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Canada (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Adams, John Joseph William* October 30th, 1921
† September 11th, 1942
Row: 14 Grave: 31

Addie, Gordon Rennie* May 23rd, 1905
† January 22nd, 1990

Ainslie, Thomas Edgar Craig* 1917
† February 28th, 2008

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abbey, James Ernest05-01-1916 
Abel, George Clayton00-06-1909 
Abell, John William00-00-1910 
Acheson, John William00-00-1914 
Achorn, Elmer Keith  
Acland, Eric  
Adair, Fulton Muir  
Adair, Robert William  
Adam, John Rooch  
Adam, John Stronach "Jack"13-06-1908 
Adams, Albert Edwin "Ted"  
Adams, Albert Oliver  
Adams, Donald Albert00-00-1921 
Adams, Ernest Allen00-00-1918 
Adams, James Allen13-07-1916 
Adams, John Lindley  
Adams, Joseph Hervey Chauncey  
Adams, Willis Edward00-00-1920 
Adamson, Arthur Christopher  
Aikman, Alan Frederick05-03-1919 
Ainslie, Ralph Murray  
Ainslie, William John08-11-1915 
Ainsworth, Gerald William00-00-1918 
Ainsworth, John  
Aistrop, Charles Sidney  
Aitcheson, George Douglas  
Aitken, Robert Bruce  
Aitkens, Francis Charles  
Akhurst, Edward Carden  
Albert, Earl Thomas01-03-1920 more
Alberts, Edward John00-00-1919 
Alcorn, Douglas Henderson  
Alderdice, William Wade00-00-1917 
Aldred, Joel Waldon00-00-1920 
Aldrich, John Gerald00-00-1918 
Alexander, Ernest Archibald00-00-1918 
Alexander, John Playfair  
Alexander, John Reading15-11-1905 
Alexander, Kenneth Andrew17-03-1916 
Alexander, William George  
Alford, Harold  
Allan, James Chalmers "Jim"  
Allan, James Colomba00-00-1921 
Allan, Norman  
Allan, Robert Patrick00-00-1922 
Allan, Spence Anderson  
Allan, Thomas Albert Gordon  
Allan, William Edward00-00-1924 
Allard, Bernard Louis Philip00-00-1924 
Allen, Daniel Frederick00-00-1921 
Allen, Douglas William00-00-1919 
Allen, Ernest Ellwood00-00-1921 
Allen, Ethan 2nd00-00-1919 
Allen, George Russell  
Allen, Gerald William  
Allen, John Augustine  
Allen, Norman George  
Allen, Oliver Alexander  
Allen, William Edward  
Allin, Harvey Ross00-00-1922 
Allison, Harold Dennis Charles00-00-1922 
Alliston, Alexander John  
Alliston, Edward Arthur  
Allman, John Jacob  
Amell, Harry Lawrence  
Amos, John Arthur  
Amos, William Alfred  
Anderson, Alton Lester  
Anderson, Audrey Mary  
Anderson, Charles Henry00-00-1921 
Anderson, Clifford Arthur Stevenson15-05-1917 
Anderson, Donald Robert00-00-1921 
Anderson, Edna Grace05-04-1925 
Anderson, Francis Luiz  
Anderson, Gordon John  
Anderson, Gustav Sune Lawrence  
Anderson, Hugh John00-00-1912 
Anderson, Jack Fenton19-12-1920 
Anderson, John Andrew Joseph Carruthers  
Anderson, John Devlin19-06-1916 
Anderson, Juhl Arthur  
Anderson, Leonard Gerhard00-00-1913 
Anderson, Leslie Lester00-03-1914 
Anderson, Lloyd Harold  
Anderson, Moffat02-10-1921 
Anderson, Murray Bouch00-00-1917 
Anderson, Norman Stanley Alton  
Anderson, Philip James  
Anderson, Ronald Amos00-00-1921 
Anderson, Sydney Alexander  
Anderson, Thomas George  
Anderson, Trevor Maxwell  more
Anderson, William George  
Anderson, William John00-00-1922 
Anderson, William Robert Weir00-00-1920 
Andras, Kenneth Bertram  
Andrew, Byron  
Andrew, Emerson William00-00-1918 
Andrew, Raymond00-00-1925 
Andrew, Robert Arthur  
Andrews, Donald Roy00-00-1921 
Andrews, Frederick John  
Andrews, William Ernest  
Angell, Gerald Ellis Lintott00-02-1921 
Angell, Ronald Ford Chapman  
Angers, Joseph Arthur Angus Bruneau  
Anguish, Jack Mills  
Angus, Arthur George00-00-1913 
Angus, James Russell00-00-1914 
Angus, John00-00-1919 
Annand, Favell Clinton00-00-1919 
Annesley, George William00-00-1916 
Annis, Clare Levi22-01-1912 
Ansley, Harold Albert  
Anthony, Elmer Harold  
Anthony, Roy Frederick00-00-1920 
Anton, George Joseph  
Appleby, Arthur William00-00-1916 
Appleton, Douglas Charles  
Appleton, Harry William Flintoff  
Arbuckle, William Morton00-00-1915 
