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United States (1776 - present, Republic)

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Abel, Brent Maxwell (USN)* May 16th, 1916
December 26th, 2005

Abele, Mannert Lincoln (USN)* July 11th, 1903
August 16th, 1942

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Anderson, Amel   
Anderson, Andrew, E. Jr.   
Anderson, Arthur   
Anderson, Arthur J.   
Anderson, Beauford T. "Andy"06-07-192207-11-1996more 
Anderson, Bernard H.   
Anderson, Burton J. 00-00-1977more 
Anderson, Carl Arvid   
Anderson, Clarence Emil "Bud"13-01-1922 more 
Anderson, Clarence Franklin19-07-191810-10-1993 
Anderson, Clarence Leland01-12-191308-07-1944 
Anderson, Clifford, Jr.   
Anderson, David   
Anderson, Dean   
Anderson, Edward Lee   
Anderson, Elman Adair (USMC)27-05-192303-09-1944more 
Anderson, Eugene E.16-05-192330-09-1944 
Anderson, Eugene L.24-01-192320-01-1944 
Anderson, George Calvin   
Anderson, Harold R.   
Anderson, Harry R.   
Anderson, James H.00-04-1920  
Anderson, James M.   
Anderson, James R. 09-10-1943 
Anderson, Joel, H.   
Anderson, John S. 26-03-1945 
Anderson, John W.   
Anderson, Leroy H.   
Anderson, Leslie, G.   
Anderson, Lowell A.19-06-191808-05-1942 
Anderson, Martin C.   
Anderson, Maurice Milner18-09-192415-12-2007 
Anderson, Norman A.   
Anderson, Norman, M. (US Army)   
Anderson, Ralph G.   
Anderson, Ralph R.10-08-192027-06-1999 
Anderson, Raymond J.   
Anderson, Richard Beatty26-06-192101-02-1944more 
Anderson, Richard C. 22-02-1944 
Anderson, Richard J.   
Anderson, Robert Harold   
Anderson, Robert Philip "Bob"   
Anderson, Robert Washington09-08-1921 more 
Anderson, Roy   
Anderson, Rudolph Y. 30-03-1945 
Anderson, Russell G.00-00-1922  
Anderson, Theodore S.   
Anderson, Victor, C.   
Anderson, William A.   
Anderson, William Henry, Jr.   
Anderson, William Lovett10-04-190627-11-2004 
Anderson, William Wickliff   
Andes, Lloyd M.   
Andreas, Jack 11-07-1943 
Andreasen, Grant G. (USN)01-04-191606-05-1997 
Andres, Anthony F. 21-06-1944 
Andrew, Arthur T.   
Andrew, Tom H.   
Andrews, Charles Herbert14-05-190807-12-1981more 
Andrews, Edward W.   
Andrews, John A.C.   
Andrews, Malcolm   
Andrews, Peter   
Andrews, Thomas Loftin, Jr.   
Andrews, William S. Jr.   
Androsky, John P. 05-10-1944 
Andrus, Willis James04-01-192116-10-1967 
Andzelik, John   
Anema, Theodore   
Angel, Camillus   
Angel, Norman B. (US Army)09-09-192330-09-1987 
Angell, David H.   
Angeloff, Carl A. 20-09-1944 
Angerer, Bennie B.   
Angerer, Raymond, F.   
Angevine, Clarence E.   
Anglin, Suel C.   
Angotti, Anthony, A.   
Anhut, Charles R.00-00-192321-09-1944 
Anker, Leonard A.   
Anna, Alfred Leo09-12-1923  
Annicchiarico, Joseph   
Annin, Robert E., III 30-03-1945 
Anthony, Clyde Romain08-10-191507-06-1978 
Antolak, Sylvester10-09-191624-05-1944 
Anton, Calvin K.   
Anton, Ywlek   
Antone, Albert M.   
Antone, Ferris J. 26-08-1942 
Antonelli, John W.   
Antonioli, Louis L. 26-03-2005 
Antrim, Richard Nott17-12-190708-03-1969more 
Apap, Charles09-12-1922  
Apelgren, Edwin   
Apello, Joseph A.   
Apodaca, Juan O.07-04-192519-10-1944 
Appell, Francis, R.00-00-190013-01-1945 
Apperson, Edwin C.13-07-1925  
Apple, Albert B.03-08-192404-11-1945 
Appleby, Gene J.01-09-191417-09-1944 
Appleby, Gene J. 17-09-1944 
Applegate, Elvin C.   
Applewhite, Robert M.   
Aquilante, Joseph   
Aragon, Abel Bidal 'Billie' (USMC)06-07-192608-07-1961 
Aragon, Eduardo, A.   
Arao, Henry Y.00-00-1920  
Arasin, Joseph   
Arbes, James Douglas   
Arbogast, Edward P.   
Archambault, Raoul J.   
Archer, Charles Leroy02-09-191928-03-1987 
Archer, Robert John   
Archibeque, Max Marcellini   
Archuleta, Paul, S.   
Ard, Charles F.   
Areklet, Norman, John (US Army)00-00-192221-09-1944 
