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Canada (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Addie, Gordon Rennie* May 23rd, 1905
† January 22nd, 1990

Albert, Earl Thomas* March 1st, 1920

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NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Achorn, Elmer Keith   
Acland, Eric   
Adair, Fulton Muir   
Adair, Robert William   
Adam, John Rooch   
Adams, Albert Edwin "Ted"   
Adams, Albert Oliver   
Adams, Eric Victor 15-09-1944 
Adams, John Lindley   
Adams, Joseph Hervey Chauncey   
Adamson, Arthur Christopher   
Agrios, James Edward 08-10-1990 
Ainslie, Ralph Murray   
Ainsworth, John   
Aistrop, Charles Sidney   
Aitcheson, George Douglas   
Aitken, Robert Bruce   
Aitkens, Francis Charles   
Akhurst, Edward Carden   
Alcorn, Douglas Henderson   
Alexander, Edward Sudbury 14-01-1944 
Alexander, John Playfair   
Alexander, William George   
Alford, Harold   
Alger, Clifford Tompkins 01-08-2008 
Allan, Everett Brock 16-05-1945 
Allan, James Chalmers "Jim"   
Allan, Norman   
Allan, Spence Anderson   
Allan, Thomas Albert Gordon   
Allen, George Russell   
Allen, Gerald William   
Allen, John Augustine   
Allen, Norman George   
Allen, Oliver Alexander   
Allen, William Edward   
Alliston, Alexander John   
Alliston, Edward Arthur   
Allman, John Jacob   
Amell, Harry Lawrence   
Amos, John Arthur   
Amos, William Alfred   
Anderson, Alton Lester   
Anderson, Audrey Mary   
Anderson, Francis Luiz   
Anderson, Gordon John   
Anderson, Gustav Sune Lawrence   
Anderson, John Alan 23-03-1965 
Anderson, John Andrew Joseph Carruthers   
Anderson, Juhl Arthur   
Anderson, Lloyd Harold   
Anderson, Norman Stanley Alton   
Anderson, Philip James   
Anderson, Sydney Alexander   
Anderson, Thomas George   
Anderson, Trevor Maxwell  more 
Anderson, William George   
Andras, Kenneth Bertram   
Andrew, Byron   
Andrew, Robert Arthur   
Andrews, Frederick John   
Andrews, William Ernest   
Angell, Ronald Ford Chapman   
Angers, Joseph Arthur Angus Bruneau   
Anguish, Jack Mills   
Ansley, Harold Albert   
Anthony, Elmer Harold   
Anton, George Joseph   
Appleton, Douglas Charles   
Appleton, Harry William Flintoff   
Ardley, Roderick George   
Armstrong, Roy   
Arne, Ira Clifford 23-02-2008 
Arnold, Harold Frederick   
Arnott, Morley Albert   
Arseneault, Welly 14-04-1945 
Atkinson, George Eaton 04-08-1943 
Anderson, Norman Russell29-04-189331-07-1948 
Agar, Carlyle Clare28-11-190127-01-1968 
Addie, Gordon Rennie23-05-190522-01-1990 
Alexander, John Reading15-11-1905  
Allan, George Ingram00-00-190822-01-1945 
Adam, John Stronach "Jack"13-06-1908  
Abel, George Clayton00-06-1909  
Abell, John William00-00-1910  
Anderson, Hugh John00-00-1912  
Annis, Clare Levi22-01-1912  
Arbour, Joseph Edouard Jean Guy26-03-191213-05-1944 
Anderson, Leonard Gerhard00-00-1913  
Angus, Arthur George00-00-1913  
Anderson, John MacMorran19-02-191300-01-2004 
Aris, James Edwin04-05-191319-05-1978 
Allard, Jean Victor12-06-191323-04-1996more 
Archambault, Leon Gustave Gaspard Jean26-07-191319-10-2002 
Acheson, John William00-00-1914  
Anderson, William Brodie00-00-191408-06-1944 
Angus, James Russell00-00-1914  
Arbeau, Cyril Walter00-00-191415-01-2004 
Armitage, Robert Munday00-00-191419-06-1997 
Anderson, Leslie Lester00-03-1914  
Aldred, Elwood Morton26-06-191427-05-2006 
Angus, Thomas Anderson00-00-191516-06-2005 
Arbuckle, William Morton00-00-1915  
Archibald, Francis James Moffat00-00-191500-00-2015 
Arnill, William Robert00-04-1915  
Ainslie, William John08-11-1915  
Anderson, Willard Leslie00-00-191627-10-2004 
Angell, Henry Ellis00-00-191605-12-2010 
Annesley, George William00-00-1916  
Appleby, Arthur William00-00-1916  
Armstrong, William Albert00-00-191625-12-1992 
