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Bronze Star Medal (BSM)

The Bronze Star Medal was officially instituted by Executive Order 9419 on February 4th, 1944. It was based on the idea of Colonel Russell P. "Red" Reeder in 1943. He had launched the thought that it was good for the morale of the military when there was a decoration that could be awarded by Captains of a Company or Battery to the personnel who served under their command. Colonel Reeder saw this medal as the ground version of the Air Medal and first introduced the name "Ground Medal". At first the decoration was to be instituted with the U.S. Navy to be given to ground and surface personnel for heroic or meritorious deeds. For unknown reasons the institution did not occur. The idea was picked up by General George C. Marshall who wrote a memorandum to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The president instituted the medal the very next day.

The decoration could be awarded to any military who, serving within or together with the army of the United States after 6th December 1941, decorating himself by heoric or meritorious deeds as military, not participating in air operations, during military operations against an armed enemy or during an armed conflict in which the United States was not participating as a beligirent. The decoration could be awarded for the discribed heroic actions, not sufficient to be awarded the Silver Star or for meritorious actions or meritorious acting of service, which did not qualify for the awarding of the Legion of Merit. In 1947 the possibilities for awarding were enlarged. From that moment on the medal could also be awarded to any member of the United States Army that were mentioned in orders after December 6th, 1941 or who had received a certificate for exceptional service in goundbattle against an armed enemy between December 7th, 1941 and September 2nd, 1945 or who’s merit could be proven by documents dated before July 1st, 1947. This made it possible to award the Bronze Star to any person who had received the Combat Infantryman Badge or the Combat Medical Badge.
The Bronze Star can also be obtained by veterans or next of kinn. Military that took part in the struggle on the Philippines between December 7th, 1941 and May,10th 1942 could receive the medal when the action took place on Luzon, the Bataan peninsula or the Harbour Defences on Corregidor Island and were entitled to the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. Military who had received the Purple Heart during the early days of the Second World War specifically for merit and not for wounds could in some occasions also exchange the Purple Heart for the Bronze Star. To any foreign soldier that fought in close coöperation with the United States Army, the decoration could also be awarded.

The Bronze Star Medal was designed by Rudolf Freund of Bailey, Banks and Biddle who also designed the Silver Star. The decoration measures 1,5 inch (38 mm) over all. In the middle there can be found another bronze star with a diametre of 3/16 inch (4,8 mm). All radials in the centre of both stars continue in one each other. The back bears the inscription "HEROIC OR MERITIOUS ACHIEVEMENT" and a space to ingrave the recipients name.

The medal hangs on a ribbon with a square loop and rounded corners. The ribbon measures 1 3/8 inch (35 mm) wide. Left and right can be fond a 1/32 inch (1 mm) wide white line, followed to the inside by a scarlet 9/16 inch (14 mm) broad band. In the middel can be fond an ultramarine blue band measuring 1/8 inch (3 mm) flanked by two 1/32 inch (1 mm) lines.

Every next Bronze Star awarded was to be shown by a bronze oak leaf cluster (US Army, Air Corps and Air Force) or a golden star (US Navy, Marines and Coast Guard). At every fifth award, the bronze and golden were replaced by a a silver oak leaf cluster or silver star. A bronze "V" for "Valor" was awarded when the Bronze Star was received for heoism in battle, thus distincting the award from the Bronze Stars warded for merit. This "V" was introduced in 1945. The action it was to be awarded for had to be of significant value. Only one "V" was permitted to be worn on the ribbon.

