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United States (1776 - present, Republic)

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Abel, Brent Maxwell (USN)* May 16th, 1916
December 26th, 2005

Abele, Mannert Lincoln (USN)* July 11th, 1903
August 16th, 1942

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Ammen, John N., Jr.   
Amor, Antonio   
Amos, Robert00-00-191724-10-1944more 
Amundson, Maurice R.   
Amundson, Oscar M.   
Amussen, John Russell23-03-192119-05-1945more 
Amy, Eugene   
Anderberg, Martin L.   
Andersen, Clarence N.   
Andersen, Harvey M.   
Anderson, Alan G.   
Anderson, Albert00-00-191824-10-1944more 
Anderson, Alexander Louis   
Anderson, Allan S. 19-03-1944 
Anderson, Amel   
Anderson, Andrew, E. Jr.   
Anderson, Arthur   
Anderson, Arthur J.   
Anderson, Beauford T. "Andy"06-07-192207-11-1996more 
Anderson, Bernard H.   
Anderson, Burton J. 00-00-1977more 
Anderson, Clarence Emil "Bud"13-01-1922 more 
Anderson, Clarence Franklin19-07-191810-10-1993 
Anderson, Clarence Leland01-12-191308-07-1944 
Anderson, Clifford, Jr.   
Anderson, David   
Anderson, Dean   
Anderson, Edward Lee   
Anderson, Elman Adair (USMC)27-05-192303-09-1944more 
Anderson, Eugene E.16-05-192330-09-1944 
Anderson, Eugene L.24-01-192320-01-1944 
Anderson, George Calvin   
Anderson, Harold R.   
Anderson, Harry R.   
Anderson, James H.00-04-1920  
Anderson, James M.   
Anderson, James R. 09-10-1943 
Anderson, Joel, H.   
Anderson, John S. 26-03-1945 
Anderson, John W.   
Anderson, Leroy H.   
Anderson, Leslie, G.   
Anderson, Lowell A.19-06-191808-05-1942 
Anderson, Martin C.   
Anderson, Maurice Milner18-09-192415-12-2007 
Anderson, Norman A.   
Anderson, Norman M.   
Anderson, Ralph G.   
Anderson, Ralph R.10-08-192027-06-1999 
Anderson, Raymond J.   
Anderson, Richard Beatty26-06-192101-02-1944more 
Anderson, Richard C. 22-02-1944 
Anderson, Richard J.   
Anderson, Robert Harold   
Anderson, Robert Philip "Bob"   
Anderson, Robert Washington09-08-1921 more 
Anderson, Roy   
Anderson, Rudolph Y.09-06-191930-03-1945 
Anderson, Russell G.00-00-1922  
Anderson, Theodore S.   
Anderson, Victor, C.   
Anderson, William A.   
Anderson, William Henry, Jr.   
Anderson, William Lovett10-04-190627-11-2004 
Anderson, William Wickliff   
Andes, Lloyd M.   
Andreas, Jack 11-07-1943 
Andreasen, Grant G. (USN)01-04-191606-05-1997 
Andres, Anthony F. 21-06-1944 
Andrew, Arthur T.   
Andrew, Tom H.   
Andrews, Charles Herbert14-05-190807-12-1981more 
Andrews, Edward W.   
Andrews, John A.C.   
Andrews, Malcolm   
Andrews, Peter   
Andrews, Thomas Loftin, Jr.   
Andrews, William S. Jr.   
Androsky, John P. 05-10-1944 
Andrus, Willis James04-01-192116-10-1967 
Andzelik, John   
Anema, Theodore   
Angel, Camillus   
Angel, Norman B. (US Army)09-09-192330-09-1987 
Angell, David H.   
Angeloff, Carl A. 20-09-1944 
Angerer, Bennie B.   
Angerer, Raymond, F.   
Angevine, Clarence E.   
Anglin, Suel C.   
Angotti, Anthony, A.   
Anhut, Charles R.00-00-192321-09-1944 
Anker, Leonard A.   
Anna, Alfred Leo09-12-1923  
Annicchiarico, Joseph   
Annin III, Robert Edwards30-05-191830-03-1945 
Anthony, Clyde Romain08-10-191507-06-1978 
Antolak, Sylvester10-09-191624-05-1944 
Anton, Calvin K.   
Anton, Ywlek   
Antone, Albert M.   
Antone, Ferris J. 26-08-1942 
Antonelli, John W.   
Antonioli, Louis L. 26-03-2005 
Antrim, Richard Nott17-12-190708-03-1969more 
Apap, Charles09-12-1922  
Apelgren, Edwin   
Apello, Joseph A.   
Apodaca, Juan O.07-04-192519-10-1944 
Appell, Francis, R.00-00-190013-01-1945 
Apperson, Edwin C.13-07-1925  
Apple, Albert B.03-08-192404-11-1945 
Appleby, Gene J.01-09-191417-09-1944 
Appleby, Gene J. 17-09-1944 
Applegate, Elvin C.   
Applewhite, Robert M.   
Aquilante, Joseph   
