Croix de Guerre (1939-1945)

This decoration was instituted on April 8th 1915 to commemmorate individual mentions in despatches and can be awarded to all French military personnel, regardless of rank and also to officers and men of Allied Forces for an individual feat of arms mentioned in a despatch. The despatch had to originate from an officer commanding an Army, an Army Corps, a Division, a Brigade or the C.O. of a Regiment or a corresponding unit of Naval Forces. Mention in Army Despatch merits a small bronze laurel branch, Army Corps Despatch a silver gilt star, Divisional a silver star, Regimental or similar Unit Despatch a bronze star; all these emblems to be worn on the ribbon of the Cross. For every mention the appropiate emblem will be awarded; if one person has been awarded five palms, he will wear a silver palm instead.
The ribbon of the Croix de Guerre 1939-1945 differs from the original; it is coloured bright red with four vertical bands of green in the centre.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Baade, Paul William  more 
Bablon, Gabriel Eugène Célestin01-09-190527-03-1956more 
Babonneau, René Louis Pierre18-06-190420-11-1963more 
Bacon, Jack Arthur16-10-1914  
Bader, Douglas Robert Stewart21-02-191005-09-1982more 
Baissac, de, Claude Marie Marc Boucherville28-02-190722-12-1974 
Baissac, de, Lise Marie Jeanette "Odile"11-05-190628-03-2004 
Bakos, Joseph29-03-190226-10-1944more 
Ballarin, Jean15-01-191527-01-1999 
Ballatore, André Emile07-04-191309-06-1997more 
Ballet, Jacques, Maurice, Emile19-02-190805-11-2000more 
Barberon, Bernard, Jean, Maurice26-08-191628-10-1982more 
Barberot, Roger René Albert20-01-191514-11-2002more 
Barlot, Gustave, Jean22-06-191426-04-1998more 
Barnett, Walter   
Barrett, Denis John "Innkeeper"23-11-191605-10-1944 
Barson, Edward Allen   
Basset, Raymond Claude François02-07-190810-09-1984more 
Batcheller, Herbert F.22-07-190907-06-1944 
Batiment, Paul, Jean, Léon07-10-192001-11-1944 
Bauche, Jacques, André, Gaston26-07-191412-06-1982more 
Baucheron de Boissoudy, Guy, Marie, Marc, Antoine08-07-190823-04-1972more 
Bauden, René, Jean, Elie16-07-191830-10-2011more 
Baudry, René Séverin23-03-190719-11-1964more 
Baumel, Jacques, Robert06-03-191817-02-2006 
Baviere, Georges Charles31-03-190205-12-1971more 
Bayrou, Maurice Henri Albert02-03-190529-12-1996more 
Bazelaire de Ruppierre, de, Jean Marie Joseph18-10-191622-10-1943 
Beattie, Stephen Halden29-03-190824-04-1975more 
Beauchamp, Mondeau Benjamin   
Beaudenom De Lamaze, Jacques Marie Paul12-03-191210-06-1942 
Beaugé-Bérubé, Henri Eugène Marie06-09-192016-01-2015more 
Beaugrand, Pierre Noël26-12-191002-01-1951 
Bécourt-Foch, Jean19-08-191115-08-1944more 
Becton, Frederick Julian15-05-190824-12-1995more 
Beekman, Jacob "Jaap"21-12-191915-11-2010more 
Beekman-Unternährer, Yolande Elsa Maria07-11-191111-09-1944 
Bègue, Fernand Eugène30-11-192409-04-1945 
Béguin, Didier14-12-191826-11-1944more 
Béguin, Louis Alfonse06-10-191108-05-1944 
Béhélo, Valentin Eloi22-07-190108-10-1987more 
Bel Hadj, Mohamed18-03-190509-01-1945 
Bellec, Jean Charles21-05-192009-12-2002more 
Bellonte, Maurice25-10-189614-01-1984 
Bénard, Louis18-06-191214-06-1995more 
Bénébig, Auguste30-09-191512-08-1993more 
Benita, Benjamin Sr. 04-03-1996 
Bennett, Raymond Eugene "Ray"05-02-191522-11-2001 
Benoit, A.   