Archambault, Robert Francis00-00-1917 
Archer, Phillip Leslie Irving00-00-1917 
Ardeline, Paul00-00-1917 
Ardis, Victor Dempster00-00-1917 
Ardley, Roderick George  
Armstrong, Herbert Tuxis Berry00-00-1920 
Armstrong, Norman Henry00-00-1922 
Armstrong, Roy  
Armstrong, Stanley William00-00-1923 
Armstrong, William Norman00-00-1920 
Arnill, William Robert00-04-1915 
Arnold, Alfred Joseph00-00-1921 
Arnold, Harold Frederick  
Arnott, Morley Albert  
Asseltine, Walter "Red"27-11-1919 
Anderson, Leslie Scofield00-00-191722-10-1910
Angus, Allen Benjamin10-05-191816-05-1940
Anderson, William Andrew00-00-191812-02-1942
Aikenhead, Lloyd Lawrence00-00-191721-06-1942
Adams, John Joseph William30-10-192111-09-1942
Austin, Charles Wendell27-01-192205-10-1942
Anderson, Robert Fred Lindsay26-12-191913-11-1942
Atkinson, George Eaton 04-08-1943
Allcroft, Frederick Charles00-00-192303-01-1944
Alexander, Edward Sudbury 14-01-1944
Arnot, Donald MacKenzie00-00-191821-01-1944
Ashley, Borden Bramshott 23-04-1944
Allen, Lawrence Arnold00-00-191728-04-1944
Arbour, Joseph Edouard Jean Guy26-03-191213-05-1944
Anderson, Allan Andrew21-04-192322-05-1944
Adams, William Charles07-01-192208-06-1944
Anderson, William Brodie00-00-191408-06-1944
Angel, Harold Sandford "Buster"02-11-191209-06-1944
Adams, Eric Victor 15-09-1944
Alexander, Robert Wilfred20-08-192021-09-1944
Ambrose, John Mark 13-10-1944
Allan, James Llewellyn00-00-192105-11-1944
Allan, George Ingram00-00-190822-01-1945
Armstrong, Walter Douglas09-12-191916-02-1945
Audet, Richard Joseph "Dick"13-03-192203-03-1945
Anderson, William James21-09-192230-03-1945
Aitchison, Edward Grant10-06-191831-03-1945
Anderson, Hugh Henry27-02-192111-04-1945
Anderson, Peter Murray "Andy"09-04-192211-04-1945
Auchterlonie, James Laurence07-12-192413-04-1945
Arseneault, Welly 14-04-1945
Allan, Everett Brock 16-05-1945
Anderson, Norman Russell29-04-189331-07-1948
Anderson, John Alan 23-03-1965
Agar, Carlyle Clare28-11-190127-01-1968
Anderson, Albert Erik00-00-192000-00-1971
Aris, James Edwin04-05-191319-05-1978
Archer, Gordon Walter00-00-191813-01-1982
Annable, Harold Cecil05-01-191705-06-1983
Andrews, Arthur Ellis04-07-191714-07-1984
Aitken, Adam Frederick16-02-191600-02-1986
Adams, William Houghton00-00-191717-08-1989
Addie, Gordon Rennie23-05-190522-01-1990
Annan, Douglas Bruce05-05-191700-07-1990
Agrios, James Edward 08-10-1990
Armstrong, William Albert00-00-191625-12-1992
Armstrong, Donald Hadley25-11-191811-11-1993
Armstrong, Lloyd George00-00-191709-01-1994
Arbuckle, George Frederick00-00-192102-03-1994
Anderson, Douglas Robert Brian28-03-191623-07-1994
Allard, Jean Victor12-06-191323-04-1996more
Ardis, Beverley Donn "Joe"00-00-192206-05-1997
Armitage, Robert Munday00-00-191419-06-1997
Armstrong, Frederick Finlay00-00-191804-11-1997more
Appleton, Charles Arthur Plewman00-00-192000-00-1998
Arthur, Charles Ian Rose "Duke"04-06-191813-10-1998
Annis, Edward Stewart25-11-191709-01-1999
Alverson, James Rees00-00-192000-00-2000
Adair, James Douglas17-12-191805-06-2001
Anderson, Robert Thomas30-12-191905-10-2001
Archambault, Leon Gustave Gaspard Jean26-07-191319-10-2002
Aldwinckle, Robert Morrison28-07-192000-00-2003
Anderson, John MacMorran19-02-191300-01-2004
Arbeau, Cyril Walter00-00-191415-01-2004
Adams, Lawrence John "Lawrie"07-03-191711-07-2004
Adams, Norman Thomas00-00-192124-07-2004
Anderson, Willard Leslie00-00-191627-10-2004
Angus, Thomas Anderson00-00-191516-06-2005
Aitken, George Dennis21-06-192027-05-2006
Aldred, Elwood Morton26-06-191427-05-2006
Anderson, Gordon Doak22-01-192327-11-2006
Adams, Robert Austin08-05-191700-00-2008
Arne, Ira Clifford 23-02-2008
Ainslie, Thomas Edgar Craig00-00-191728-02-2008
Alger, Clifford Tompkins 01-08-2008
Angell, Henry Ellis00-00-191605-12-2010
Alexander, Lincoln MacCauley21-01-192219-10-2012more
Archibald, Francis James Moffat00-00-191500-00-2015
Armstrong, Arley Walter00-00-192126-10-2015
Anderson, Andy19-09-192523-02-2021