Aragon, Abel Bidal 'Billie' (USMC)06-07-192608-07-1961 
Aragon, Eduardo, A.   
Arao, Henry Y.00-00-1920  
Arasin, Joseph   
Arbes, James Douglas   
Arbogast, Edward P.   
Arbuckle, William Nathan28-07-191721-08-1944 
Archambault, Raoul J.   
Archer, Charles Leroy02-09-191928-03-1987 
Archer, Robert John   
Archibeque, Max Marcellini   
Archuleta, Paul, S.   
Ard, Charles F.   
Areklet, Norman John00-00-192221-09-1944 
Argall, Thomas P.   
Argo, Charles R.   
Arheit, Frederick J.   
Arison, Rae Emmett   
Arkema, Kenneth J.04-09-191911-09-2003 
Arlandson, Robert Andrew03-03-192131-12-2007 
Arledge, William H. 06-10-1944 
Armellino, John Ralph21-02-192117-09-2004 
Armentrout, George C.   
Armistead, Kirk   
Armour, Donald F.23-09-192009-10-2001 
Armour, Lester21-03-189526-12-1970 
Armour, Thomas Edward   
Armstrong Sr., John Leroy "Jack"19-07-192205-09-1954 
Armstrong, Daniel C.   
Armstrong, Edward C.   
Armstrong, Gene L. ,Sr.00-00-1919  
Armstrong, Henry J.   
Armstrong, John B.   
Armstrong, John F. "Jack"   
Armstrong, Louis M.   
Armstrong, Mason H.   
Armstrong, Paul Edward "Tommy"01-04-191706-05-1942 
Armstrong, Robert Gordon   
Armstrong, Thomas, B.   
Armstrong, William S.   
Arndt, Daniel   
Arndt, James, C.   
Arnest, Howard L.   
Arnett, George, Jr.   
Arno, David H.   
Arnold, Archibald Vincent "Archie"24-02-188904-01-1973 
Arnold, Arthur A.   
Arnold, Charles Keever02-11-191306-12-1961 
Arnold, Dale F. 07-04-1944 
Arnold, Daniel A.   
Arnold, Edgar L.   
Arnold, Edwin Y.   
Arnold, Ellis E. (Jr.) 15-12-1942 
Arnold, Henry Harley "Hap"25-06-188615-01-1950more 
Arnold, Herman Franklin (USMC)06-03-192014-09-1942 
Arnold, Jackson Dominick   
Arnold, John Samuel, II   
Arnold, Lowell Edward21-12-191723-05-1944 
Arnold, Ralph Judd   
Arnold, Robert D. 12-01-1944 
Arnold, William Howard18-01-190130-09-1976more 
Arnold, William M.   
Arnoult, Carl A.00-00-191801-06-1945more 
Arrington, Charles D., Jr.   
Arrington, Sr, George Howell19-09-191827-05-1994 
Arrison, Robert L.   
Arrowsmith, Kenneth, J.   
Arsenault, Frederick Lawrence   
Arsenault, Norman (USMC)22-05-192608-07-1944 
Arter, Berman Lee (US Army)16-09-191910-10-1987 
Arterburn, Nello R.   
Arthur, Robert O.   
Asbill, Edward L.   
Aschenbach, Julius O.   
Aschenbrenner, C. J.   
Ascol, Holiel03-12-191214-02-1950 
Ash, Merlin T.30-06-192224-09-1944 
Ash, William Franklin (Bill)30-11-191726-04-2014 
Ashburn, James Carlon00-00-192607-03-1945 
Ashley, James H., Jr.   
Ashman, Charles H. (506th PIR)01-03-192421-05-1945more 
Ashmore, Vester   
Ashton, Clarence Mcallister14-02-192304-09-2011more 
Ashton, William E.   
Ashworth, Joe   
Ashworth, Wilson P.05-08-191818-04-1945 
Asin, Carlos C.   
Askew, Clair F.05-02-191711-08-1944 
Askins, Horace Zane12-12-192025-07-1969 
Askren, William V. 20-09-1944 
Asmus, George M. 02-03-1945 
Asmussen, John, Jr.   
Asper, Mauria H.   
Aston, William L., Jr.   
Astoria, Arthur J.   
Atchison, Mark Dorgan 00-00-1951 
Atchley, John E.00-00-192403-01-1945 
Athas, William P.   
Athens, Everett John "Johny" 00-05-1994 
Atherton, Roger L. 20-09-1944 
Atkeson, John Conner   
Atkins, Barry Kennedy02-08-191115-11-2005 
Atkins, Carl Harm22-03-191926-07-2013 
Atkins, George Joseph 20-11-1943 
Atkins, James L.   
Atkins, Joseph E. "Chuck" 21-05-1997 
Atkins, Thomas Eugene05-02-192115-09-1999 
Atkinson, Fitzgerald, Jr.   
Atkinson, Gerald V. 10-04-1945 
Atkinson, Jack S.   
Atkinson, Marvin E.   
Atkinson, Ralph G.27-05-191617-11-2012 
Atkinson, Robert Edward "Ed"18-03-192029-03-1943more 
Atkinson, Robert W.   
Atkisson, Clarence M.   
Atlee, William H. 06-06-1944 
Atwell, Melvin Kenneth   
Atwood, Arthur J.   
Atwood, Dale H. 06-06-1944 
Atwood, Dayton D.00-00-192225-12-1944 
Atwood, Douglas G.   
Atwood, Paul B.   
Aubrey, Gordon K.