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Mentioned in Despatches

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abecassis, George Edgar21-03-191310-12-1991 
Adair, Allan Henry Shafto03-11-189704-08-1988more 
Adam, John Rooch   
Adams, Andrew Alexander05-06-192108-11-1993more 
Adams, Arhur Robert   
Adams, Eric Victor 15-09-1944 
Adams, Harrison Staveley 00-00-1984 
Adams, James Allen13-07-1916  
Adams, John "Jack"26-09-189021-06-1981more 
Adams, John Lindley   
Adams, Joseph Hervey Chauncey   
Adams, Ronald George Hinings31-12-189628-03-1979 
Adkins, Ernest Edward22-06-191216-12-1965 
Agazarian, Jack Charles Stanmore27-08-191529-03-1945 
Ainslie, Ralph Murray   
Ainslie, Thomas Edgar Craig00-00-1917  
Ainslie, William John08-11-1915  
Aitken, Adam Frederick16-02-191600-02-1986 
Aitken, John William Maxwell, 2nd Baronet15-02-191001-05-1985 
Aitkens, Francis Charles   
Akehurst, Arthur Maurice 30-06-1945 
Akhurst, Edward Carden   
Alcock, John "Jack"00-00-191800-00-1997 
Aldwinckle, Robert Morrison28-07-192000-00-2003 
Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George "Alex"10-12-189116-06-1969more 
Ali, Abbas   
Allan, John Watson "Iain"06-05-191809-07-1988 
Allen, Arthur Samuel "Tubby"10-03-189425-01-1959more 
Allen, Norman George   
Allen, Oliver Alexander   
Allen, Robert Swinton24-07-191400-00-1982more 
Allen, William Edward   
Allenberg, William Harry  more 
Allison, William George Clifford 24-07-1943 
Allman, John Jacob   
Amell, Harry Lawrence   
Amos, John Arthur   
Anderson, Clifford Arthur Stevenson15-05-1917  
Anderson, Edna Grace05-04-1925  
Anderson, Jack Fenton19-12-1920  
Anderson, Juhl Arthur   
Anderson, Lloyd Harold   
Anderson, Michael Herbert 10-05-1940 
Anderson, Moffat02-10-1921  
Anderson, Norman Russell29-04-189331-07-1948 
Anderson, Peter Murray "Andy"09-04-192211-04-1945 
Anderson, Philip James   
Andras, Kenneth Bertram   
Andre Agazarian, Francoise Isabella "Francine"08-05-191327-04-1999 
Andrews, Arthur Ellis04-07-191714-07-1984 
Angell, Ronald Ford Chapman   
Angers, Joseph Arthur Angus Bruneau   
Anguish, Jack Mills   
Annis, Clare Levi22-01-1912  
Annis, Edward Stewart25-11-191709-01-1999 
Anstes, Trevor   
Anstey, John03-01-190706-10-2000 
Anton, George Joseph   
Appleton, Douglas Charles   
Arbeau, Cyril Walter   
Arbon, Paul Wade08-02-192121-11-1968 
Arbuthnott, Robert Keith, 15th Viscount21-08-189715-12-1966more 
Archer, Ernest Leonard  more 
Archer, Ernest Russell14-09-189117-12-1958 
Archer, Harold Corbin00-00-189200-00-1949 
Ardagh, Patrick Augustine30-08-189106-04-1944more 
Armiger, Bertie William21-12-191111-11-1984 
Arthur, Wilfred Stanley07-12-191923-12-2000more 
Ashurst, Norman24-11-1920  
Ashworth, Arthur03-05-192019-02-1994more 
Aspey, Harold Edward00-03-191627-02-1942 
Atcherley, David Francis William12-01-190408-06-1952more 
Atcherley, Richard Llewellyn Roger12-01-190418-04-1970more 
Aubertin, Pierre Gaston22-03-191507-03-1949 
Ayling, Charles Henry