Abrams, Creighton Williams, Jr.* September 15th, 1914
† September 4th, 1974

Adams, Lucian* October 26th, 1922
† March 31st, 2003
Plot: AI Grave: 555

Adler, Samuel L.† April 20th, 1945
Plot: F Row: 11 Grave: 26

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Baade, Paul William  more 
Baasch, Robert J. 00-00-1964 
Bache-Wiig, John Jr.   
Bachenheimer, Theodore H. "Ted"23-04-192322-10-1944more 
Bachorik, Frank   
Bachtell, James D.   
Bacile, Joseph  more 
Backs, Kelvin E.   
Bacon, Frank   
Bagley, Ivan P.   
Bahlau, Fredrick A.  more 
Bailey, Donovan Jarrett "Dink"   
Bailey, Melvyn Evans05-12-191325-11-1944more 
Bailey, Willis G.   
Baird, Francis   
Baker, Gerald F.   
Baker, James A. "Jim"11-03-1922 more 
Baker, Jerome   
Baker, Russell A.   
Baker, Thomas Alexander25-06-191612-07-1944 
Baker, Vernon Joseph17-12-191913-07-2010more 
Baldacci, Nello   
Baldassar, John J. 28-09-1944 
Baldwin, Leon E. 27-09-1944 
Bales, Gerald A.   
Ball, Arthur C.07-10-191305-03-1999 
Ball, Emory N. 23-04-1945 
Ball, Lester07-07-192229-04-2008more 
Ballard, Richard B.   
Ballard, Russell W.   
Ballou, William Edward28-04-191115-03-1943 
Bandera, Kenneth E.   
Bank, Roger   
Barber, Harry L.   
Barber, Thomas M.   
Barcus, Paul John20-02-192130-07-1944 
Bardowski, Zenon R.17-10-191419-04-2000 
Barfoot, Van Thomas15-06-191902-03-2012more 
Barker, Robert C.    
Barksdale, Hamlett Jr.30-12-190826-08-1979more 
Barnes, Wallace Hayden26-07-190311-07-1982 
Barnes, William D.   
Barnett, Charles E.   
Barnett, Charles Lynn 12-04-1945 
Barras, Elton J.   
Barrett, Haren   
Barrett, Walter Horace   
Barritt, George H.   
Barry, Patrick J.   
Bart, Edward H., Jr.   
Bartecki, Edward M.25-02-192012-10-1997 
Barten, George A.   
Barth, Raymond E. "Ray"09-10-1925 more 
Barthelemy, Thomas A.    
Bartholomay, Albert J.11-02-192221-10-1944 
Bartley, Paul D.   
Bartram, Leon E.   
Barzee, John H.08-12-192026-02-1945 
Basham, James Aubrey00-00-191500-00-1978more 
Bass, Sidney J. 09-10-1944 
Bassak, William F.    
Basso, Lorenzo A.   
Bates, Harvey K.   
Bauer, Louis Hallowell (USN)22-09-191126-04-2008 
Baum, Abraham Jasper "Abe" (US-Army)29-03-192103-03-2013 
Baumgaertner, Carl J.   
Baxter, James M.   
Baxter, Johnny    
Bazar, James O.   
Beach, Edward Latimer, Jr. "Ned"20-04-191801-12-2002 
Beaird, Earl T.    
Beall, William R. 23-09-1943 
Beam, Harlan C.27-08-191910-10-2010more 
Beard, Robert "Bob" 07-11-2007 
Beaty, William F.   
Beaudin, Briand N.   
Beck, William C. III    
Becker, Byron F.26-01-191715-04-2013 
Becker, Ervin O.21-06-1922  
Becker, William P.   
Beeks, John C.   
Belanger, Jacques J.M.   
Belanger, Raymond C.   
Belden, William E.   
Belew, Glen C.   
Bell, Albert G.   
Bell, Foster F.   
Bell, Frederick Jackson05-09-190315-10-1994more 
Belmont, Gail H.   
Benadom, Max   
Bénard, Louis18-06-191214-06-1995more 
Benbow, Kenneth D.   
Benitez, Rafael Celestino09-03-191706-03-1999 
Benjamin, Eli   
Benner, Orlo H.   
Bennett, David B.   
Bennett, Donald Vivian09-05-191528-11-2005more 
Bennett, Edward A.11-02-192002-05-1983more 
Bennett, Joseph O.   
Bennett, Raymond Eugene "Ray"05-02-191522-11-2001 
Bennett, Thomas M. (Torpedo Squadron 47)   
Bentis, James 23-11-1944 
Bentley, Robert   
Bergbower, Roy J.   
Bergman, Hyman "Hank"12-03-191901-06-2010more 
Bergman, Willard   
Bergquist, Earl C.08-04-1902  
Berkouski, John E.   
Berkowitz, Gerald    
Berls, Richard M.   
Bernhard, George W.   
Berrey, Vernon L. 11-04-1945 
Berry, Glenn W.   
Bertman, Lloyd M.   