Argall, Thomas P.   
Argo, Charles R.   
Arheit, Frederick J.   
Arison, Rae Emmett   
Arkema, Kenneth J.04-09-191911-09-2003 
Arlandson, Robert Andrew03-03-192131-12-2007 
Arledge, William H. 06-10-1944 
Armellino, John Ralph21-02-192117-09-2004 
Armentrout, George C.   
Armistead, Kirk   
Armour, Donald F.23-09-192009-10-2001 
Armour, Lester21-03-189526-12-1970 
Armour, Thomas Edward   
Armstrong Sr., John Leroy "Jack"19-07-192205-09-1954 
Armstrong, Daniel C.   
Armstrong, Edward C.   
Armstrong, Gene L. ,Sr.00-00-1919  
Armstrong, Henry J.   
Armstrong, John B.   
Armstrong, John F. "Jack"   
Armstrong, Louis M.   
Armstrong, Mason H.   
Armstrong, Robert Gordon   
Armstrong, Thomas, B.   
Armstrong, William S.   
Arndt, Daniel   
Arndt, James, C.   
Arnest, Howard L.   
Arnett, George, Jr.   
Arno, David H.   
Arnold, Archibald Vincent "Archie"24-02-188904-01-1973 
Arnold, Arthur A.   
Arnold, Charles Keever00-00-1913  
Arnold, Dale F. 07-04-1944 
Arnold, Daniel A.   
Arnold, Edgar L.   
Arnold, Edwin Y.   
Arnold, Ellis E. (Jr.) 15-12-1942 
Arnold, Henry Harley "Hap"25-06-188615-01-1950more 
Arnold, Herman Franklin (USMC)06-03-192014-09-1942 
Arnold, Jackson Dominick   
Arnold, John Samuel, II   
Arnold, Lowell Edward21-12-191723-05-1944 
Arnold, Ralph Judd   
Arnold, Robert D. 12-01-1944 
Arnold, William Howard18-01-190130-09-1976more 
Arnold, William M.   
Arnoult, Carl A.00-00-191801-06-1945more 
Arrington, Charles D., Jr.   
Arrington, Sr, George Howell19-09-191827-05-1994 
Arrison, Robert L.   
Arrowsmith, Kenneth, J.   
Arsenault, Frederick Lawrence   
Arsenault, Norman (USMC)22-05-192608-07-1944 
Arter, Berman Lee (US Army)16-09-191910-10-1987 
Arterburn, Nello R.   
Arthur, Robert O.   
Asbill, Edward L.   
Aschenbach, Julius O.   
Aschenbrenner, C. J.   
Ascol, Holiel03-12-191214-02-1950 
Ashburn, James Carlon00-00-192607-03-1945 
Ashley, James H., Jr.   
Ashman, Charles H. (US Army)01-03-192421-05-1945more 
Ashmore, Vester   
Ashton, Clarence Mcallister14-02-192304-09-2011more 
Ashworth, Joe   
Ashworth, Wilson P. 18-04-1945 
Asin, Carlos C.   
Askew, Clair F.05-02-191711-08-1944 
Askins, Horace Zane12-12-192025-07-1969 
Askren, William V. 20-09-1944 
Asmus, George M. 02-03-1945 
Asmussen, John, Jr.   
Asper, Mauria H.   
Aston, William L., Jr.   
Astoria, Arthur J.   
Atchison, Mark Dorgan 00-00-1951 
Atchley, John E.00-00-192403-01-1945 
Athas, William P.   
Athens, Everett John "Johny" 00-05-1994 
Atherton, Roger L. 20-09-1944 
Atkeson, John Conner   
Atkins, Barry Kennedy02-08-191115-11-2005 
Atkins, Carl Harm22-03-191926-07-2013 
Atkins, George Joseph 20-11-1943 
Atkins, James L.   
Atkins, Joseph E. "Chuck" 21-05-1997 
Atkins, Thomas Eugene05-02-192115-09-1999 
Atkinson, Fitzgerald, Jr.   
Atkinson, Gerald V. 10-04-1945 
Atkinson, Jack S.   
Atkinson, Marvin E.   
Atkinson, Ralph G.27-05-191617-11-2012 
Atkinson, Robert Edward "Ed"18-03-192029-03-1943more 
Atkinson, Robert W.   
Atkisson, Clarence M.   
Atlee, William H. 06-06-1944 
Atwell, Melvin Kenneth   
Atwood, Arthur J.   
Atwood, Dale H. 06-06-1944 
Atwood, Dayton D.00-00-192225-12-1944 
Atwood, Douglas G.   
Atwood, Paul B.   
Aubrey, Gordon K.   
Aubrey, Richard A.   
Auck, Thomas W.22-09-192402-02-1945 
Auer, Conrad P.   
Auer, John Richard, Sr.31-08-192204-09-2012 
Augustine, Alfred Anthony00-00-191400-00-1994 
Ault, William B.   
Auman, Joseph Martin (USMC)04-01-192212-11-1942more 
Aungier, John, J. Jr.   
Aurand, Evan P.10-06-191707-06-1989 
Aurness, James King26-05-192303-06-2011 
Aurness, James King "Jim"26-05-192303-06-2011more 
Austin, Bernard Lige15-12-1902  
Austin, James B.   
Austin, John Arnold   
Austin, Marshall H.14-06-191119-07-2006 
Austin, Raymond  more 
Austin, Walton A.   
Autry, William "Bill" 26-04-2017