Berenson, Albert   
Bergman, Vaclav27-08-191503-12-2002more 
Bergquist, Earl C.08-04-1902  
Berret, Maurice28-07-1914  
Bestebreurtje, Arie Dirk "Harry"12-04-191621-01-1983more 
Betbèze, Antonin, Alexis, Jean06-09-191002-02-1993more 
Betty, Thomas Victor23-09-191629-05-2001more 
Bishop, Edward McDonald00-00-191600-00-1970 
Blackader, Kenneth Gault19-12-189700-00-1967 
Blair, Donald Antonio09-09-1919  
Blaize, Pierre Michel01-11-191515-04-1941 
Bloch, Denise Madeleine "Ambroise"21-01-191605-02-1945 
Blomfield, Vernon Elliot25-05-190500-00-1964 
Blonde, Daniel 30-01-2015 
Blondeel, Edouard "Eddy"25-01-190623-05-2000more 
Blow, Frederick   
Bolte, Charles Lawrence08-05-189511-02-1989more 
Bolton, John Clarence17-03-1907  
Boothman, John Nelson19-02-190129-12-1957more 
Borrel, Andrée Raymonde "Monique"18-11-191906-07-1944 
Bouard, Jean29-03-1913 more 
Bouffet, Jean Gabriel30-05-188216-05-1940 
Bouguennec, Jean25-07-191214-09-1944 
Bouquillard, Henry, Marcel, Albert14-06-190811-03-1941more 
Bowery, Richard Charles Waudby25-10-191419-08-1942 
Bowman, James William "Chub"16-06-191414-11-1944 
Boydstun, William J. 22-01-1945 
Bradley, Mark Edward10-12-190722-05-0199more 
Bradley, Omar Nelson12-02-189308-04-1981more 
Bradner, John Lance   
Braffitt, Raymond W.20-01-191817-09-1944 
Brannen, Malcom Dodge14-10-191010-03-1999 
Brashears, Charlie03-01-1917 more 
Brereton, Lewis Hyde21-06-189001-08-1967more 
Bretschneider, Andrew  more 
Briere, Yves Désiré Jean Georges Paul12-08-191914-05-1941 
Briffaut, Paul08-08-191808-05-1945 
Brooks, Anthony Morris04-04-192219-04-2007more 
Brooks, Edward Hale "Ted"25-04-189310-10-1978more 
Brossolette, Pierre25-06-190322-03-1944 
Broussine, Georges19-02-191831-10-2001 
Brown, Courtney P.02-11-1904  
Brown, Douglas Roy   
Brown, Mark Henry "Hilly"09-10-191112-11-1941more 
Brown, Thomas William   
Brown-Bartrolli, Albert James00-00-191500-00-1967 
Bruinekreeft, Evert26-01-191311-08-1977 
Bryan, Charles B.05-04-191900-00-2003 
Buckmaster, Maurice James11-01-190217-04-1992 
Bulkeley, John Duncan19-08-191106-04-1996more 
Burda, Frantisek21-01-191523-02-1988more 
Burglund, Oliver Oscar13-03-190724-05-1984 
Burnett, Wilfred Jasper00-11-1915 more 
Burno, Andrew James27-11-191719-01-1994 
Burrage III, Albert C.00-00-191908-08-1944 
Burton, David C.   
Burton, Howard Frizelle00-00-191603-06-1943 
Bus-Westrus, Anna Maria15-05-188822-10-1951 
Butler, James D. 03-02-1945 
Butts, John Edward04-08-192223-07-1944more 
Buyno, Jerzy12-11-190628-06-1956 


Fourragere Croix de GuerreLanyard with the War Cross
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