Besedick, Frank Paul19-10-191330-03-1987 
Betham, Gilbert Arthur21-03-190331-10-1971 
Bettelli, Aldo17-10-1922 more 
Bettis, Nathan W.   
Beugnet, Harold G.    
Beyer, Richard A.    
Beynon, Willard W. "Bud"02-06-192315-02-2011 
Bianchi, Willibald C.12-03-191503-02-1942 
Bickford, Charles Lester00-00-191428-02-1945 
Bickford, Franklin E.   
Biddle, Melvin E. "Bud"28-11-192316-12-2010more 
Bier, William C.00-00-192200-00-1954 
Bigler, John M. 09-04-1945 
Bigus, Kenneth Eli03-04-192316-03-2010 
Billett, Omar R. 05-04-1945 
Billingsley, Edward Baxter   
Birkhimer, Jack C.07-06-192418-07-1994 
Bischoff, Eric E.   
Bisher, John E.   
Bishop, Francis Nathaniel Holmes07-03-192326-01-1968more 
Bishop, John Henry18-06-192002-09-2012more 
Bisley, Henry Desmond   
Bissell, John Ter Bush18-11-189314-07-1976 
Bittner, George R.   
Biziorek, Raymond   
Bjork, Walter M.    
Black, Eugene G.   
Blair, Joe A.13-06-192302-06-1944 
Blaisdell, Donald B.13-12-192114-11-2002 
Blakely, Richard C.   
Blakeney, William Walter00-00-1907  
Blander, Murray01-08-192016-10-1995 
Blanford, Forrest M.   
Blank, Lyman   
Blanton, Richard   
Blaylock, James I. 06-01-1945 
Blessington, John J.   
Bliss, Robert R.   
Blodgett, Charles N.   
Blum, James L. 27-05-2011 
Boatsman, Alford C.   
Boccafogli, Edward C. "Bogie" 13-02-2004 
Boelter, Alvin G.    
Bogan, Bert A.   
Boggan, Pope Wilson 00-00-2013 
Bogue, Douglas W.00-00-191807-03-2004more 
Bohn, Robert   
Boisclair, Joseph C. I.07-09-192431-07-1944 
Boland, J. W.   
Bole, John Archibald, Jr.   
Bollag, Marcel S.   
Bolling, Alexander Russell "Bud" Jr.11-09-192206-10-2011more 
Bolte, Rudolph E. 18-09-1944 
Bomar, Clifton Patrick   
Bond, Elven L.13-03-192313-08-2004more 
Bonds, Herman C.   
Booher, Ray G.21-09-192000-04-1980more 
Boone, John D.07-09-192012-03-2010 
Borries, Oscar   
Borton, Don A.   
Bosman, Albert C.    
Boss, Lloyd J.   
Boston, George B.   
Boston, William W.   
Bothwell, Lyman D.05-06-190424-04-1997 
Botzis, Archie P.24-02-191812-06-1944 
Bouchardon, Andre J.28-02-192229-08-2014 
Bouchlas, Michael S.   
Bouck, Lyle Joseph, Jr.17-12-1923 more 
Boudreaux, A J  more 
Bounds, Pershing M.   
Bourgoin, Pierre-Louis04-12-190711-05-1970more 
Boutilier, George A.   
Boutwell, Horace L.   
Bowden, John N.   
Bowen, Milo   
Bowen, William E.19-10-190524-10-1944more 
Bowen, William E.   
Bowers, Earle C., Jr.00-00-191827-09-1944 
Bowles, Earl H.13-05-1913  
Bowman, Joseph L.   
Bowman, Lee   
Bowman, Raymond J.02-04-192418-04-1945more 
Boyd, Buford E.    
Boyd, Donald C.00-00-1925  
Boyd, Robert M.13-01-192213-02-2002 
Boyd, Robert W. (US-180th INF)   
Boyd, Tillman E.27-12-190424-11-1992more 
Boyden, Samuel E. 24-11-1944 
Boydstun, William J. 22-01-1945 
Boyea, Gerald E.   
Boyle, Andy E.   
Boyle, Clair John16-04-192002-12-1998 
Boyle, William C.   
Boyle, William J. 12-06-2009 
Bradford, William Sloan21-09-190201-06-1961 
Bradley, George S.   
Bradley, Mark Edward10-12-190722-05-0199more 
Bradley, Omar Nelson12-02-189308-04-1981more 
Bradley, Ruby Grace19-12-190728-05-2002more 
Brady, Aden H.    
Brady, Carl J.   
Brady, Jack E.26-02-192111-08-2008 
Brancato, Joseph P.   
Branchini, Anthony24-06-192208-02-2015 
Brandl, Ernest08-11-191814-05-2009 
Brandon, Lawrence   
Brandt, Charles A. 'Charley' (US Army)00-00-192125-08-1945 
Brandt, Delbert C. (US Army)23-03-192000-03-1986 
Branford, Cecil F.   
Brannan, Murvyn V. 24-02-1945 
Brannon, Russell E. 13-10-1944 
Branscum, Marvin    
Brashears, Charlie03-01-1917 more 
Braswell, Walther B.   
