918 more 
Puritz, Gustav   
Purschwitz, Ernst   
Pusch, Bruno   
Pusch, Hans   
Puschkeit, Erich   
Puschmann, Herbert10-08-192003-02-1944 
Puttkamer, Freiherr von, Hasso03-06-191205-03-2006 
Puttkamer, von, Karl-Richard28-07-190223-02-1945 
Puttkamer, von, Konstantin31-07-191723-02-1943 
Putz, Helmut08-05-191508-12-1995 
Putze, Max   
Puxkandl, Peter   
Püls, Conrad   
Pypetz, Johann   
Püschel, Hellmut   
Püttcher, Heinrich01-04-191403-04-2003 
Pütz, Marcus   
Pyyhtiä, Yrjö   
Päckert, Franz   
Pälike, Hans  more 
Päschel, Werner   
Pätsch, Erich18-06-1913  
Pätz, Erich06-06-191525-10-1943 
Pätzold, Günter   
Pätzold, Kurt-Adolf   
Pöchacker, Stefan19-12-191731-08-1944more 
Pöhler, Gerhard02-04-1920  
Pöhlmann, Otto   
Pöhs, Josef14-03-191230-12-1943 
Pöllä, Mikko16-09-191628-04-1994more 
Pölz, Hubert24-01-191707-01-1994