Abbey, James Ernest05-01-1916  
Aitken, Adam Frederick16-02-191600-02-1986 
Alexander, Kenneth Andrew17-03-1916  
Anderson, Douglas Robert Brian28-03-191623-07-1994 
Anderson, John Devlin19-06-1916  
Adams, James Allen13-07-1916  
Adams, William Houghton00-00-191717-08-1989 
Ainslie, Thomas Edgar Craig00-00-1917  
Alderdice, William Wade00-00-1917  
Allen, Lawrence Arnold00-00-191728-04-1944 
Anderson, Leslie Scofield00-00-191722-10-1910 
Anderson, Murray Bouch00-00-1917  
Archambault, Robert Francis00-00-1917  
Archer, Phillip Leslie Irving00-00-1917  
Ardeline, Paul00-00-1917  
Ardis, Victor Dempster00-00-1917  
Armstrong, Lloyd George00-00-191709-01-1994 
Annable, Harold Cecil05-01-191705-06-1983 
Adams, Lawrence John "Lawrie"07-03-191711-07-2004 
Annan, Douglas Bruce05-05-191700-07-1990 
Adams, Robert Austin08-05-191700-00-2008 
Anderson, Clifford Arthur Stevenson15-05-1917  
Andrews, Arthur Ellis04-07-191714-07-1984 
Annis, Edward Stewart25-11-191709-01-1999 
Adams, Ernest Allen00-00-1918  
Ainsworth, Gerald William00-00-1918  
Aldrich, John Gerald00-00-1918  
Alexander, Ernest Archibald00-00-1918  
Anderson, William Andrew00-00-191812-02-1942 
Andrew, Emerson William00-00-1918  
Archer, Gordon Walter00-00-191813-01-1982 
Armstrong, Frederick Finlay00-00-191804-11-1997more 
Arnot, Donald MacKenzie00-00-191821-01-1944 
Angus, Allen Benjamin10-05-191816-05-1940 
Arthur, Charles Ian Rose "Duke"04-06-191813-10-1998 
Armstrong, Donald Hadley25-11-1918  
Adair, James Douglas17-12-191805-06-2001 
Alberts, Edward John00-00-1919  
Allen, Douglas William00-00-1919  
Allen, Ethan 2nd00-00-1919  
Angus, John00-00-1919  
Annand, Favell Clinton00-00-1919  
Aikman, Alan Frederick05-03-1919  
Asseltine, Walter "Red"27-11-1919  
Armstrong, Walter Douglas09-12-191916-02-1945 
Anderson, Robert Thomas30-12-191905-10-2001 
Adams, Willis Edward00-00-1920  
Aldred, Joel Waldon00-00-1920  
Alverson, James Rees00-00-192000-00-2000 
Anderson, Albert Erik00-00-192000-00-1971 
Anderson, William Robert Weir00-00-1920  
Anthony, Roy Frederick00-00-1920  
Appleton, Charles Arthur Plewman00-00-192000-00-1998 
Armstrong, Herbert Tuxis Berry00-00-1920  
Armstrong, William Norman00-00-1920  
Albert, Earl Thomas01-03-1920 more 
Aitken, George Dennis21-06-192027-05-2006 
Aldwinckle, Robert Morrison28-07-192000-00-2003 
Alexander, Robert Wilfred20-08-192021-09-1944 
Anderson, Jack Fenton19-12-1920  
Adams, Donald Albert00-00-1921  
Adams, Norman Thomas00-00-192124-07-2004 
Allan, James Colomba00-00-1921  
Allan, James Llewellyn00-00-192105-11-1944 
Allen, Daniel Frederick00-00-1921  
Allen, Ernest Ellwood00-00-1921  
Anderson, Charles Henry00-00-1921  
Anderson, Donald Robert00-00-1921  
Anderson, Ronald Amos00-00-1921  
Andrews, Donald Roy00-00-1921  
Arbuckle, George Frederick00-00-192102-03-1994 
Armstrong, Arley Walter00-00-192126-10-2015 
Arnold, Alfred Joseph00-00-1921  
Angell, Gerald Ellis Lintott00-02-1921  
Anderson, Hugh Henry27-02-192111-04-1945 
Anderson, Moffat02-10-1921  
Allan, Robert Patrick00-00-1922  
Allin, Harvey Ross00-00-1922  
Allison, Harold Dennis Charles00-00-1922  
Anderson, William John00-00-1922  
Ardis, Beverley Donn "Joe"00-00-192206-05-1997 
Armstrong, Norman Henry00-00-1922  
Alexander, Lincoln MacCauley21-01-192219-10-2012more 
Audet, Richard Joseph "Dick"13-03-192203-03-1945 
Anderson, Peter Murray "Andy"09-04-192211-04-1945 
Allcroft, Frederick Charles00-00-192303-01-1944 
Armstrong, Stanley William00-00-1923  
Anderson, Gordon Doak22-01-192327-11-2006 
Allan, William Edward00-00-1924  
Allard, Bernard Louis Philip00-00-1924  
Auchterlonie, James Laurence07-12-192413-04-1945 
Andrew, Raymond00-00-1925  
Anderson, Edna Grace05-04-1925  
Anderson, Andy19-09-192523-02-2021