Braun, Robert L.   
Brecker, Donald28-06-1920  
Breedlove, Leonard   
Bremer, Arthur L.03-01-191630-10-2002 
Brennan, Bernard R.   
Brentnall, Thomas E.   
Brereton, Lewis Hyde21-06-189001-08-1967more 
Bretherton, R.C.   
Brever, George J.   
Brewer, Charles L.   
Brewer, Jack R. 12-06-1944 
Brewer, Robert R. 08-02-1945 
Brewster, John Potts   
Bricker, Daniel M. 13-02-1945 
Briese, Lloyd E.   
Brigandi, Joseph   
Briggs, David Leslie  more 
Briggs, Richard H. 11-07-1944 
Brightmore, Anthony George Patrick12-11-190804-12-1986 
Briles, Herschel Floyd07-02-191417-07-1994 
Brill, Frederic A.18-09-192014-08-2001 
Brinker, Winford Jr.   
Britt, Maurice Lee "Footsie"29-06-191926-11-1995more 
Brocklesby, Troy V.   
Brockovich, Steve 01-04-1945 
Broderick, Robert J.19-01-192201-04-2010 
Brody, Michael   
Broekhuizen, Adrian   
Brons, Bernard   
Brooks, Charles Edward   
Brooks, Edward Hale "Ted"25-04-189310-10-1978more 
Brooks, Lewis Owen "Junior"29-11-191721-05-1947 
Brooks, Merle E.   
Brooks, Sim B.   
Broome, James M.    
Brophy, William J.  more 
Broussard, Joseph W.   
Browell, Arthur J.   
Brown, Albert Eger13-06-188912-10-1984more 
Brown, Arthur A.    
Brown, Bobbie Evan, Jr.02-09-190308-11-1971more 
Brown, Charles H.  more 
Brown, Charlie D. 06-02-1945 
Brown, Clifford R.    
Brown, Courtney P.02-11-1904  
Brown, Florentine J.   
Brown, Frank K.   
Brown, Fred   
Brown, Isidore M.00-00-192200-00-2000 
Brown, James H.   
Brown, Lester C.   
Brown, Lewis M.   
Brown, Melvin C.   
Brown, Paul A.   
Brown, Robert 18-02-1945 
Brown, Robert G.W.   
Brown, Robert L.15-12-1913 more 
Brown, William C.   
Brown, William M.   
Brown, William Morris   
Browning, Robert R.   
Brozzetti, Anthony R.   
Bruce, Edwin Timpson00-00-191100-00-1969 
Bruce, Oliver H.   
Bruner, Warner L. Jr.    
Bruno, Vincent Arthur12-12-191916-12-1995 
Brush, Rapp   
Bryan, Andrew T. Jr. 06-10-1944 
Bryan, Charles B.05-04-191900-00-2003 
Bryan, Keith K. 06-06-1944 
Bryant, Buford M.   
Bub, Alex Robert26-02-192129-05-1983 
Bubeck, William F.    
Buchanan, Charles Allen28-10-190404-03-2001 
Buchholz, William C.    
Buchko, John   
Buckheart, George   
Buckley, Donald F.   
Bucy, Howard L.    
Bugg, Jr., Thomas J.29-03-1920 more 
Buken, Marshal A.   
Bulen, Bertie L.   
Bull, Lyle E. 11-11-1995 
Bullard, Leon W.   
Buller, Wesley Sander23-09-1924  
Bullinger, John   
Bunch, Richard Earl 31-05-1982 
Bunch, Will Jack00-00-192500-00-1963 
Buncic, George J.   
Bunio, Vincent H.18-02-1923 more 
Bunker, Robert L.   
Bunner, Vance N. 11-04-1945 
Buren, Clifford L. "Square"00-00-192106-10-0144 
Burger, Jack E. (US Army)   
Burgess, Henry A.   
Burgins, Hubert B. 05-04-1945 
Burk, Herbert G.    
Burke, Edmund Michael08-06-191605-02-1987more 
Burke, Francis Xavier "Frank"29-09-191806-09-1988more 
Burke, Robert C.   
Burlile, Raymond Robert   
Burnette, Ray D.   
Burnside James A.   
Burress, Withers Alexander "Pinky"24-11-189413-06-1977 
Burris, T. Moffatt   
Burroughs, Robert C.   
Burroughs, Walter G.   
Burrowes, Thomas17-10-190429-06-1974 
Burt, Doctor Leon15-12-191709-05-1961 
Burt, Robert E.   
Burton, Edgar W.  more 
Bush, Donald Irving   
Buske, Walter E. Jr.   
Buss, John Walter 15-09-1944 
Bussiere, Henry C.18-09-192405-10-1956 
Butler, Olva B.   
Butterworth, Bruce I.   
Butts, John Edward04-08-192223-07-1944more 
Buzbee, Banks H.   
Byerley, Francis R.   
Byers, Clovis Ethelbert05-11-189913-12-1973more 
Byrd, J.C.   
Byrne, John D.   
Byrne, Joseph A. 17-06-1944 
Byron, Richard C.  more